Product: The Work at Home Universitywork-at-home-university
Creator: “Michelle Withrow” (Not sure if she’s even a real person)
Rank: 0/100 (yes, ZERO)


Introduction, what is Work at Home University?

Work at Home University, also referred to as WAH University is nothing even remotely close to being a “university”, it’s a complete crock. The program was developed by a so called Michelle Withrow who went from a hard working mother to millionaire by posting links on the internet. There’s little talk about what actually the system entails, you have to pay $97 just to find out! It uses high pressure sales tactics to try and suck you in, but beware. Many people have fallen victim to the Work at Home University scam, and I don’t want you to be one of them.


Take a quick look at how this program compares to others on the market…

Scam alert #1 – There are 3 positions in every city — even non-existent ones

When you land on the website, you need to enter in your name, zip code and e-mail address so they can find if there are any jobs in your area.

I did a quick test and pounded in random combinations of numbers for the zip code field, and each and every time I got the same message:


The zip codes I entered were not real, so apparently they have positions in made up cities. And there’s always 3 openings, no matter what!

Scam Alert #2 — The creator, Michelle Withrow, and all the testimonials are stock photos

Michelle Withrow tells her personal rags to riches story, claiming she became a millionaire by posting links around the internet. She works 4 hours a day because she loves the work, but really, you only need to work 1 hour a day to make tons of cash with her strategy.

Here’s Michelle Withrow’s photo:


Here’s a stock photo – oh look, it’s Michelle!


Okay, so it does claim on the page (in tiny print) that all testimonial images have been replaced with stock photos (apparently that means Michelle too!) But my question is, why? If she were running a legitimate business, she wouldn’t need to hide her nor the testimonial’s identities behind fake pictures.


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Scam Alert #3 – The program hides behind multiple aliases

Work at Home University is not the only name this program goes by, it appears to be hiding behind multiple identities:




There was a third one which appears to have been taken down, Profit From Home University.  I Googled and just got an “oops!” message saying the page no longer existed–however I found a cached copy and it looked very similar to the previous two header displays.

Even with the Stay at Home Revenue system, I wasn’t able to enter their website. It appears you have to already be a member to access it.

No legitimate program is going to disguise itself behind multiple systems like this.

Scam Alert # 4 – Promises you’ll make hundreds per day doing virtually no work

Promises riches for only an hour of your time every day. There’s even a calculator so you can “calculate” how much you have to work to get the income you want. According to the calculator, I would only have to work one hour, five days a week, to earn nearly $80,000 per year. Wow!

It doesn’t even really tell you any information about what the program is or what you’ll be doing other than you’re posting links. The reality is, you can’t simply take 2 minutes to post a link and earn 20 bucks every time someone clicks it. While you can theoretically post links online and get paid, the system is a lot more complex than that, and you’d have to work a lot more than an hour a day if you wanted to see any money from it.

The fact that you have to pay money to find out any real information about what exactly you’ll be doing is a giant red flag.

If a program claims you can earn an incredibly high salary and doesn’t even tell you much information about what you’ll be doing unless you pay to find out, it’s probably a scam.

Scam alert #5 – They use the down-sell marketing tactic

I was down sold upon trying to leave the offer. Their first sales offer was telling me I could purchase the program for only $97, but it was such a great deal because it was originally $197! Once I clicked the back button, however, they hit me with a pop-up saying WAIT! Now they’re trying to sell me their friends and family discount, and I’d only have to purchase the program for $77. I clicked the back button on my browser once more, and now they’re offering me $150 dollars off– I’d only have to spend $47!

Wow, I worked my way from $97 down to $47 with just a few clicks! And suddenly, there’s only 1 position left and I have 5 minutes to accept or they’ll give the position to the “thousands of others” that want it.

What’s the urgency?



So now, you tell me, if this is a such a great opportunity with limited positions available, why are they so desperate for me to sign up that they’re constantly down grading the price–doesn’t make a lot of sense does it?

After all the high pressure sales tactics, you’re going to be hit with immediate up-sells upon joining!

Now I didn’t pay the $47 to see what the program was about, but upon further investigation I came across customer complaints about the WAH University, saying they were immediately hit with more several hundred dollar up-sells upon joining, claiming that you couldn’t make any money with the program unless you were able to shell out the additional cash. This doesn’t surprise me as their original sales page offers a “free one on one consultation with an internet expert!” That really means they are going to put you on the phone with someone who wants to sell you a lot of stuff that you don’t need.

While they claim to offer a full money back guarantee, there’s many complaints on the internet from people saying they never got any money back.


My Final Opinion


While I may not have purchased the “product” myself,  I can tell you it’s not what it claims to be. You’re promised to be able to easily make tons of money with no effort, and you’re not told the details of what you’re doing other than posting links. The “link-posting” she’s referring to is a real thing, but it’s not that simple. It takes more than 2 minutes of posting a link here and there to earn you revenue!

Take it from me, someone who DOES make a living online–it’s not that effortless or simple. However, it is totally possible and can be accomplished if you’re willing to give it an honest attempt.


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