About Wendy – Who is This Girl!?

wendy and shawn Hi, my name is Wendy. I’m currently a full time online marketer. I’m neither a ‘guru’ or a scam artist, I just sincerely am here to help guide people to awesome training that’ll teach them how to become successful online without the thousands of dollars of initial investment (it really isn’t necessary).

But, if you told me a few years ago this is what I’d be doing now, I would have laughed in your face. In fact, up until about 2 years ago I had absolutely no clue what an online marketer even was, let alone that they existed.

So after I finished high school back in 2004 I went to college, thinking it was my only option. I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do, but since everyone seems to think you have to go to college, I went anyway (plus it was paid for, so I didn’t have a good excuse not to).

In hindsight I probably should have just waited, because I ended up bouncing from major to major, wasting time, but eventually settling on one (Geography, of all things). Before I knew it I was being handed a crisp college diploma and still had absolutely no clue what I wanted to do.

Let’s just say I was nothing short of terrified!

I couldn’t find a “real” job.  I had a useless degree with no passion or useful experience in the field. I continued working at my college job at a car rental company at the local airport. I felt like I just wasted 4 ½ years of my life in college. I was stuck.

I wasted so much time in limbo. I was upset I couldn’t find a job, but also angry at myself for going through college with no clear plan. I just seemed to be working one bad job after another, with nothing promising in sight.

One day I woke up, snapped out of my poor mindset, and focused on my future…

I started searching online for something, anything, that could help. You see, I had a plan, and that was to figure out how to make money on the internet. Call me crazy, but I knew I could do it.

But there was just one problem… I didn’t know how, and there’s definitely a lot of crap out there when it comes to make money online products. It’s no wonder everyone thinks it’s a scam… 95% of the programs and products marketed to “help” people make money online are just trying to take their money and offer very little actual training and help.

It seemed like an endless lure of “get rich quick” schemes but nothing of actual substance.

I actually spent quite some time trying to take surveys for money… convinced I was going to earn a steady income from it.

Then, back in the fall of 2012 I finally came across a program called Wealthy Affiliate. I can’t remember exactly how it came about, but I stumbled across a website where a guy shared his story on how he made money full time by using the training there. I had seen a lot of crap, but this seemed real.

I was totally taken aback when I joined, because I had never seen anything like this before. Why didn’t everybody know about this? It was too good to be true… but despite the amazing community, I didn’t take action immediately. In fact, I stalled for a solid 6 months before I did anything at all…

I guess you could say I was scared. Scared of putting myself out there online, scared of what others would think, scared of failure. But I just swallowed my pride and did it anyway. I’m so glad I made the decision to take action though. 3 months after I had started my first website, I made my very first sale. That was the moment I knew this worked and I never looked back.


Fast forward to today, 2018…


I now work full time as an affiliate marketer and I absolutely love what I do. I never thought I’d be this passionate about anything, and I definitely never expected to be working for myself doing something I love.

I love creating new sites now and experimenting with different projects. Surviving After College is one of my main websites, but I always have other projects going on.

I had so many amazing people within the community at Wealthy Affiliate help me when I first started, so now I’m really trying to pay it forward. I sincerely like helping out new folks, so you can always count on my support and encouragement.

You can contact me here, or even find me over at Google+

“If you’re willing to do for a year what others won’t, you can spend a lifetime doing what others can’t.”

I believe I can help you

I am passionate about helping everyone succeed online, and have put together my own email course to get people started in the right direction.  It focuses on building a solid foundation for an online business – no hype, ridiculous claims or thousands of dollars lost from your pocket. This is the real stuff that will actually teach you to make money, the way I did it (and the way I know works).

You can sign up for my entirely free lesson plan here, as well as receive updates from me in the future to keep you informed on all my tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.  I’m a real person, and I will respond if you ever have any questions going forward. I very much enjoy guiding and helping people… and always just a “reply” button away!

Also, don’t forget to check out my review of the program where I got my start – Wealthy Affiliate!