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keyboard-338507_1280Hey! Are you ready to get your hands on my free email course that will take you through the process of starting up your own online business?

You’ll grasp the basics and start learning…

  • What exactly an online business is, and why you should consider starting one (the potential)
  • Learn what a niche is, and why it’s important (and how to find one)
  • How to get your first website up and rolling
  • What affiliate marketing is and why it’s great for newbies
  • What is a keyword, why you need them, and the 3 most important aspects to finding them
  • How to think long term and avoid failure

I will be sending you 1 course per day, for 5 days. If you end up missing a lesson, shoot me an email and I will resend it. If you have any questions about anything, you can also email me. I’m just a “reply” button away. 🙂

Partnered Training With The Experts Within Wealthy Affiliate…

I’ve also connected my course to go along with the training provided by Wealthy Affiliate. They’re an amazing online training community that can teach anybody to start their own online business, even those that have never owned a business or created a website.

When you sign up for my course, you’ll be redirected to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate as well. It’s completely free to join, so don’t worry about having to put down any sort of credit card information or anything like that. You’ll need an account with them to access some of the additional training modules I refer back to.

Wealthy Affiliate has some pretty awesome step by step training to guide you as well (and you should most certianly follow along there too) but my course is meant to go along with it and provide extra clarification and help.

I started a complete newbie (knowing absolutely nothing), so don’t worry if you lack experience or expertise. I am here to help!

In the online world, a website is the equivelent to a piece of real estate

Think about how much value a piece of property can hold, but also how incredibly expensive it can be to buy or rent it? Now, think about how CHEAP it is to buy a website and maintain it. If you don’t know, it’s dirt cheap. Did you know that a website can acquire just as much worth as a REAL business?

Basically the process of building an online business is THIS simple:

1. You have a website that can grab the attention of a focused audience (a niche)

2. You know how to get proper traffic to that site (through search engines, social networks, etc)

3. You can monetize that traffic (by helping them in some form or another)

THEN you have a busines. It really is very simple and people tend to overthink or complicate it more so than it has to be.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to get started online, either!

If you’ve been around the block at all trying to make money online, you probably are aware that there’s tons of programs out there that promise riches but claim you need to start investing 1,000’s right away. Maybe you’ve even fallen victim to a scheme like that, too.

I mean, it makes sense that you need to invest money to make money. And don’t get me wrong, you do need to spend a little seed money to get started. You definitely don’t need to start investing 1,000’s of dollars though, and you need to make sure you’re only spending money on what is absolutely necessary to start out. Once you start earning money, THEN you can reinvest in your business, but to get started you really don’t need a whole lot!

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Seriously though, feel free to reply to any of my emails or you can get in direct contact with me here. I’m always around and will respond as soon as I can! Good luck and see ya around!



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