Is Bring the Fresh a Scam? – An Honest Review

Product: Bring the Fresh
Price: $7 trial, $37 lifetime membership + lots of upsells
Creator: Kelly FelixBring-the-fresh
Rank: 80/100

So, is Bring the Fresh a Scam or legit?


Let’s take a closer look  – What is Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh, also known as simply BTF, is a membership program aimed at teaching newbies how to build their own internet business to make an income. It comes with a PDF guide and video based training to teach newbies the basics. It also comes with web-building software that makes it easier for people with no technical skills or experience to put together their own websites, and a member forum where you can connect with experts for help.



You can actually purchase this program for cheaper than it appears 

While the membership is initially sold at $87, if you try to leave the main selling screen at any time you’ll be hit with a pop-up saying you’ll get a 60% discount and can pay only $37. This is known as down-selling and is a VERY popular (although kind of shady) marketing tactic within this industry.


The reason so many online money making products and services use this is because once you’re inside, you’re going to be hit with A LOT of upsells. If they offer the product at an initially discounted rate (in some cases they practically give it away) they know you will be more likely to purchase the upsells.

What tools/support are included with the $37 lifetime membership?

  • Software that helps you easily put together and build out your own website
  • Video based training (+ a PDF guide)
  • Access to the community member forum, with advice from experts

…not a bad deal for a one time payment of $37. Just keep in mind this initial lifetime membership” fee doesn’t include all the costs needed to run your business and you will be expected to spend more money.


Pros vs. Cons


  • The web building software makes it easy to put together your own site if you’ve never done so before
  • Program is updated frequently, so the information never gets outdated
  • Lots of quality training provided via webinars (which is great if you learn well from watching videos)
  • Member forum where you can get advice and ask questions to other members and experts
  • $7, 7 day trail period to test it out (plus money back guarantee)



  • Deceptive marketing techniques – you’re told you’ll get lifetime access for $37, but you’ll be bombarded with many expensive upsells after joining the program.
  • Doesn’t include any of the tools you’ll need in the membership price – you’ll need your own domains, web hosting, etc.
  • Encourages the use of shady tools like article spinners and link builders
  • Despite the program containing some quality material and training, some members have claimed it isn’t the best place for a complete newbie to start out learning online


What’s my final opinion on Bring the Fresh?

Bring the Fresh is actually a legit program for starting out online, it really isn’t reminiscent of any sort of scam. The training materials and member forums are valuable to both starter and experienced internet marketers, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get initial access to the program and training.

However, because of the constant upsells once inside BTF, plus the fact so many essential tools are missing from the program price and you can not try it out for free, it is not my top recommendation for those looking for a program to help them out online.

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