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Are Rev Transcription Jobs a Scam?

If you’ve been looking for work at home jobs that you can easily do online, you may have stumbled upon openings for Rev and are wondering if Rev transcription jobs are a scam or a real opportunity. And well, before I get too in-depth with this company, let me cut to the chase – while […]

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Is ISurveyWorld a Scam or Legit Survey Website?

There are so many survey sites out there nowadays it can be hard to know what is worth signing up for. I can tell you from experience they definitely are not all credible and some are pretty much scams.  I’ve signed up with ISurveyWorld to investigate whether it’s a legit survey website or a scam. […]

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Karen Johnson’s Internet Experts – Another Link Scam

Located at, this work at home opportunity claims you can earn up to $379 a day working from the comfort of your own home. But is this Internet Experts System by Karen Johnson a scam or legit work at home opportunity? This particular program has been advertised several places across the web, calling it […]

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Creative Ways to Pay Off Student Loans

If you’re among the majority of college degree holders that graduated in debt, the worry sets in after graduation that you’re probably going to be spending a good part of your adult life paying it off. But with a little creative, out of the box thinking, there are many ways to pay off student loans […]

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Is the Paribus App a Scam?

If you’ve heard of Paribus, you might have realized this app needs some pretty personal information from you in order to use it – your email login credentials! If this has you questioning if Paribus is a scam, let’s review the app in a little more detail to find out how it works. So what’s […]

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Online IT Certification Training Available on Coursera

If you’re seeking out online IT certification training, it’s a great time to start. Google has launched a complete certification curriculum on Coursera for those with no prior skills or experience that may be interested in starting out in entry-level IT support positions. Whether you’re thinking of switching jobs or just starting out your career, […]

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