CB Passive Income Review – Can a “Business in a Box” Really Work?

cb passive income reviewProduct: CB Passive Income
Creator: Patric Chan
Price:$47, $1 14 day trial
Website: cbpassiveincome.com
Rank: 40/100 – More work involved than advertised, not a sustainable business solution nor one that has potential to make you much money, if any at all. 

CB Passive Income – Introduction

This is yet another completely automated, “push button software” system designed for total newbies to start making their first money online. It was put together by Patric Chan as essentially a clone of his entire marketing system. Everyone who buys the package will get their own unique affiliate link to earn commissions from Patrick’s marketing efforts.

cb passive income system

I was quite surprised to see it featured within the Yahoo! Finance section as a solution to make money online as it was basically a giant salespage for the product. The fact is, CP Passive Income isn’t a very effective program. While I haven’t personally tested it, I’ve been affiliate marketing for 2 years and am experienced enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

If you want to see it work at all, you’ll have to actually put in quite a bit of effort and even then it wouldn’t be the best or a sustainable solution to earn money online. I’ll explain why in further detail throughout this CB Passive Income review.

What is “CB”? How is this sytem passive?

clickbankThe “CB” stands for Clickbank, which is a marketplace for digital products. There’s products from all different areas from health to finance to make money online and anyone can sign up as an affiliate to promote these for 50-75% commissions. However despite Chan’s claims of Clickbank consistening of purely high quality products, the good products are few and far between and most of what’s offered is rather low quility.

Basically what Chan does is provide everyone with his cloned webpage, which is basically a squeeze page to get people to opt in to his mailing list. Once people sign up, he takes care of all the marketing and selling. He promotes varies products from Clickbank in emails sent to the people who opted in, and your unique affiliate link is provided in the emails so you’ll earn commissions from the products people buy.

You have no control over what is being sold to your list, however, and it is probably a bunch of very low quality products. You also still have the challenge of actually getting people to your sales page to opt in, which is a lot of work. And then furthermore getting those people to actually buy the products being offered.

What’s included?

  • A clone of Chan’s “secret webpage”
  • A unique affiliate link created for you
  • A free gift worth “1,500 dollars” – which is always changing
  • Video training and Ebooks on how to promote your page

The Challenges You’re Going to Face…


patric chanGetting traffic to your cloned squeeze page

This is by far going to be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome. Granted, there is training provided to teach you traffic methods; however because you’re promoting a squeeze page you’re going to have a harder time finding quality, converting traffic. Getting traffic through organic search is going to be impossible (search engines won’t rank squeeze page sites) and even pay per click advertising is out of the question, at least with Google.

What you’re left with is “marketing” (spamming) your link across the internet on forums, Craigslist, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. This isn’t the most effective way to promote because hardly anybody will take you seriously and you’ll be seen as a spammer. Let me tell you a secret – people don’t like squeeze pages anymore.

You also could do solo ads or PPC with Bing or Facebook, but that requires investment and if you don’t know how to properly convert with pay per click ads, you’re going to be gambling your money away.

Converting your subscribers

If you do manage to get subscribers to the list, the second challenge is going to be getting those people to actually convert and buy the promoted products. Even though with the original CP Passive Income system this is all done for you on Chan’s part, it’s still going to have a high unsubscribe rate. People don’t like being sold to time and time again, especially if they’re low quality products.

Also, because people don’t actually know you they don’t trust you from the get go. Since you’re only using a squeeze page for promotion, your subscribers don’t know anything about you and don’t trust you. Many times with squeeze pages, especially these days in 2014, people will sign up for the free offer and immediately unsubscribe.

Because this system will have a low conversion rate, you’d need A LOT of subscribers to make just a few sales. Sadly, getting that number of subscribers takes time, effort and sadly a significant investment on your part.

The entire system is not in your control

This isn’t your list, it’s Patric’s. You’re going to be putting in a lot of effort to gather subscribers and you have absolutely no control over what is sold, said or even if he shuts down the mailing list altogether. Your entire business could be shut down at any minute and you’d have done all that work for nothing.

Pricing + Upsells

make money cb passive incomeIt’ll cost you a $47 one time payment for the CB passive income system by itself.  There’s also a $1, 14 day trial that is offered.

However, there’s a few upsells you’ll be directed to after your purchase:

Passive Income Pro – $97 + min $15 – $20/month for autoresponder (like Aweber or GetResponse)

This system will allow for your subscribers to be opting in to 2 lists – Chan’s list and your own list. This way you will have more control because you’ll be able to do some market yourself and choose what you promote instead of leaving all the power to Chan.

However, all the $97 payment does it allow for the double opt it. You’ll have to purchase your own autoresponder service in addition to the $97 payment, which is a minimum of around $15 – $20 every month month depending on what service you choose. Keep in mind also that the price increases as your list does, so if you have more than a few hundred subscribers, you could be paying around $3o/month and if you have a really large list, it could cost you around $100.

Fast Cash Series – $47/month or $197 for lifetime access

This is actually entirely unrelated to CP Passive Income and can be purchased seperately. You”ll recieve monthly training material that will let you “in” on a secret Patric Chan knows that you can take advantage of to make cash from from trending opportunities. While these could potentially be used for you to profit from, it isn’t a push button system and would take hard work on your part to see money.

For example, Chan provides the story of the 98 cent .me domains which were relatively new (this was back in 2008) and still had lots of hot names available to purchase. He claims you could easily snag a bunch of these and flip them for $100… but it isn’t really that easy. You still have the task of setting up the websites and getting them “flip ready” – adding some content, etc, if you want to get anywhere near $100 for it.

There’s also the risk that the domains you buy won’t sell or the .me extention would be a flop.

These aren’t going to be long term solutions for making money online and there’s no guarantee they’d even work for you. While the $197 lifetime purchase may seem like a good deal, you don’t know how long these programs will be released for and there’s the possiblity Chan could stop releasing them a year or even a month from now.

Final Opinion – Is CB Passive Income Worth It?

Honestly no, I don’t think this is worth the investment. For a system that claims to do it all for you, it isn’t telling you how much work is actually going to be involved and how much additional money you’re going to need to shell out to drive traffic to your sales page. Even then, the system is completely out of your control.

Think about it… Patric Chan tells you the system is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, yet he is going to give it to you for $47 and even offers a $1 trial. This is a trick marketers use to make you think you’re getting an amazing deal. But nobody would ever give a system away that was that valuable for that little, ever.

cb passive income cloneThese “do it all for you” business in a box type products only end up hurting newbies in the long run. They buy the product, learn absolutely nothing, can’t get it to work so they go on to buy the next product they think will help them. But since these programs aren’t making them do anything themselves they don’t learn how to set up their own website, create anything original nor the process of failing and perfecting their marketing campaigns.

The truth is, you’re not going to get rich online by investing $47 into a cloned marketing campaign. The only way you’re going to learn is by doing things yourself, at least to start. If you want to create a sustainable business, one that is YOUR OWN and will give you full control, then you need to learn the right way.

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