EZ Cash World – Making Money Isn’t That Easy

ez cash world scam or legitProduct: EZ Cash World
Website: ezcashworld.com
Price: $37 $19, + upsells
Rank: 35/100  – advertised as a way to earn “easy quick cash” but the reality is a bit different… overall this is not recommended

Intro – Easy cash systems are never the solution

This program is advertised as an easy solution for those looking to start their own business from home. There’s a semi-believable looking news story (which is just an advertorial) and several video testimonials – in this case it must be the real deal, right? It even claims you can start earning $1,668 in just 2 days!

Any system that claims to let you earn easy cash with little work should be highly questioned. There’s really no such thing, and thousands of products willing to sell people on the idea it is possible. Let’s take a closer look within EZ Cash World to find out why it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

What’s included?

ez cash world system

  • Data base of thousands of products – really this is just PLR Content
  • Pre-build website
  • Video tutorials
  • Members only area

EZ Cash World gives you acces to PLR (Private Label Rights) content. In other words, things like articles and ebooks that have been written by somebody else who has sold over the rights to their content, so it can be used by anyone.

There’s also pre-built websites that you can install, so you don’t have to do all the “hard work” to put your own site together.

Cons – Why you shouldn’t consider buying a product like EZ Cash World

It’s hard to profit from PLR content

There are a lot of problems that come into play when people try and profit from using private label rights materials. The first being since it is not original, it can’t be used to try and rank in search engines like Google.

Search engine traffic is a huge, high converting source for traffic in any online business, and the best part is it’s entirely free. The problem is, if you can’t take advantage of free search traffic, you’re going to have to find traffic elsewhere and in many cases that means paying for it. While paying for traffic can still be profitable, it is much harder – especially for newbies. It is also very expensive if you’re on a budget.

Even if you overcome the hurdle of finding traffic, you’re going to run into the issue of trying to make sales with low quality material, which PLR content often times is.

You’re going to be using the same “push button” system as everyone else who purchases EZ Cash World

Remember that since their system is basically just a pre-built website with done for you content to select from, it is going to be accessable to anyone else who has purchased it. It means you’re going to be trying to sell the same stuff with the same sales pitch as the next guy, and normally that doesn’t result in any type of successful business endeavor. You’re going to learn very little about how to actually build a real business here, let alone profit from it.

Lots of upsells, and you’re going to be lost as a beginner

They try to grab you at the $37 price point (which they knock down further to $19), then immediately upsell you to additional products and services.

When you’re trying to start a business online, it’s going to be very hard to do for a simple one time fee of $37. There’s just things you need to start a business online that can’t be summed up into a small one time payment. You’re going to need a domain, web hosting, training, tools, ongoing support… and even more as you continue to get more established within your business.

The problem is when you’re a beginner and you have no idea where to start and what you actually need (and what normal prices are for those services) it is very easy for products like this to take advantage of oversell you on services like web hosting and support.

You’re also going to be led into the idea you can create a sustainable, full time business from done for you material and very little work. It’s very unrealistic to expect this and isn’t going to help you earn much money online (or any at all).

The bottom line – EZ Cash World will not make you easy cash

There’s no such thing as making easy money online, and anything that is advertised as such should be highly questioned. This product provides is somewhat falsely advertised, provides very little value to helping someone start an actual business for themselves, and has too many upsells.

EZ Cash World is just another low quality product that may seem shiny and appealing for making some cash, but it isn’t going to get you very far.

If you want a long term solution for creating a real business online, compare with my #1 recommendation:

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