Why Article Spinning is Worthless


If you have to ask what article spinning is, that’s probably a good thing. However, those of us involved in the world of internet marketing are all too familiar with this practice. It’s a terrible idea in this day and age yet people are still trying to use it left and right. Article spinning software is still readily available on the market, and many so called reputable internet marketing training programs are still encouraging the practice!

What is article spinning?

To get around Google’s duplicate content policy, internet marketers started using any means necessary to get away with doing as little work as possible. Article spinning is simply taking an article, whether it’s yours or written by somebody else, and copying it into a software program that will provide you a “new” article. This can be done many times, so the same article can be spun into hundreds of variations.

There’s tons of different article spinning software on the market, ranging from free to rather expensive. The worst ones turn the article into useless garbage basically unreadable to humans, and the very best may resemble well written content. Either way, it should never be done.

But there are several problems that arise from article spinning no matter how “good” of a spinner you use!

  • First and foremost,Google recognizes spun content, and you will be penalized for it.
  • There are many, many “internet marketers” out there who use crappy article spinners to post the same article hundreds of times across the internet, some without even bothering to modify the article to make sense. This creates a very negative user experience.
  • If you’re using spun content to submit hundreds of articles to directories for back-links, Google penalizes sites with too many low-quality back links. If you’re back-linking to the same crappy spun articles, those are seen as low-quality.
  • The articles are often times very awkward to read and don’t make complete sense. It usually requires a lot of manual tweaking in order for the article to be somewhat coherent
  • Even the most sophisticated article spinning software is still going to output the same article. It’s not going to offer any new or unique information.
  • It can ruin your reputation as an internet marketer when people realize you’re spinning content
  • Recently, more emphasis is being put on social media attention in regards to search engine placement. No one is going to comment, like and share content that is garbage!


Think about the experience you want to create for the user

Imagine you’re a normal person trying to Google information on something, let’s say, “how to get rid of ants”, yet the only source of information Google is providing you is a hundred different versions of the same spun article someone plastered all over the internet on “how to get rid of ants.” That isn’t providing the searcher with any new or alternative information they may be looking for. These 100 different spun articles on ‘how to get rid of ants” shouldn’t be the only source of information available on the topic, as there are always unique perspectives and solutions to any problem. Yet, a spun article isn’t able to offer a unique perspective, ever.

Google knows this, and has cracked down on it. They WANT to provide a positive experience to their searchers. Its algorithm is a lot more sophisticated than you might think, they can and do detect article spinning. They may not catch spun content tonight, tomorrow, or next week–but once you’re caught, you’ll be punished and de-ranked from search results, and most likely sand-boxed.

Your brain is the best article spinner, and it’s free!

If you’re going to take the time to spin articles, you’ll still have to tweak them manually in order for them to be acceptable (if you care about your user experience). Why not use all that time to just write a new article? There are so many related topics you could write about to provide new engaging information, or at the very least you could re-write the article from a new perspective. I guarantee the content will come out better than any article spinner. And best of all, you won’t get punished for it.

Okay, I just entered that last paragraph into an article spinner to give you an idea of how these things work. This is what it gives me:

If you’re going to take enough a chance to rotate material, you’ll still have to modify them personally to be able for them to be appropriate (if you proper worry about your customer experience). Why not use all that a chance to just create a new article? There are so many relevant subjects you could create about to offer new interesting details, or at the very least you could re-write the material from a new viewpoint. I assurance the material will come out better than any material generator. And best of all, you won’t get penalized for it.

The sad part is, I see content on the internet that looks like the above paragraph in question more often than I’d like to. The next time you read something online that sounds robotic or like it was written by someone who can’t speak proper English, it’s most likely the result of article spinning.

Is that really the type of content you want to encounter when you’re searching for information online? Probably not, and neither does Google!

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dwightcocran says

Article spinning still is a viable option even in 2013 but you have to use the software correctly and also make your spins readable as well as unique. I created a 1 hour tutorial on how I do it and these articles pass human moderation and also are being indexed. If you would like to see the tutorial here is the link.


    Wendy says

    Yeah and you say in your article it takes a few hours to make it readable? Why wouldn’t you just spend that time writing a new article if you’re going to go through all that trouble? That was one of the points I was trying to make. Besides, even if it turns out sounding half-way decent, the article isn’t going to offer any new information. I never said spun content couldn’t get indexed and rank, I was saying Google will eventually catch on to it and punish you. If you want to continue spinning content that’s up to you, I just would rather not take the risk.

Bori K says

That is very interesting and useful information. I still learn how to write articles and I know that more practice and more exercises are the best way to success.

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