A to Z Cash System Scam – It’s Not Going to Make You Rich

a to z cash system salespageProduct: A to Z Cash System
Price: varies based on how many times you “back” out of the offer – cheapest I could get was $1 for 3 day trial, one time fee of $39 + additional $39 per month (originally $4.95 3 day trial, $77 on time fee + $59 per month)
Website: atozsystem.co
Rank: 0/100

I recieved an email earlier today promoting” typing and data entry jobs for beginners”, which I thought was suspicious since gmail is normally good about putting crap like that in my spam folder (a little too good since they always seem to throw legit stuff in my spam) and also because it came from some email list which I have no recollection of signing up for.

I was curious what they were going to try and promote since typing and data entry is usually a bait and hook call to action that is used to trick people into falling for scammy “make money online” products that are in reality entirely unrelated to data entry! Well, it took me to this website that was just an advertorial for a product called the A to Z Cash System… oh boy here we go again.

A to Z Cash System – Scam or Real???

The A to Z Cash System is definitely not original (there are tons of similar websites all promoting the same concept.. work from home mom earns $90K per year!) and not new (these have been circulating for years). These products are aimed at people who have absolutely no experience with making money on the internet, because what they do is immediately call you after you sign up and try to hook you up with upsells for things you definitnely don’t need (which, only newbies would fall for)!

Let’s take a look at the “news report” I was linked to…

Advertorial – an advertisement that is constructed to look like a news story

a to z cash system scam

This is highly deceptive because if you didn’t really know better or think about it, it does look real. There’s even a link to an ABC news report, and tons of comments where people share their “success” stories… but remember, this is an advertisement… so those comments are part of it and NOT real.a to z cash success stories

There definitely are ways to make money online, but you have to be careful and find the right training!

Only $4.95 to start? Watch out, that’s only the beginning…

They advertise that they’re system is only $4.95, but you can also get it for $1 if you press the back button on the payment screen a few times, a pop up will tell you WAIT DON’T GO! And you’ll be able to opt to stay on the screen and the price will be reduced. This is a very common marketing tactic called downselling, and the reason they do it is because they make their money by upselling you after you buy into the system.

In fine print, you’ll see that the $4.95 is only for your first 3 days, and then you will be charged a fee of $77 PLUS a $59 monthly fee? Already this is way more than they claim, and have fun trying to get your money back!

Now they are only getting started eating away at your credit card. Since they promised you “a 1 on 1 consultation with an expert”, they’re going to have one of their fine sales representatives give you a call and try to sell you additional products and services that you do not need.

Watch out because these could be literally set you back 1,000’s of dollars, and it’s all crap.

The terms EASY, FAST and AUTOMATED are phrases you need to watch out for and AVOID

You don’t have to search very hard, you will find those 3 tempting words in the vast majority of the online money making product out there. Don’t be fooled though, because starting out online is not easy, fast, OR automated. It’s hard work, but definitely possible when you find an extremely helpful resource like this one.

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