Google Sniper Complaints and a Quick Review

My review of the Google Sniper system


Product: Google Sniper 2.0
Creator: George Brown
Price: $47 for the initial product, $47 monthly for additional training
Rank: 4/10


First and foremost let me offer a brief overview of the system before I go on to address my Google Sniper complaints.

Google Sniper was launched back in 2009, and is still one of the most popular affiliate marketing products available today. This system was developed by guru George Brown, and is basically a series of video tutorials on how to start up your own affiliate websites using niche marketing.


The official website for Google Sniper tells you very little information on what it actually is. In fact, the system itself is very reminiscent of a classic scam page — a one page site with a promotional video, with little to no other information other than an option to buy the system.

It leave me to wonder, why is George Brown not telling anything about his so called wonderful system within his website? Wouldn’t he want to provide potential customers with a bit more useful information and support before they chose to purchase it?

Let’s quickly compare Google Sniper to another program in the industry… 

Pricing and what’s included:

The initial $47 program comes with 25 training videos, and a 101 page e-book. For additional training and videos (which you’ll probably want) it’s another $47 per month for Google Sniper X.

Pros vs. Cons.


  • Teaches you the basics of web development and niche marketing
  • Learn keyword research techniques and how to target “low hanging fruit” keywords

My complaints about Google Sniper 2.0 (The cons):

  • The problem with downloadable programs like Google Sniper is the information quickly becomes outdated. Even though the program has been updated since its release in 2009, it still is using outdated techniques that place too much value on EMD (exact match domains). While EMD still are placed in high standing with search engines like Google, they don’t hold nearly as much weight as they once did. The bottom line is you still need content to rank.
  • The Sniper system relies on building one pager websites, these websites have very little content, but are designed to rank for low hanging fruit keywords to get traffic. This might still work, but my concern is it won’t continue to work as Google continues to update their algorithm. I think as time passes, sniper sites will hold less and less value.
  • It doesn’t come with any additional tools. You’re going to need to supply your own domains and hosting, and the sniper system requires you own many domains. That could get quite pricey when you think about hosting all of them.
  • It doesn’t offer support. George Brown will not walk your hand through this. You are on your own.
  • It’s expensive ($47 monthly) considering it doesn’t come with nearly anything besides video training. Compared to other programs out there that offer more and of better quality, it’s overpriced.
  • Many complaints of people never receiving their money back when dissatisfied with the system.
  • Lastly, I really don’t like the way they advertise and the official website sales page, It’s just very scummy in nature.


Who it’s for:

Newbies who want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Final thoughts

Google Sniper is not going to lead you towards long term success. The strategies laid out in this program may still work, but it will very rarely have a lasting effect, and as time goes on this program will become outdated (it already has started to and will only continue to get less effective).


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Sibongile says

Thanx for your comments guys I was about to affiliate after watching the video and decided to read the comments first you saved me.

Nick Richards says

Way back when, I bought google sniper and tried the techniques they suggested. It was very hard for me to find the right keywords for the right number of searches and low competition that he recommends. I actually spent hours on it with little results. I think part of the problem was that the methods were already outdated by the time I got the course.

That’s a problem with a lot of otherwise legit courses. The premise made sense and probably would have worked, but I got frustrated and gave up before I really got started. As for the information being free online, that is true, but most wouldn’t go through the trouble to search out all of that information nor do the research necessary to put it all in a convenient place like this course was laid out. Sure years later a lot of this stuff is common knowledge for most online marketers, but back then when this first came out as a newbee, I wouldn’t have known where to start, nor did I have the means to figure this all out by myself.

I’ve tried building the blogs even after this and now google just keeps making it harder and harder to rank the same way it used to.

The only things I’ve found to work for me was to start publishing my own kindle books through amazon and a traffic exchange company I use called traffic monsoon. Right now, from one book that I’ve published I make about $20 per month now and that’s from doing the work to make the book one time. Sure it doesn’t break the bank, but it still adds up and gives me incentive to keep going with this internet thing. If you have an interest, just write about it and try publishing it on amazon. They also offer free promotions for up to five days at a time to get your book downloads and possibly sales.

There’s lots of free tool out there now to help search specifically for the best kindle keywords you can use as the title/subject of your book.

Traffic monsoon works by you purchasing ad packs for whatever you want to sell people, while sharing in a percentage of the revenue the company makes. All you have to do is make sure to click on 10 ads in your back office once you join each day and you share the revenue with the company for 24 hours. Each ad pack for revenue sharing cost $50 and you share in revenue until you get $55 as it matures. So you can actually get $5 back from them for every ad pack you buy! They also have a referral program as well, but you don’t need to recruit anyone to make money. All I do is buy ad packs and reinvest to by more to increase my revenue and my advertising of the products I sell. Now I make consistent money every day. It’s free to join, you just have to pay for an ad pack and make sure you click on 10 ads per day in your back office. That’s it!

If you haven’t already, I recommend you check them out and feel free to do a review on them as well 🙂

After about 2 weeks with them I make about $120 per month now and it will just increase from there 🙂 This is from just buying ad packs to advertise my affiliate offers(money I would be spending anyways), while sharing revenue with the company, and not recruiting a single person!

Easa says

Goerge brown is a Robber

I bought his product like 2 months ago and untill now they haven’t send me my login info.
I can’t even to the members area … I paid $47 for nothing … To me it’s a scam.

I tryed contacting them but they never reply……..

When i purchased the product they sent me an email saying that i become a member and that they’ll send me my account info in a separate email … But that Was Bullshit.

    Easa says

    I don’t recommand any one to purchase google sniper …. It’s a scam .

    I dont know about gsniper2 but gsniper3 is a scam

    Wendy says

    I’m sorry! What I recommend you do is instead of contacting Google Sniper, contact Clickbank (since it’s where you purchased it from) and ask for a refund. They’re normally good about honoring refunds within the 60 day window, if it has been longer than that though I’m not sure what their policy is. Just explain your situation when they ask why you want your money back. I don’t have the refund link off the top of my head but if you Google “clickbank support refunds” or something it should pop up.

Daniel says

Hi, I was interested in using google sniper because I am an affiliate. Would you recommend me to try or is it wasted money you think? You are more than welcome to answer to my email if you ha ve the possibility 🙂

Best regards

    Easa says

    I don’t recommand any one to purchase google sniper …. It’s a scam .

    I dont know about gsniper2 but gsniper3 is a scam

Dave Bierce says

Thanks  for this review. I already know these systems are not working out but when I was watching the Google sniper video I was pretty close to sign up. I am really happy to have done a real research about this.

    Wendy says

    You’re welcome, I’m glad you decided to do some research on this before jumping in!

Mike Henry says

George Brown has been selling his stuff for a while now and is quite successful. The thing I haven’t heard though is how many people have used his products and been even half as affluent. You can have all the video tutorials in the world but without direction and support that’s all they end up being, video tutorials.

Thanks for sharing this information with us Wendy

    Wendy says

    Exactly Mike! I couldn’t agree with you more, and that goes for A LOT of the so called gurus out there that promise you’ll get rich with their system. They may have used the internet to get rich, but the fact is they have no idea how to properly teach others how to achieve success online.

Kyle says

It is kind of ironic that the product is called Google Sniper, yet the techniques they are teaching (one page websites) are totally frowned upon by Google these days.  Anyone that has built anything of substance online and something that actually generates a full time revenue knows that you CANNOT build a business using on page websites.

It only takes ONE website to be very successful online and what is taught within this program goes against all “logic” of marketing in 2013/2014.  Buyer beware.

    Wendy says

    Exactly, I think it’s very misleading that George Brown was able to label this program with Google, as though it was somehow endorsed or connected to the company in some way, when in reality it isn’t.

    Yeah, you need to build a website with substance and value to offer the customer. Having a bunch of one pager sites with nothing but a bit of advertising for (many times) low quality products isn’t doing that much to help anyone nor helping you build success online. There are better options out there that offer more value than Google Sniper ever will!

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