At Home Income Package – Another Pile of Garbage!

qualified for at home income packageProduct: At Home Income Package
Price: $97
Rank: 0/100  – SCAM!!!


What is At Home Income Package?

This is just one of many very similar programs that go around the internet disguised as legitimate work from home opportunities, yet is just a pile of junk. They say you can freely work from home making several hundred per day easily just “posting links”.

If you read their FAQ page, they explain you are going to be affiliate marketing. While affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to earn money online, this program is not going to teach you how to earn from affiliate marketing the right way. It is not as simple as just posting links around the internet, I can guarentee you that!

This program is NOT designed to help you make money – more like take your money.

I’ve reviewed several similar types of programs – including ones like Work at Home University and Online Home Careers University – two identical programs going around right now. This one may appear a little different on the surface but it is essentially the same.


earn-up-to-379-per-dayCharacteristics of these “work from home” scam sites –

  • Sales page claims you can earn A LOT of money doing essentially very little work – making money online is possible but not fast or easy! It takes hard work.
  • Very VAGUE description of what you’ll actually be doing
  • Always seem very desperate yet claim there are “limited positions available” – meaning they really are desperate for more people to scam.
  • Promise you a “1 on 1 consultation with an internet expert”. This is code for selling your number to people who will try to get you to buy into 1,000’s more of products and services.
  • Always is originally $197 – but they knocked it down to $97 just for you. Often times they will knock it down further to $77 or $47.
  • Make it seem legit by linking to to real companies like Google and Yahoo, and all the major news networks like CNN, ABC and CNBC. These associations mean absolutely nothing – they have a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that states it is not endorsed or connected with any of those companies whatsoever!


These types of programs just keep going around and around, until they get shut down and open up under a new name. Don’t fall for it!

At Home Income Package Scam

Even though this program may be a scam, I can promise you one thing… working online at home is a REAL thing

There are lots of people making a full time income from home. The sad reality is products like this tarnish the reputation of honest programs and people out there that really do make a living online.

If you want to make money online, you need to start off with proper training, direction and have access to lots of help. You are not going to find that within any program like the At Home Income Package!


Have you been scammed by At Home Income Package or a similar system? Please drop a comment down below and share your story!




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