What is the Chris Farrell Membership?

I Joined to Take a Look Inside – This is What I Found Out!

Product: Chris Farrell Memberhip
Creator: Chris Farrellchris-farrel-welcome
Price: $4.95 for the first 7 days, then $37 monthly, or $297 annually ($25 per month)
Website: www.chrisfarrellmembership.com
Summary: a quality training program for beginners, but keep in mind expenses will soon add up to greater than $37/month

So, what is the Chris Farrell Membership?

The Chris Farrell Membership is an online marketing training program put together by Chris Farrell. This is actually one of the highest rated internet marketing training programs out there. I was hearing so many positive things about it, I had to sign up to see for myself!

Here is what it looks like on the inside:


Chris welcomes you with a little intro video on getting started and what is available to you within the community. I found it fairly easy to work my way around to find what steps I was supposed to take, he does have it set up pretty well. There’s a “10 minutes to Success” video course, which is not just a 10 minute video, but rather a series of videos broken up into 10 minute (or less) segments. This is designed to help an absolute newbie get up and running successfully online within 31 days.


There is also a lot more video training focusing on various traffic sources, keywords and social marketing, and a forum for interacting and asking questions. There are some included tools, like pre-made niche packs and a link cloaker, but overall nothing that great.

I was able to work my way around the website fairly quickly, there really isn’t a whole lot there. The training is very centered around building squeeze pages for email marketing. In fact, I was kind of surprised at how little WordPress training there actually is within the membership!

I find it lacks teaching people some of the crucial elements that will make people actually successful online – like building their own actual websites rather than simple squeeze pages.

My last impression I want to point out is that I find the video emphasized training to be annoying. I generally prefer written instructions because I can follow along at my own pace. However some people may enjoy the video training and that is fine, it just isn’t for me.

Cancelling is easy!

I was quite surprised at how easy the cancellation process is. In fact, it’s one of the FIRST things Chris explains to you how to do when you join! This is a huge plus for me, I HATE when programs make cancelling difficult.


Training and Tools

  • “10 minutes to success” series by Chris Farrell – he walks you through 31 days of videos all broken up into 10 minute (or less) segments.
  • Many additional training videos on traffic, keywords and social media
  • Done for you niche websites (squeeze page sites) for helping the learning process
  • Access to Chris’s Blog
  • Link Cloaker Tool
  • Easy Video Suite
  • Graphic packages – download tons of graphics to put on your website (these are nothing fancy or special – pretty generic)
  • Help/Community Forum
  • Free Hosting (with yearly membership only)

Pros and Cons


  • There’s a trial offer, so you can join for a minimal cost and see if it’s for you
  • It’s super easy to cancel your membership
  • Chris Farrell is a good teacher, likable and seems like a genuine guy
  • There’s a forum for getting help
  • Training is aimed for newbies and therefore is easy to follow


  • Pretty limited training – you’ll grow out of the training relatively quick and need to seek additional resources.
  • The free web hosting is only included if you pay up front annually (which you will probably grow out of your membership there before the year is up)
  • It’s really lacking a true community aspect and true support is only available at an upsell
  • Training largely video based, not many written tutorials included
  • Very little training with WordPress
  • No focus on building actual websites, only squeeze pages

Who is the Chris Farrell Membership for?

This is pretty much for absolute beginners. If you have any experience with internet marketing, you would probably not gain much from joining and I’d advise you to seek better training that is suitable for a wider range of experiences.


There is a 7 trial offer for $4.97, but after that it’s $37 monthly. There’s also a discounted yearly membership for $297, which works out to only $25 per month and includes web hosting too.

Keep in mind the monthly membership does not include web hosting, so you will have to pay for your that separately which can be around $100 (or more) per year. Also the training requires you to set up an autoresponder service, Aweber, which starts at around $20 per month. So the price is going to be more like $57 per month + whatever your web hosting costs.

There is also an up-sell program Chris tries to sell you called “4 Week Fast Track” for $497. This comes with 1-on-1 support, ready made niche packages, and includes an entire year access to the Chris Farrell Membership. (What this basically is is an accelerated training program and access for personal help you wouldn’t receive within the basic membership).My final opinion on the Chris Farrell Membership

CFM prices

If you are a total newbie to internet marketing, it isn’t a bad place to start out. The Chris Farrell Membership is by no means a scam and can give you some pretty decent training to help you get started out in online marketing.

However, realize you probably won’t be able to make a lot of money online just the training here, and you’re going to end up spending more than the $37 base cost.


Don’t forget to also check out my top recommendation for learning how to build a business online if you’re looking for a more interactive, thriving community and enhanced educational experience.

Anyone have any experience with the Chris Farrell Membership? I’d like to hear it down below!

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Mike Pearson says

Hi Wendy, I have just joined your email training course and have been with WA for some time – but not as full member (I struggle with finances at present) – but will become a full member next week.
I was a fully paid member of Chris Farrell’s site for many months but found it very basic – even with my limited knowledge. And yes, I found his video instruction could ‘annoy’ after a while – and I am a brit too!!!
I can honestly say WA is far superior in all ways (for me) and as you rightly mention, CF is more designed for a total newbie.
I too found the cancellation of my account very easy with CF.
I have not posted these comments to promote WA above CF but to say I have knowledge of both sites. Hope this helps.

    Wendy says

    Thanks for leaving your opinion Mike, I really appreciate it as I’m sure others will too. I appreciate CF and what he is dong to help newbies, but it just isn’t for everybody and much of the training is a bit out dated as well. That being said, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not for everyone either (as nothing really is) but it’s far superior to what is offered within the CFM site and goes much more in depth with not only the training, but with the support and help you are able to recieve as well. I always recommend anyone interested join as a free member to test it out and see if it’s something they would like or not. 🙂

Pradeep Rajput says

Hi, I am trying my hands in affiliate marketing for quite some time and have not seen any success till date. I am from India and I earn salary in Indian Rupee which is equal to approx. $645 per month. I have a tight budget but even though I can try to put $50-60 per month for learning affiliate marketing. I am ready to reinvest whatever I earn from affiliate marketing for one full year. Can you help?

    Wendy says

    If you’re ready to make the commitment, I recommend you check out my #1 recommended training program here. You can try it for 100% free and if you do decide to upgrade, your monthly investment will be quite a bit less than $ 60.

John says

Thanks for pointing out the extra costs required on top of the monthly membership fee. I agree you would be better off getting your “training wheels” turning with the free membership at Wealthy Affiliate if you are a total newbie then when you join a paid membership you will be closer to recouping your costs sooner.

    Wendy says

    Yep it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into before you commit yourself for something, there’s nothing worse than having a bunch of unforeseen expenses. Yeah, the membership at WA is great because first of all, it’s free to join and start learning, and secondly, the training ranges from basic to advanced, and there is a WIDE range of categories for all different types of internet marketers. At least you know you are getting your moneys worth for the whole package instead of something you’ll quickly outgrow like with the CFM.

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