Having Trouble Finding a Job After College?

If you’re having trouble finding a job after college, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Actually, it took me several years before I was able to figure out exactly where my life was going after I graduated.

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need jobThe fact is, the newest generation of college graduates is at a far greater economic risk than that of earlier generations. There are simply too many college graduates, and not enough jobs available that actually require a college education! Unless something changes, future projections aren’t looking too great either.

The figure below shows 13.1 million more college graduates than there are actual jobs that require a degree–that’s a significantly large number doomed for underemployment!

underemployment big

College graduates used to be an elite group of individuals. In the 1950’s and 60’s, 6-7% of the population held a degree. In 2010, 30% of adults in the US possessed a college degree. And the fact is, if current trends stay the same, by 2020 the projected number of adults holding bachelor’s degrees will rise by 30%–from 61 million to 80 million!

There’s a problem here in the United States. We’re pushing higher education on everybody, but the fact is, it isn’t for everybody. And the percentage of college graduates is rising way faster than the creation of new jobs.
We should be telling our kids that there are other options, too–vocational training or entrepreneurship, for example. College used to be the sure way to get ahead, and while it still can be for determined individuals who set out to pursue lucrative careers–doctors, lawyers, computer science majors, IT professionals (and many others, too) –it shouldn’t be the ONLY socially acceptable option post high school.

Not to mention, with the crazy rising costs of college tuition, it’s getting increasingly harder to justify if it’s even worth going to college! Unless you get an amazing paying job, you may never be able to pay off your college debt! Alternative paths should be encouraged in a down-turned economy.

And thanks to outsourcing, the US has turned into a high demand service economy. Retail sales, cashiers and food service jobs top the list of largest employed occupations in the United States–none of which you need a college education. Unless you enjoy the service industry, it’s making seeking out your own employment look better and better!


All that being said, college is a great option for some people. There isn’t anything in the world that can replace the college experience–if you have the opportunity to go and you know what you want to do–go for it! It’s truly a wonderful opportunity, it’s just unrealistic to expect it for everyone.

But, if you’re finding yourself with a college degree and no job, just realize it isn’t necessarily your fault.

Also know that you don’t have to be forced into the mold. If you’re questioning if a traditional type job is even a good fit for you, there are other options! There’s really no certainty when this economy will come around.

So, while you’re trying to get by day to day with your less than desirable job (or perhaps no job at all), why don’t you try making your own money?

Online entrepreneurship is a great way to get started. It’s the path I chose after I graduated college a few years ago and was still stuck working the same job as I had been DURING college — (a service industry job no less) I realized I couldn’t continue my life down that path, and I wasn’t sure when a better opportunity would come around.

So, I began looking for alternative means to make money and stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. They’re an online business school that teaches you how to start up your own web business.  I decided to join the community and was amazed at the training, tools and amazing help offered – I started my membership and never looked back.

It was hard work and took time to see results–but now I have successfully created my own web business and am only regretting the fact I did not find this sooner! If you’re willing to just sacrifice a little bit and dedicate some time to learning how to be successful on your own, you can reap the benefits for the rest of your life and never be “stuck” in a dead end job again.

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Jennifer Brown says

Yeah, times are definitely changing. A getting a college degree in the 60, 70, even the 80’s are not the same as today. Getting a college degree now is like the new HS diploma. A high percentage of people are getting a college degree and there is not enough jobs in the market to support this change. I been told all my life that I should go to college so I wont end up flipping burgers or retail or anything below minimum wage, but unfortunately, those are the only places that are hiring due to my lack of experience (another thing is how to get experience to prove you have it if no one won’t give you a chance to obtain it). I feel like those are my only options and it’s actually a really sad situation for America. If we keep going like this where higher education is not as lucrative and competitive as it used to be, then I feel really sad for out future.

Steve says

The idea of going to college and easily finding a successful career is an Industrial Age idea. We have shifted into the Information Age which is changing all the rules. It levels the playing field for those who can recognize it but far too many parents aren’t aware of it yet.
I think many young people nowadays know this intuitively but feel they HAVE to go due to family pressure. At least you were able to recognize it in time to get involved while it’s still in its’ infancy.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, going to college is so part of the norm in society today, people don’t really think twice about it.. it’s just something you HAVE to do! But you’re absolutely right… we are shifting and college isn’t the solution to everything anymore. Yeah, well I wish I had gotten involved sooner but better late than never.

Vitaliy says

I can totally relate to this post. As someone who recently graduated (Spring 2013), I totally understand what so many graduates are going through.

It’s kind of ironic, but my college degree (business marketing) will get me less opportunities in this world than my current job (online marketing).

I say this because so many doors have already opened up for me having been in the this industry for 7 years. Businesses want to hire me, connections and networking happens on a daily basis. And this is all thanks to internet marketing, no college. No way I could have gotten to this point with a normal degree.

Nathaniell says

The hardest thing to digest from this article is that college isn’t for everyone. We’ve had it drilled into our heads (at least millennials) that college is for successful people, and no college is for drop outs, losers, and folks that go into the service industry.

When I told my high school counselor that I wanted to take a year off of school and travel after graduating she was very unimpressed. I can’t remember exactly what she said, but the impression she gave me was that if I too a year off of school it would set my course for failure for the rest of my life. Of course, that was from the viewpoint of an angsty teenager, but it is what it is. LOL.

Not everyone knows what they want to ‘be’, and it often takes some life experience to find that out. Only then can we map a path to get there. So many just start down any road they can just to say they’re on their way to *somewhere*, and find out later their not happy with their choice.

Long story short, I think plenty of people would benefit from getting some life experience before jumping into college. They will probably end up with less debt, more knowledge, and greater focus on their life goals.

    Wendy says

    Well said Nathaniell. Yeah a lot of people have that attitude–it’s drilled in their heads if someone doesn’t go to college immediately after high school they’re doomed for loser-ville for the rest of their lives! But you’re right! The reality is, so many fresh out of high school kids have NO idea what they want to do! I think many people realize halfway through college it isn’t really for them, yet were so pressured into going they didn’t really consider it an option to not go! Then they just wasted all that money! OR they realize they can’t even get a job after they graduate!

    That was sort of my issue, I didn’t know what I wanted to do going in and WISH I had waited to figure it out!

Chip Paulson says

Lots of horror stories out there about college graduates flipping burgers(or not even that!). Maybe this really is the dawn of a new era where information becomes the commodity of choice. Like they say, knowledge is power!

    Wendy says

    Yep that horror story was pretty much my story — although it wasn’t literally flipping burgers it wasn’t too far off either.  It’s very discouraging to be told you can get ahead if you just go to school and then have that not be the reality! Yeah, I think we are encroaching on different times.

Teresa says

I have gone back to college recently because I thought it would benefit me in the workplace.  I decided it wasn’t for me and stopped going because I already have a decent paying career and I have an online business as well.  College is expensive!  I believe many young people should take a broader look at what opportunities are out there to make money.  Online marketing is a huge opportunity!

    Wendy says

    Yeah, I think our society has brainwashed people into thinking college is the only way to get ahead but in reality, it’s not–and that’s especially truer than ever today.  I know tons of people around my age who went to college and are still struggling to get by!

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