Great Advantages to Owning an Online Business

Why should you consider owning a web business?


The fact is, there are many great advantages to owning an online business, but most people aren’t willing to take advantage of the opportunity.

With the economy how it is these days, it’s hard for most people to afford  starting up their own business. The initial investment is huge, and if your business fails (which most small business will) well, you’ve lost out on a lot of money. However creating an online business requires very little investment, and can lead to huge success.

Most people don’t know anything about making money online. They think it’s all a scam, and that nobody is actually making money on the internet. The majority of us have either fallen victim to a scam themselves within the online world, or know someone who has. And the sad reality is, the internet marketing world is full of scams and promises to get rich quick.

However, starting an online business can be a completely legitimate way to make an income if you start out with the proper training and resources!


paying bills

Very little investment required to start

When an entrepreneur starts a business in the real world, what do they do? They probably are going to need to invest in a piece of property, which could cost A LOT of money – thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands! Not to mention the ongoing costs of heating, utilities, rent, property tax–there are a lot of expenses for a business owner.

However, when you start an initial web based business, it can be as simple as starting up a website. What’s the cost? You can get started with it for completely free, however-purchasing your own domain name can be as little as 99 CENTS for your first year. Realistically, no matter where you buy your domain you can easily get one for around 10 dollars a year. A YEAR, 10 dollars, to own your own piece of the internet in which you can do whatever you want with! No costly investment required!

Of course, web hosting can run an additional 5-10 per month, depending where you get it from. But that is really a very minimal investment in terms of starting up an entire business!


WAY less risky

If you do fail (which you very well may fail on your first attempt) you don’t have to stress about losing possibly ALL your money. You can easily start over and try again with a new website, without losing very much money at all.


The WORLD is your market


Any small business will have its limits. If they’re not moving their products and services online, they’re not taking full advantage of the opportunities the internet marketplace has to offer them. Tons of real businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and becoming strong web based presences nowadays.

So, when you start a simple internet business you have the WORLD as your marketplace! That’s billions of potential customers at your fingertips!


Expanding into other markets is as easy as purchasing another domain

If your business is a website, think of how easy it would be to expand upon that. It’s easy to start up a site–so depending on the amount of time you want to invest, you could possibly start up several business without going bankrupt.

The opportunities to take advantage of the business world online are endless. People are moving everything online these days. from shopping to social networking to using it to expand their existing real world businesses.

So I’d like to offer some sound advice here-check out the best online business school within the industry that will teach you how to start your own web business, from the ground up. Best of all? You can get started with it for completely free, along with training and 2 free websites. Why not try it? —-> Check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate University

What do you have to lose?


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave a comment down below!

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Jane Ambrose says

My oldest son is currently in college and is thinking about majoring in business. Before reading this, I had no idea that starting an online business required so little money. It is so true that doing a business online is much less risky than investing in a regular business that may cause you to lose all your money. I’ll be sure to share this with him in case he decides he wants to pursue a business degree!

Gary says


Last December I came to your site.
You saved me from a university scam and directed me to Wealthy Affiliate.

I am so very thankful to you and your site for pointing out truly legitimate ways to earn online.
I am working through the Affiliate Bootcamp and it is awesome, I have really done a lot of learning.

Thanks again and keep up the Great Work,


    Wendy says

    You’re welcome Gary, I’m so glad you found my site and it has been a pleasure getting to know you over the past few months!

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