Is Niche Profit Classroom a Scam?

Product: Niche Profit Classroom
Owners: Adam Short
Price: $67 monthly
Rank: 80/100


What is Niche Profit Classroom?

Niche Profit Classroom is a training program for internet marketers founded by Adam Short. It consists of in depth video based training that will walk you through the process of how to make money online; it concentrates on things like setting up niche websites for affiliate marketing, email marketing (list building) and developing your own products. There’s also an active community forum, and occasional webinars and teleseminars set up for personal help.

So, is Niche Profit Classroom a scam? Let’s take an investigative look and see what it has to offer!

Let’s take a further look…

The program says they train individuals to produce websites that have 3 qualities – “evergreen, automated, and simple” – meaning; they’re easy to build, require little maintenance once they’re up and running, and they will continue to generate revenue for a long time to come. While these types of websites may be able to pull in a profit, the emphasis on “push button software”, automation and no further maintenance make me question the quality of these types of sites, and how long they could sustain themselves within places like Google.

Ready Made Niche Packs… Yay or Nay?

They provide ready made niche packs every month to all the members. These are claimed to be able to be used for “model” websites, to give beginning members a guide as to how they should be putting together their website and further materials for email marketing, but Adam also says they can be “tweaked” to use as your own website to make money from.

While there’s nothing wrong with providing sample websites for your members as it can be valuable to see the process of how it is done, if a member actually does try to “tweak” a ready made niche site and put it up for profit they will most likely face duplicate or spun content issues within the search engines as they are providing these ready made niches to EVERY member. Most likely they will find their website to either not rank or not be very successful long term.


Let’s take a look at the tools offered within Niche Profit Classroom and see how they fare…


Included Tools:

  • WordPress website builder and web hosting – allowed to host up to 15 of your own domains (note: these domains are non-transferable–you have to keep your account with NPC in order to have access to them.)
  • Market Profiler Tool – assesses a niche market’s profit potential–however I can’t see this tool being all that useful. The profit potential for any niche is based on your effort and skills, not the specific market you pick.
  • Keyword Tool  – definitely a necessary tool, although I don’t know how accurate it is. (some are better than others).
  • 15 minute newsletter creator + 15 minute sales letter creator – automated creation for email newsletters to people on your list. Anything “automated” like this is going to produce something of poorer quality.
  • “Done for you” niches – 2 niche packs given out every month to members which include pre-written articles, keyword lists, a 75 page ebook (PLR type) that you can claim as your own, along with various other tasks that are already done for you.


  • Once per week live Q&A teleseminars
  • Active community forum
  • Coaching webinars twice per month


I think while there is some good training offered within this program there are a few cons that make it a deal breaker–at least to me!

  • Domains are non-transferable – once you buy a domain and set it up with NCP’s hosting, you cannot transfer it to other web hosting if you decide to discontinue your NPC membership. So while you are able to host up to 15 of your own domains on their server–I’d advise NOT doing so–this means you don’t truly own your web content, and unless you stay with NCP forever you will lose all your sites eventually.
  • Many complaints about bad customer support – while I have no personal experience with the customer support offered by this program I’ve come across countless negative reviews online that range anywhere from people complaining they were extremely rude or dismissive – to that just took several days or weeks to even get back to them, and when they did they offered no real help at all. There were also several complaints about people cancelling their membership under the free trial, yet still getting charged the $67 for the program (yet still being locked out).
  • Emphasis on automation and push button software–anything that is automated isn’t going to be good quality. It is obvious when you read something online and it sounds more programmed and mechanical than if an actual human wrote it, and that in itself is going to turn a lot of potential customers away.
  • Questionable long term potential of the way they emphasis site building. Once you do get a site up and running, it’s best if you keep it “fresh” and update it often, sites DO require ongoing maintenance for longer term success–even if you end up having to outsource the work.


Monthly fee is $67, plus around $10 for each domain you set up. This is quite expensive for a recurring monthly fee, especially considering there are way better programs which are significantly cheaper.


Conclusion – NPC scam or legit?

Niche Profit Classroom isn’t a scam, they do provide some valuable training and support to their members. However, I think there are definitely some aspects it could improve upon. I wouldn’t want to join into any program that wouldn’t let me keep my own websites after I left, that’s for sure! Plus, they are just too expensive in my opinion for what they offer.

There is a $1, 14 day trial, however, so if you still want to consider giving it a shot, you don’t have that much to lose.

Consider a better, cheaper alternative…

What if I told you there was a program that offered way more support (24/7), had a greater variety of training resources, UNLIMITED web hosting (plus lets you transfer the domain if you quit the program or go elsewhere), and one that focuses on building a long term, successful business online – rather than just creating several “websites”. What if I told you this program could save you $435 a year when compared to if you signed up with Niche Profit Classroom?

They have a fresh approach, one that focuses on you starting out in a niche you are interested in, rather than a “profit niche” because ultimately, you can pick the most profitable niche and not make anything if you aren’t motivated or interested in what you are doing enough to stick with it.

Better yet, skip the $1 trial, you can try this out for free–no credit card is even required. How can you say no to that?

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rivercrosser says

I don’t think you can make a proper review if you have not tried it out. I have and it is great.

    Wendy says

    I joined the $1 trail to see what it was all about, so I know what they have to offer. I’m glad you found something you like and I wish you continued success… thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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