Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate?

Which provides the best internet marketing training and tools, Affilorama or Wealthy Affiliate?

wa amazingI’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the past 6 months, and I can’t really say enough positive things about the community. The training is so engaging, up to date, and easy to follow. There are so many people active within the community willing to help out, not to mention the owners Kyle and Carson themselves lending a hand whenever they can! There’s useful tools and unlimited web hosting–there’s just really nothing bad to say. Did I mention you can get access to this for FREE?

However, I saw Affilorama had a chance to sign up for FREE, so I gave them my precious e-mail info–I wanted to see what it was all about…

I first noticed I got access to several training modules for free! This was cool! However, among further inspection I wasn’t too impressed. I found I couldn’t follow along with the training very easily, and some of the information was pretty vague. Now, that isn’t to say the program in and of itself is that way–premium members get access to full training, which is much more complete and well put together.

affiloramaI can already tell you, the free membership within Wealthy Affiliate is much more comprehensive and provides you with the tools you need to get started, so you can actually create your very own websites, have them up, running and making money, without actually spending money on the premium membership if you didn’t want to!

It already is outweighing Affilorama a bit here, but let’s get into some details before we make a final decision!

What Affilorama Premium offers:

  • comprehensive training modules
  • affiliate bootcamp training
  • premium software tools
  • 30 PLR articles every month
  • community and support
  • web hosting on up to 15 domains


What Wealthy Affiliate Premium offers:

  • Entrepreneur certification courses and Bootcamp courses
  • Additional 1,000’s of training modules – tutorials, videos, blogs (much of it uploaded by members within the community)
  • Help and support from 10,000+ members of the community via live chat, forum, private messages, comments within postings and on profiles
  • Friendly help and support from the owners, Kyle and Carson
  • Live video training every Friday (plus hundreds of past videos to watch)
  • Accurate keyword tool and a link tracking tool
  • your own profile and blog
  • UNLIMITED quality web hosting on your own domains, plus unlimited creation of free websites within their system


Who are these programs for?

Both Affilorama and Wealthy Affiliate are intended for internet marketers of any level–they provide basic training for beginners, but also continued education and support for those already successful within the industry.


Let’s have a further look at the tools provided within W.A. and Affilorama

Affilorama certainly offers a lot more tools than Wealthy Affiliate, let’s have a look:

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

  • Keyword tool – very useful, allows you to find the monthly search and traffic estimates, along with the exact page competition, suggests additional keywords for you
  • Link Tracking Tool – another very useful tool, allows you to track your affiliate link clicks, so you know what affiliate links are bringing in all the money
  • Rapid writer article tool – checks your keyword density, but I’ve personally never used it. probably not a necessary tool anymore.

 Affilorama Tools

Some of them are cool and could be quite useful:

  • Trusted Site Tool
  • Market Strength Tool
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • PPC Ad Generator
  • Social snoop tool
  • Search ranking genie
But it provides a lot of useless tools too:
  • Pop-over generator– let’s you create pop over ads on your website to collect peoples e-mail info. (I personally find that tactic extremely annoying)
  • Bullet-point generator – fancy bullets, really? I’m sure that could be found within a WP plug-in or something, but either way, certainly not a selling point
  • XML sitemap generator– you can do this for free with a WP plug-in, or alternatively at the xml-sitemaps website
  • Website ping tool – allows your pages to get indexed quickly, but you can do this for free with webmaster tools, with the “fetch as google” feature
  • Article spin and an Article Compare tool – article spinning is outdated and no longer a good idea, they really shouldn’t teach this as a good marketing tactic
  • Backlink checker- not a necessary tool


While Affilorama may appear to offer more tools, many of them are just “extras” or outdated, and won’t do you a lot of good.


Let’s have a further look at some additional features offered in Affilorama Premium

30 PLR (Private Licensed Rights) Articles every month-

These are articles written by writers, in which the content is allowed to be used by anyone to claim as their own. I’m not really sure what the point of doing such a thing is, as they’re obviously providing the same 30 articles to EVERY member of Affilorama. Therefore, unless the person just uses the articles for IDEAS to generate content, there’s going to be some duplicate content issues going around, and that will do more harm than good as those people will get punished within Google. (Even if they’re using the article spinner to spin the content, it’s still an outdated technique that will eventually get you into trouble.)

Community and support

There’s a good community within Affilorama, I’ll give it that. There’s an active forum and blog, which are quite useful sources of information to internet marketers at all levels on the game. Support is not perfect, though. If you need personal help, you need to fill out a contact form and who knows when you’ll receive a reply.

Kyle and Carson are ready and willing to help YOU out!

Kyle and Carson are ready and willing to help YOU out!

However, whiile it’s nice Affilorama provides the community aspect, it’s nowhere near to the level of engagement you see within the Wealthy Affiliate community.

It really has evolved so much within the past few months to become a lot like Facebook, (I suppose that can be seen as both good and bad).

There’s even a live chat feature for 24/7 help! It’s very easy to contact the owners, Kyle and Carson, as they frequently are in the live chat, and if not, you can private message them.

Affilorama offers web hosting on up to 15 domains

Certainly nothing to snipe about. However at Wealthy Affiliate you get hosting on UNLIMITED domains, plus as many free web sites as you want! (without paying for your own domain name) Free members even get 2 free sites!

Pricing Affilorama Vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Affilorama Premium – $67 per month, oh wait..but there’s more offers! —

  • Affiloblueprint program – $197, sort of like a starter kit to the Affilorama premium
  • Affilojetpack program – $497, provides you essentially a pre-written website kit- you literally just put it together, everything is done for you. (pre-written articles, e-mails, research, etc.)

Each of these programs as a 60 day money back guarentee.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium – $47 per month, or $359 per year (which works out to just $29 monthly)

There’s no money back guarentee. Although, you get access to enough of the community with your free membership, so those that decide to become premium members are already satisfied with the service and training WA is providing them. Additionally, you can try out your premium membership for just $19 dollars your first month!
Final Verdict


Wealthy Affiliate provides more support, more community engagement, more web hosting (unlimited vs. just 15 with affilorama), TONS of training, videos, tutorials, blogs, 24/7 live chat, and more useful tools than Affilorama.

In sum, Affilorama costs more per month, and gives you less!

But, since they offer a 1 dollar 30 day trial and a money back guarantee, if you’re still interested, feel free to try it out for yourself!

However, if you’re interested in getting MORE support and services for LESS money, and if you want to know more about what Wealthy Affiliate can offer you, and personally make the comparisons for yourself, I suggest you check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here.


Anyone want to share their personal thoughts or experiences with either of these affiliate communities? Comment down below, I’d love to hear what you have to say!



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David says


I am a member of Affilorama and also have the Blueprint version 3. I have a full time job and have worked on the Affilorama program off and on for about a year, having to go through stop and start at times due to having to handle personal issues with my family.

I selected a niche that lined up to one of my interests (gardening and landscaping). I did a lot of the preliminary keyword research, getting a pretty good list of seed keywords. And I’ve written about 8 articles dealing with various aspects of gardening, soil preparation, and landscaping. I have a bit of a journalism background from high school and college so I have confidence in my ability to research and write good articles. I need to learn how to do other things such as take good photos, make videos, and use social media and incorporate all of that into a website.

Now, however, I find myself sort of stuck with Affilorama. The program stresses Clickbank and promoting its array of digital products. However, when I take Clickbank for my niche and apply filters to get adequate gravity and $ per sale there are really only 3 products that clear the filter. Affilorama tells me I can start a site with these 3, but that they think its better if I have at least 5. Well, now I have to decide if I want to change to a niche that can get me 5 or more adequate products to promote, but which may be a niche I’m not all that interested in (such as dating or weight loss)…..or staying with a niche I am interested in but has fewer products to promote.

Just reading a little bit on WA…I have not yet signed up for it…it seems like they don’t put such a big emphasis on using Clickbank, or on promoting the digital products (many of which, frankly, look like total junk), and more emphasis on finding a niche that you are really interested in personally and then building a website that is tailored to that.

Any input you can add is appreciated. Thanks.

    Wendy says

    Yep you are absolutely right, they do not stress Clickbank at all at WA. I mean sure, it’s mentioned as an option, but there are SO many other affiliate programs out there it’s silly to limit yourself to that. You can find lots of related things to promote within the landscaping/gardening niche that aren’t digital or you could even create your own digital product so I wouldn’t change your niche just because there’s nothing good on Clickbank. Clickbank is OK for some niches but a lot of the products are really crappy and you have to be careful what you promote. (Sidenote: I’ve never used it!)

    You should give WA a try, I think it would help you out a lot.

javed iqbal says

great and very help full post! i have a problem becoming WA premium member because my country [ Pakistan ] is not included in the list provided please reply me urgently.

    Wendy says

    You could try selecting an adjacent country in the dropdown list and see if it lets you join. I have had others with the same issue do that and they said it worked just fine after that.

nick says

Great reviews, I’ve spent some time on your sight and it is nicely laid out and easy to navigate.

tou says

Where can I sign up to WA as an affiliate? Do I have to join as a paying member to promote as an affiliate?

    Wendy says

    Hey, you can sign up to WA via any of the links provided here. No, you don’t need to be a paying member to promote WA – their affiliate program is open to anyone. : )

Ithamar says

Hi Wendy!

First of all, awesome website!

Second, I have been a member of Affilorama for years, mainly because when it first came out, it was the first of its kind. I also purchased the Affilorama Blueprint versions 2 and 3 and there is no better training for the technical aspects of affiliate marketing. If you buy the blueprint, there is no need for the Premium version of Affilorama because their community gives you better value and information than what the premium version offers.

Therein lies the problem with Affilorama. It only deals with the technical aspect. Affilorama’s major flaw is that it doesn’t deal with the theory behind marketing. Thanks to them, I can set up a site, get it optimized and organized in a single day. It took me a few years of further investigation and training outside of Affilorama to figure out how to market myself and the site…what my message and purpose was for my business and who my core audience was going to be.

I found your site by accident (i didn’t know there was an Affilorama vs anything so kudos for the title!) and this is the first time I heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Your informative post is the reason I am going to give WA a try. I will let you know what I think in a followup.

    Wendy says

    I’m glad you are giving WA a try, I think you’ll like it a lot! They really do a great job of providing the complete materials within their program without having to even look anywhere else for training, tools, etc, and the price is very reasonable for everything they provide! Yes I’d love to hear how you feel about Wealthy Affiliate! 🙂

Patricia A.S.Buckner says

I was very impressed with this website and it’s appearance although I felt this review could be a little shorter it served it’s purpose.I too had extreme difficulty trying to figure out Affiliorama but I found the glossary useful so I copy and pasted it and plan to use it later.Keep up the good work,Wendy 🙂

    Wendy says

    Thanks Patricia! Yeah sorry if I seemed to ramble a bit, just trying to be thorough. 🙂

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