Is Easy Cash Code a Scam in 2017?

As I was sorting through my email the other day I came across a link to this program hidden in my spam folder, it was called Easy Cash Code and marketed with the tag line, Multiple streams of income made simple! Earn up to $500 per day!

If you’ve come across this system as well and are curious if the Easy Cash Code system is just another scam product, I have dug around to find a little more information about the program to give you an idea of what it actually is.

Spoiler Alert – I do not recommend this program. The system is misleading as far as how much you can make and expenses involved, and is full of holes. Click here for my #1 recommendation for beginners

What is Easy Cash Code?

First of all, it’s important to note that was bought by an entirely new company last year (2016) so the program and all the reviews you may have read prior to 2016 are about an entirely different system. I believe it was a binary trading program, and cost about $97 to get started (plus upsells) but this is not what the new ECC program is.

ECC in 2017 is a marketing system that basically lets you create squeeze pages with your WordPress site so you can collect leads for an email list. The program includes access and resell rights to their marketing system with 50-100% commissions provided you buy each product you are selling yourself.

How it works

You can buy the system for $18 and you will be able to resell the system as an affiliate for 100% commissions. You can also purchase additional upsell products to promote and earn additional, higher commissions.

You will learn how to set-up a WordPress website and install a plugin that lets you create squeeze pages so you can collect leads to your email list.

You are provided with cookie cutter email sequences to send out to your subscribers.

You can also use this system to sell your own products on the back end, meaning after you collect leads to your list, you can incorporate whatever products you may be selling (whether you are an affiliate or they are your own) into your sales pitch.

There’s also additional training provided and theoretically your referrer is supposed to be the one supporting you and helping you establish your business with this system. However it’s unlikely you will ever hear from your referrer again after you purchase the product.

What is it missing?

The problem I see with this system is it leads newbies out to believe they can spend $18 and easily make $500 per day just marketing the product to others, but fails to mention how someone would actually get to that point.

It isn’t that collecting leads and marketing through email is a scam because it actually can be a very profitable way to earn money online, but rather, it doesn’t focus on what someone needs to do to get to that point of earning $500 per day.

Someone who is totally new isn’t going to have an established website, they’re not going to have traffic or warm leads coming to their squeeze page, and they’re not going to have their own or other affiliate products to market.

So in theory, if you had traffic and/or a following to market to this could earn you profits easily by simply promoting the $18 system to others – but don’t think you can earn massive profits per day with leads coming out of thin air!

How much does it really cost?

Easy Cash Code comes with an initial $18 price tag, but don’t be fooled because you will need to spend much more than that to make money.

You will also be looking at…

  • Upsells within ECC (including additional monthly costs)
  • An autoresponder (monthly cost)
  • Website and hosting (monthly cost)
  • Additional training materials (potential additional monthly cost)
  • Paid advertising costs

Another important point to make is your purchase and all purchases made through the Easy Cash Code system are NON-refundable because the money is directly going to whoever the commissioned affiliate is, not through their corporate system. They tell you that you can communicate refund requests with this person, but I find it unlikely you’d be able to contact them or ever hear from them again after you purchase the product.

Return Policy:

“Due to the nature of the Easy Cash Code member to member or peer to peer transaction business model and the accessibility of our digital products immediately upon purchase, there is a strict no refund policy in place.”

Overall would I recommend Easy Cash Code?

Honestly no, I wouldn’t recommend this product. If you are looking to create a sustainable business online, you first need to not only understand how to create your own business, but also how to find relevant leads and traffic that you can effectively market to. Especially in recent years when people are so bombarded with spam and promotions to their inboxes, it is more important than ever to have a high quality TARGETED list to actually market to.

I believe programs like this one sort of jump the gun and try to get people to market low quality products with squeeze pages without having any real idea of how to actually find interested customers they can effectively market to.

This leads them to frustration, failure, and seeking out the next low quality product to try and learn the holes they were missing. In the end they spend so much money on product after product and still have no idea how to correctly implement a marketing campaign of their own.

I would recommend anyone seriously looking to create an income online check out my #1 recommendation for training on how to do it. The cool part is you don’t even need to enter any credit card info to get started, so anyone can check it out to see if it may be right for them.

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jojo says

Hi Wendy,

You are an angel,, saving us again from those culprits.
Many of us will be enlightened with this..
Can you give me some tips how to earn money online, (wendy’s way) been trying it for two years now but i cant get through…

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.

    Wendy says

    Have you checked out my #1 recommendation? It’s the training I recommend everyone get started with!

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