Search Engine Evaluator Positions

What’s the deal with search engine evaluators? What do they do?

Search engine evaluators are hired by independent companies that are contracted with the big search engines (Google, Microsoft) to help refine their search algorithms. The exact nature of the work is much a secret as employees must sign non-disclosure agreements. Essentially, however, you’ll be split testing any changes they are working on in their algorithm with their existing algorithm to help them improve it.

The nature of the work may be repetitive, dull and boring, and you have to take a rather difficult exam to be able to work for them. Many don’t get passed the initial exam, however for those that do it can be a good source of extra income.

There are a handful of companies that hire at home, independent contractors for this sort of work.

As far as I know, you are only allowed to work for 1 of these companies at a time. Some of them may have time caps on how many hours you can put in a week, and it isn’t consistent work. It may be good part time, extra income – but it’s probably not a good choice for a full time gig.

There are a lot of negative reviews online about this sort of work, but the companies I’ve listed above are legitimate.

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