Not Using Your College Degree? Put it to Use With This Unique Temp Job

There are opportunities for you to put your college degree to use in a temp job setting if you’re not looking for permanent work or just need some extra cash (or even if you’re just stuck in job limbo!)

I want to share with you guys this unique temp job because I personally have been doing it for the past few years now and I enjoy it.  The company is decent enough to work for and pays well. It isn’t a full time job with benefits, but if you just need something to help generate some extra cash it’s definitely something to consider.

The only requirements to apply are that you hold a bachelor’s degree and reside within the United States (you also have to be a U.S. citizen).

So, what am I talking about?! Think about becoming a Standardized Test Scorer!score-standardized-tests

You know those standardized tests you had to take as a kid? Companies hire mass amounts of people every spring and summer to help take on the task of grading them all!

Basically the only up front requirements are that you are a U.S. citizen, currently reside in the U.S. and that you have a bachelor’s degree (in any field). They aren’t too strict about who they initially hire, but you have to pass testing before you score each and every item , and they continue to monitor you as you work.

Now, this job is not for everyone.

You have to be willing to follow their rules and score in accordance to the particular guidelines you’re given, not how you feel it should be scored. This can be really difficult for some people, especially those who have been teachers themselves and are so used to scoring things their own way. However it’s important you stick to their rules because scoring just by your feelings can get you kicked off the project!

Scared yet? Don’t be, if you think it’s something that sounds interesting to you, I’d recommend giving it a shot.  It can pay relatively well depending on the project you’re assigned to. (Anywhere from $12 – $30+ hourly).

The company is called Pearson. Perhaps you’ve heard of them as they’re a huge educational company. I’ve personally only done on-site scoring, of which they have limited locations so obviously it will be restricted to where you live. However, they also have at home scoring so as long as you are in the United States and have a bachelor’s degree, you can apply.

They have projects every spring and summer, and you can apply here.

Obviously I cannot guarantee you a job, but it’s definitely worth filling out the application. It’s relatively short and painless.


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Ang says

Can you work whenever you want to, even on weekends?
Is the online scoring job at home only? No going for training or an interview to a physical location?
Is there an interview?
Do they hire anywhere in the US for the at home scoring job?

    Wendy says

    No, there isn’t any sort of interview process involved. You need to take a qualification test before each and every item you score though. I’m not sure entirely how the at home scoring works for people who haven’t previously worked at a physical location. I worked for the company for a year then after that I did a combination of at home and on site scoring. As far as who they hire or how exenstive it is, I honestly have no idea.. I’d recommend at least filling out an application because it’s pretty short and painless.

alexis nilo la hoz says

I like your page, I’m going to share it on facebook where my ex pupils are. They might be needing your help.

    Wendy says

    Thank you, Alexis. Appreciate the share!

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