Automated Daily Income: A Bait and Switch Trap

I came across Automated Daily Income when scanning a job board, as an ad entitled “Make $397/Day Doing This!” It definitely seemed too good to be true, and I noticed that particular job board had some other questionable job postings so I thought I’d dig in and do a little more research.

This particular posting led to a domain called, but the program was still referred to as Automated Daily Income, and at the bottom it was copyrighted The wakeuptocash domain was a shortened version that led you directly to the sign up page. However, the full sales pitch still exists on the actual domain.

So what is Automated Daily Income and how will it make you money?

The information about what the product actually is and what you’ll be getting for your $49 is seriously lacking. This is the most detailed information I was about to find and it’s still incredibly vague:

It says you’ll get access to their 21-steps, done for you product sales and merchant processing, a personal coach and 150 people to run everything for you. It still doesn’t really say what you’re actually doing or give you any type of inside look at what you’re getting.

So I tried to dig a little further…

After reading into their terms and conditions page, I found out that it is not really its own program, it’s actually a sales funnel to another product called MTTB. MTTB – My Top Tier Business, is a 21 day training course for newbies that teaches them online business and also introduces them to promote MOBE products. This is a high ticket multi-level-marketing program that has many products to promote.

It costs $49 to join MTTB (which is the initial fee that Automated Daily Income is charging you for) and then there’s a $19.95 monthly fee on top of that. This doesn’t include the enormous amount of upsells they have waiting inside the MOBE marketplace.

If you want to make the big bucks promoting the more expensive MOBE products, you first have to buy them yourself. And they are not cheap. For example, they have a product called Silver Masterclass that is nearly $2,500,  another called Traffic Generator Pro that runs for $197/month, and a Diamond Mastermind program that is just shy of $30,000. These are just a few examples out of MANY options, but it definitely isn’t for those on a budget.

Your initial $49 fee won’t get you very far, you will need to spend more to make money.

Highly Deceptive Advertising

These types of sales pages are not unusual online, and there’s actually a plethora of programs out there that use these generic set ups. They are all nearly identical and used to advertise so many programs within the make money online niche. However, usually they are for some type of link posting scheme which is exactly what the sales page makes it out to be, given they have all the same features. In this case, since it’s actually a front for the MTTB, it makes the company seem super shady.

Why would they use such a set up to sell their system? It’s just a bait and switch scheme to get people inside so they can sell them more products.

These sales pages all include the following:

Fake “work from home” program featured on the news

This is just a generic “work from home” segment that is used on all these sales pages – it isn’t relevant to the program they are trying to sell you. They do not once mention it by name.

Fake Testimonials

These are testimonials bought and paid for, not legit. The acting in the sales video is so horrendous it’s hard for me to believe anyone would take it seriously (I was funneled through this particular video via the jobaccept ad)

Classic “featured on” news networks

They all say they’ve been featured on outlets such as Fox, MSNBC, USA TODAY, ABC, and CNN. If you look at the tiny print above, it actually says “work from home opportunities have been featured on” so that could mean anything. They also will say in tiny print at the bottom that these programs are not actually endorsed by them.

Literally the exact same story, replaced with a different name and picture

Each one of these sales pages features the same drawn out rags to riches story, just the name and picture has changed. In the case of the Automated Daily Income program, her name is Raena Lynn.

Make money in just 60 minutes? You can’t make money doing no work!

The system advertises you can make a lot of cash in just 60 minutes, and one sales video goes so far as to GUARANTEE it’ll make you $397 per day. On the income disclaimer page, however, they say that the average active affiliate earns less than $700 per year.

Any program that makes outrageous income claims, especially emphasizing how little time it takes, is just lying to you. It takes hard work and a lot of time to build a business online, just like in the real world, and there is no magical system that can make it that easy.

So is Automated Daily Income actually a scam?

While MTTB isn’t a scam, the fact they’re using this Automated Daily Income sales page to lure people into the program is such an awful marketing practice I can’t recommend it. It’s just a classic bait and switch.

If MTTB/MOBE is such a great business model, they wouldn’t need to use fake sales pages to sell the product and they wouldn’t need to be so vague about what exactly you are doing to make such fast cash. If someone isn’t clear and up front about what they’re trying to sell you, then they are probably trying to sell you something that isn’t worth buying into.

However, if you did more research into the actual MTTB/MOBE program remember there are plenty more upsells waiting beyond the initial $49 entry point, and you will need to spend the big bucks to make them. For the average person, it is just out of their budget.

If you’re looking for a program that will teach you online business that won’t break the wallet, check out my #1 recommended training. There is no deceptive advertising, and you can actually join for free (without a credit card) to see what it’s like inside before you even put down any money at all.

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