Achievement App Review: Get Paid to be Healthy

If you want to get paid for things you already do, the Achievement app is definitely one to install. While I’ve reviewed other apps like this (ie, Sweatcoin) I would say this one is even better in my opinion. You really can get actual cash rewards for just tracking your steps! It might take awhile to earn them, but for something you are already doing anyway it’s pretty great.

My favorite reward app these days is Swagbucks, so check it out if you haven’t heard of it!

What is Achievement and how does it work?

Achievement (formerly Achievemint) rewards you for things like taking health surveys, tweeting about your health activities on social media and best of all – being physically active! Achievement currently connects to over 30 health and fitness apps to better record your activity data and make you are actually rewarded for it.

The problem with similar health apps is they rely on data from your phone to count your activity, and not everyone has their phone glued to them 24/7. You also really don’t need to do much of anything – this is really one of those install it, set it up and let it do its thing (for the activity points, that is).

In the mean time, you can earn a $10 reward each time you accumulate 10,000 points.

Ways you can earn reward points with Achievement

Setting up your account, connecting your first app and completing your first survey – You get a bunch of points for just signing up and going through the initial set up – 50 points for signing up, 50 points for connecting your first health app and then another 200 for completing their health survey. It was pretty painless and only took a couple minutes.

Physical Activity – You can earn up to 80 points per day for just walking, running, biking, etc. You can connect many different health/fitness apps to sync fitness activity. If you use an activity tracker like a Fitbit or Garmin this is even easier because you know your data will be recorded 24/7.

Tracking food/social media sharing – you can earn up to 6 points a day for things like tracking your daily food and weighing yourself, and also for tweeting about your health with #achievement. (It connects with additional apps that let you log your food and weight, like MyFitnessPal)

(note: your fitness data from activity trackers will not sync directly into Achievement, you need to install the app that connects to the device and then link the actual app to your Achievement account!)

Health studies – these will show up on your offers page but only when they are available and if you qualify (they go by the data you give in the beginning surveys) I haven’t gotten selected for any of these studies yet.

Referring friends – you get 100 points for reach friend you refer, but you are maxed out at 20 referrals. They have ran temporary campaigns that allow you and each friend to earn 500 bonus points for sign up, but they are currently not running this at the time I am writing this review.

How do you get paid?

When you reach 10,000 points you earn a $10 reward. They pay this out via PayPal or Giftrocket. I prefer cash payouts vs gift cards, so this is definitely a plus for Achievement.

What is awesome about the Achievement app?

  • You can connect it to lots of different apps to sync data
  • You are getting rewarded for things you might already be doing anyway, or encouraged to do more physical activity, so it isn’t a time waster in my opinion
  • For activity data, you literally can set it up and let it do its thing. It even went back and rewarded me for my past month of activity when I connected it to Apple Health!
  • You get paid via cash (PayPal or Giftrocket) not gift cards

What sucks about the Achievement app

  • Like most reward apps, it takes a long time to accumulate enough points to cash out
  • Most people aren’t selected for the health studies which is what offers the most rewards

Is there any level of support offered if you are having trouble?

If you are having any issues, they have a support page to submit a ticket. You can do this directly within the app, or visit

They also have a very detailed FAQ that helps with a lot of problems. I can’t find this within the app itself, but you can visit the webpage to find it.

Can you really earn money with the Achievement app? Is it worth installing?

You definitely won’t earn the big bucks with this app as it will take months of synced fitness data to accumulate the $10 reward. While you can earn more points with the health studies, they’re pretty selective as it requires you to fit in a certain demographic and not offered on a consistent basis.

Overall, installing the Achievement app can be an easy way to accumulate extra spending money since you don’t need to put in much extra effort, just keep your earning expectations low. If you want to see how I’ve earned a living online since 2013, check out how here.

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