Is Info Cash a Scam?

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My Info Cash Review-

I suggest you approach this one with caution, read thoroughly!


Product: Info Cash (aka the new Google Cash for Bing and Facebook)
Creator: Chris Carpenter
Ranking: 40/100
Price: $47

A brief history…

If you don’t know anything about Google Cash, it was a program developed by Chris Carpenter back in 2003, which took advantage of the PPC ads within Google to link directly back to affiliate sale sites, and therefore eliminate the need for you to have your own website.

If you are unfamiliar with PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, they’re the paid advertisements companies and individuals pay for to get their products seen within the search engines, and they’re displayed on top or to the side of the normal or “organic” search results. ppc ads

Simply put, you place an ad within Google, and whoever clicks on that ad would be taken directly to the merchant’s site to buy a product from your link, then you earn commission.

Well, fast forward a few years–Google cracked down hard on these direct linking ads, removing them from their system. Within Google, it just doesn’t work these days. You need a personal website for your PPC ads to link back to.

Comparing Info Cash to its competitors, at a glance:

So, fast forwarding to today, in 2013–What is Info Cash?

Info Cash is essentially the same idea as Google Cash, only it’s using Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Essentially you’re taking advantage of this “traffic explosion” brought on by the new Facebook graph search feature (powered by Bing), to make a few bucks since direct linking is apparently back and works with Bing and Facebook.

graph search

Info Cash is a downloadable program that provides you training on internet marketing strategies, first of all with creating PPC ads within Bing and Facebook, how to make them effective, and how to earn a crap ton of money doing so. (Well or so he claims..)

  • You don’t need a website
  • a product
  • an email list
  • or any technical experience

However, there are 3 stages to his training: the first stage focuses on direct PPC linking, then he goes on to teach you about list building techniques with e-mail, and in phase 3 you’re taught how to develop and sell your own products (for the advanced marketers).


The initial price of the program is $47, but he offers an up-sell for personal coaching that’s $197. In addition, realize you’re going to have to spend a lot of money on your PPC ad campaigns! Perhaps even 1,000’s of dollars. It turns out to be a lot more than just $47 dollars, doesn’t it?

 The Good vs. the Bad


  • Learn some basic strategies people use to make money online
  • you don’t need a website


  • There’s a lot more investment than it initially appears- you’re going to be up-sold after buying the initial 47 dollar package to his personal coaching for $197 more dollars. In addition, you’ll need to shell out money into your PPC ad campaigns, possibly 1,000’s of dollars
  • Encourages PPC by direct linking. This is wrong on 2 levels–first PPC is not really the best way for beginners in affiliate marketing to start out, as they’re probably going to make mistakes and PAY for it in the process. And 2, direct linking was pretty much banned from Google, so if it “works” on Facebook/Bing search, you have to wonder for how long before they take down your ads?
  • Oversimplifies the process within his sales pitch, luring in people who want an easy way to make money online
  • The system has no “foundation” (ie, a website) without the proper foundation, your efforts to make money online could crumble anytime, right before your eyes


Who it’s for:

  • People looking to make a quick buck off the system, without much effort.
  • People who are able to invest a lot of money up front.
  • People who don’t want to bother with a website


Who it’s NOT for:

  • People looking to actually make successful income online for the long-term.


It’s not that PPC ads are inherently bad, they can be really useful for those who have THEIR OWN WEBSITES and want to get them seen by the public. Relying on organic search methods is slow–it can take weeks or months for the search engines to recognize and rank your page. Using PPC is a way to get ahead of that and make money quicker. (Although you have to spend a lot more money, too).

However, attempting it without your own website is just a bad idea, plain and simple. Google cracked down on direct affiliate linking years ago, and most affiliate programs actually require you have your own webpage. (Info Cash takes advantage of ClickBank, which still allows direct linking).

But my concern is, if the new search feature inside Facebook is allowing direct linking PPC ads, you have to wonder for how long? Is it worth investing thousands of dollars into ad campaigns that could potentially get taken down any time, without your control?


The Verdict

Info Cash is just another “product” among the thousands available out there for making money online. Chris Carpenter outlines a very weak strategy for making money, and it’s not going to work for everyone. Most importantly, his system is lacking a crucial element for online success–a website.

Is the Info Cash system a scam? Well, I wouldn’t call it that. But the old Google Cash program just doesn’t work today in 2013 (and it hasn’t for a very long time), so my question to you is, how long is the Info Cash system going to work for?

Do you want to know how to be successful online, in ways that will work for you LONG TERM?

I suggest you check out some legitimate online training that will walk you through how to be successful on the internet, without taking shortcuts. This will be the foundation to your ULTIMATE success. 🙂

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Richard says

Hi Wendy,

Congrats on your success.

I too am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and agree it’s the best program to get started with IMO.

I also own Info Cash, and use direct linking on Bing to test product conversions before investing in more time consuming marketing (SEO and list building).

In fairness to Chris he does a good job on teaching this and if you do what Chris say’s you’re not going to lose money.

For me the product has more than paid for itself, so at $47 and with a Clickbank 60 day guarantee it’s a very fair deal.

    Wendy says

    I’m glad it’s working for you Richard, thank you so much for sharing you experience.

Batia Gottman says

Well I DID buy the InfoCash system, all the way up to coaching. Now I have a question for the support desk, and guess what? NO ANSWER!!! DON’T DO IT, is my advice!!! Agree completely with your review!

Jason says

Howdy Wendy,
First off great review but I have a question that is completely off topic of good ol’ Chris’s System and was curious if you would be willing to help.

Where did you make your final call to action button ?
I know another guy lets say that likes coffee that has one very similar and I have been wondering where it is that you made it.

Well, if you don’t mind I would love to know.

    Wendy says

    Hey Jason,

    Lol are you referring to Nathaniell? I actually made it myself using Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop you could probably make something similar using Gimp (which is free but I personally find impossible to use) or, a free online editor much like Photoshop (but with way less funtionality, of course). 🙂

    Hope that helps!

Jaana says

Thank you Wendy! Your review sounds reasonable and gave me an impression that you know what you are talking about.

All the best to you,

Ramsay says

You have probably saved a lot of people a bunch of money. I have always believed in helping people rather than making a killing off them from disinformation.

yep PPC is good but people have to be able to bank roll A LOT of $ and most people have little or no capital to get started

Kevin says

Have you actually tried this program or are you just giving you best opinion based on your thoughts? I have found multiple reviews claiming it is true and does work. does have a 60 day money back guantee

    Wendy says

    I am giving my opinion based on my experiences. There are lots of fake reviews online, so be careful with that. I’m not saying this program absolutely doesn’t work, I’m just saying it isn’t a long term strategy – it’s a short cut and will only get you so far. Info Cash teaches you direct linking PPC via Bing which could potentially be bad for beginners… PPC is expensive and if you don’t fully understand how to do it properly it’s like you’re basically gambling with your money.

    Also be careful with 60 day money back guarantees, often times it really isn’t a guarantee. Some programs are better than others about it, it just depends. If you want to try it, go ahead.. I’m sure it has worked for people. I’m also sure a lot of inexperienced people have lost money with it. So just do what you’re comfortable with, just realize this is a short term short-cut that won’t work forever.

      Chris says

      It’s sold through Clickbank, so you should know they are really good about honoring refund requests.

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