Don’t Fall for the Careers at Home University Trap

“It’s like a secret society. Those on the side aren’t willing to give up the best jobs to newcomers… but once you’re in, you’re in!”

If only it were some type of secret society with a plethora of secret work from home jobs floating around the internet… boy some people would give up a kidney just to join in! If all you had to do was sign up and automatically be in to such a place, I don’t think they’d be advertising their website and spamming you with the links to “join now!” In reality , Careers at Home University is a pretty big crock of bull*** and I can’t believe I’m even writing this review.


You see, CAH University is NOT the first time this company has popped up online. It’s been circulating around the internet for a few years now, but every so often they change the name to try and lure in more unsuspecting folks.

But they certainly don’t do a very good job of hiding that fact…

Take a look at the Careers@Home sales page:

careers at home university


Now have a look at some other similar sales pages – Work at Home University, Online Home Careers University, and Stay at Home Revenue

online-home-careers-university-scamwork-at-home-university-scam-salesStay at Home Revenue.clipular


Hmm… they all look pretty similar!


There’s even the same owner with the same sob story to share with you…

The Online Home Careers University Program is Available In Lansing.clipular (1)

She goes by the name Melissa Mayer or Michelle Withrow, but she’s really just a stock photo


Don’t over analyse the WGTV News success story…

They create fake news stories like this to trick you into thinking it’s legit… but pay closer attention. It’s very vague and doesn’t mention any specific program other than “she made tons of money working from home!” 

fake careers at home university news clip

The lady featured in the story may be a real work at home mom, but she could be working at home doing any variety of work – they obviously edited this video a lot and threw in actors for the newscasters. This is really just an advertisement that is edited to appear like a real news story.

Don’t fall for the “guarenteed income” claims of $370+ per day

No program can promise you’ll make any money at all. This isn’t some type of “job” like they make it out to be, it’s basically a repackaged scam.

cah university income

It’s incredibly easy to fake earnings online with photo editing software (like Photoshop). Even if they were real, you don’t know whose income statement that is or what it’s even from. You can’t provide “proof” a program works from throwing income statements in someone’s face – it really is no proof at all.

Something is extremely fishy about a product that repackages itself several times over, claiming to be an entirely new system….

This isn’t the first review I’ve done on programs like this. You can read more about Work at Home University and Online Home Careers if you’d like further information.


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Gary says


Great job uncovering this latest look for what must be the re-worked older scam I recalled looking at WAH University, for sure. I love your site and really appreciate you working to try and spare folks from these types of compost heap programs!

My best,


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