Don’t Fall For The Seven Dollar PTC Scam

7dollarptcscamProgram: Seven Dollar PTC
Price: $85 for 1 year, $285 for lifetime membership
Rank: 0/100 SCAM!

Seven dollar PTC is a paid to click site claiming to pay out $7 for advertisement clicks. If you’re familiar with PTC sites, you’ll know this is a giant red flag that Seven Dollar PTC is a scam. If you’re completely new to the game, however, you may not think twice about it and sign up as a way to make some easy cash online. After much online research, not a single positive review of this company comes up; only a bunch of former members complaining they never actually got paid. Do not invest any of your money to this website!

What are PTC sites?

But let’s first discuss what exactly PTC sites are and how they earn people money online. PTC (paid to click) sites will have a collection of advertisements to show on a daily basis to its members, and those members can click the ads in exchange for money. However, because the advertising means of ptc sites a very untargeted, unfocused traffic, advertisers can buy a lot of exposure from these ptc sites for relatively cheap.

They then pay their members to click on ads every day, so they can earn money from ad buys. Any legit ptc site will only profit if they pay small amount per click. I’m talking very, very small; a mere fraction of a cent (.001 – .005). They also only have a set amount of ads to show you on a daily basis, say anywhere between 15 and 50.. so after clicking 50 ads per day you can earn a whopping 5 cents! Taking this into account, it sure makes the 7 dollar per click claim seem rather fishy.

seven dollar ptc ad sample

While there are many legit sites online that offer this service, there’s also a ton of scammy, shady sites involved as well. It’s critical to do thorough research before investing your time and money into any of these programs.

What makes Seven Dollar PTC any different?

Their claim of paying seven dollars per click is just not realistic. No advertiser would ever pay that much without losing a ton of money. The advertising on these types of sites is not only seen by an extremely untargeted audience, it’s also shown to people whose sole purpose of viewing is to earn money . The conversion rates for ptc site ads are very, very small and that is why the amount given per click is so small as well. The truth is, it’s not the best way to advertise.

seven dollar ptc payment minimum

Warning signs:

  • There’s a $7,000 minimum payout limit
  • $7 per click is way too high, you’ll never be credited that for simply viewing an ad for 60 seconds
  • Tons of complaints online that this program does NOT pay its members
  • No forum for members to provide experiences/feedback (most of these sites will have a member forum)
  • Premium membership price is really quite expensive
  • Claims yearly premium members earn 200% of their referrals earnings and lifetime members earn 300%

Even though this site has been around since 2011, it’s not held up a credible reputation and I wouldn’t bother investing a dime with this company. I’m honestly not even sure how they’re still allowed to operate!

7 Dollar PTC is a SCAM – Find Out How to Build a Sustainable Business Online to Earn Real Money!

How to find well trusted PTC websites:

Look for sites that have been around for over a year and have a history of paying their members with no problems. It’s really easy to do a quick search on Google and read what members are saying about the program. Keep in mind any legit ptc site will let you join and click on ads for completely free, so never pay money up front to join a program like this. Sites that pay members over a cent per ad click should remain in question, and anything over a dollar would definitely be a scam.

Paid to click programs such as Clixsense, Neobux and Legacyclix are very popular and have an established reputation, so if you’re interested in doing it those are a good place to start. There are literally hundreds of ptc sites so you need to be careful and make sure you only sign up for ones that are legitimate.

PTC isn’t going to make you rich!

It’s important you realize that these ptc sites aren’t the way to get rich online. Realistically, you can expect to earn only a few cents per day at best purely from clicking on ads for every site you are a part of. Even if you were a member of 20 ptc sites and clicked all the ads available, it probably wouldn’t even ad up to a whole dollar! Also keep in mind you’d need to spend quite a bit of time clicking through hundreds of ads to even earn anywhere near a dollar and not only wait for them to load up on your computer, you need to wait a minimum of 5 seconds per ad to be credited.

Many of these sites have provided additional ways to earn credits though, such as through taking surveys, completing cpa offers or daily polls. Still though, your efforts are only bringing you in pennies. If you expect to make any type of money with this the real “secret” is building a downline.

But, because you get paid only a fraction of your referrals earnings, you have to have a pretty impressive number of referrals to earn even a little bit more money from it.

My final opinion – Seven Dollar PTC is a fraud

Seven dollar PTC is a dishonest paid to click website that exists solely to steal your money. No ptc program will pay you 7 dollars per click, let alone a few cents. They encourage you to upgrade for 100’s of dollars and won’t even pay you when you’ve earned the money. Even legitimate PTC sites only pay a mere fraction of a cent per every click. You’ll have to spend a lot of your precious time clicking and getting very little in return.

There may be people out there that claim to make massive amounts of money with ptc, but honestly it’d be extremely unrealistic to expect to earn anything to speak of on these types of websites. Each of these websites would only earn you a few cents per day and even if you had 1,000’s of referrals, you’d only earn a few dollars more. It’s a lot of work to build up 1,000’s of referrals for only a few dollars per day…

There’s a lot better and more rewarding ways to earn money on the internet. If you are looking for a way to earn real money, I’d suggest avoiding the PTC scheme.

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Piergiulio says

Help me please.
Good evening,

I joined 7dollarclick five months ago and tried it for a few days, FREE account.
I then gave up, because I read the reviews that have made me realize that it is a scam.
I have obviously not reached the $ 7,000 🙂
Today I received this mail

“Hi! This is a friendly reminder That
you’re Seven Dollar Click Account
has funds available for you to withdraw!

– Withdraw YOUR FUNDS –

To access your account and withdraw
your funds you will need to login using
the username “pierit”.

AND Withdraw! ”

They ask me to PAY $ 79.99 for a month’s NEVER REQUIRED subscription, against any fund is (I have not reached the $ 7,000). I can ignore the email?
I sent them a deletion request message.

    Wendy says

    Yes I would ignore, sounds like they’re trying to scam you out of 80 bucks.

Roy says

I have create a youtube on these scammers in anyone want see the scam. So dont waiste your time with these Cons

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