Get Cash For Surveys Review – Is it Just Another Scam?

Get Cash For Surveys Review – Scam or Legit?


Product: Get Cash For Surveys
Creator: Gary Mitchell
Price: $74, discounted to $37, then $27, then $12
Rank: 0/100 (absolutely worthless)

I’ve already written a blog about my experience with online surveys that you can read here, but I wanted to take the time to review a specific product that’s marketed to help people take such surveys. The thing that bothers me about this product is they are charging for a service you can easily get for free, and they claim it’s easy to make thousands per month just by filling out these simple surveys each day.

Overview – What is Get Cash for Surveys

In short: The product is essentially a portal to a confusing land of tricky upsells to all sorts of things unrelated to taking online surveys. After wading your way through them (they make it VERY difficult to get through without buying any) you’re eventually provided a button to the official members area. This program contains NO instructions or help – it’s basically a giant database of survey taking websites. Oh, but these are all well known survey sites you can access FOR FREE.

…Wait, what did I just pay money for again?

Price – Just $12 to start, but it’s crazy upsells after that!

I was able to purchase the system for $12. They initially try to sell it for $34 with a 50% coupon, but if you click the back button a few times they’ll down sell the system enough to eventually offer their “friends and family discount” for 80% off. This seems really cheap and I’m willing to bet most people aren’t going to pass up such a price.

However, immediately after purchasing you’re hit with an upsell for $77 worth of e-books/videos that claim to do all sorts of things to teach you how to make money online – anywhere from selling on ebay to affiliate marketing – NOTHING that relates to taking online surveys. Talk about information overload.

After you click  “No thanks”, they keep offering you the same upsell for a lower price – finally offering it for as little as $27


Note: Once I joined, I found out they provided me with all these e-books and videos for free without even purchasing the upsell!


Now they’re trying to tell me they have a special deal with a web design company, and they’re going to offer me a professionally designed website absolutely for free!



They claim this worth nearly $2,000 but they are going to actually give it away to me for free? I click on the step one link, and I’m taken to a page that wants me to enter in a domain name. The fact that they’re trying to sell this to people who are absolute beginners (most likely) really bothers me, because they’re not going to know what website name to pick or anything about how to make money with the website.  They’re also not going to realize it does NOT cost $2,000 to start a website. You can buy a domain name for around $10 per year, and hosting can be found for as little as $5 a month. You can also easily use a website builder like WordPress, which as THOUSANDS of templates that are easy to upload and use and look 100% professional.

Also, they’re not charging this for free either. After I entered a domain name, they tried to charge me nearly $300 JUST for the domain and hosting.


You can buy your own domain name with hosting included for around $70 – $100 a year. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

Aside from the fact this website scheme has NOTHING to do with taking online surveys, they’re trying to throw this charge at innocent people who may not know any better. They also made it a total pain in the butt to try and get back to the main website after trying to cancel the order!

After you join Get Cash for Surveys, they waste no time asking for a phone number for “1 on 1 coaching” 

That just means someone is going to call you up and try and sell you a lot more things you don’t need! Also, you’re number will probably get sold at some point and you’ll get put on spam lists.

Their Members Only Survey Database is a JOKE!

Seriously, it’s a database that just points you towards a bunch of survey websites that you can easily find for free, survey sites such as MySurvey, Surveyhead and even Swagbucks. These are all very popular sites that you can access without joining Get Cash For Surveys!


Pros vs. Cons

Pros –

  • You have access to a list of survey websites (however, these survey websites are all free and you do not have to pay to be a member of Get Cash For Surveys to access them)

Cons –

  • Upsells, upsells, upsells – it’s difficult to get past them and to the real members area (Also, NONE of the upsells are even related to taking surveys for money)
  • Asked to submit your phone number after joining for “1 on 1 coaching”  – they just want someone to call you and sell you more stuff
  • They try to upsell you for something they actually will go ahead and give you for free
  • There’s absolutely no training, support or help


The Reality: Taking online surveys will earn you VERY LITTLE extra income

If you’ve never tried taking online surveys before, it’s a giant pain in the butt. The sales page tries to make it seem like it’s easy to make thousands per month by taking several surveys a day. They even have this handy dandy calculator:


I can promise you one thing – you will NOT earn that much money taking surveys online (not even close!)

While you can genuinely take surveys for money, you will not be able to earn a significant amount of income from it. The problem is, each survey is looking for a certain demographic, and the chances you’ll fit that specific demographic are slim. However if you sign up for enough of these survey sites, you’ll probably be able to find at least a couple to qualify for each day. But even then, it’s time consuming and you won’t be getting paid that much money for the surveys you take.

In my experience, I spent about 5 hours trying to take surveys online and it was VERY difficult to find ones I actually qualified to take – and even when I did, they paid out nearly nothing. I finally was sent a $10 gift card to Target from all my hard work! What a joke!

You’re getting paid less than minimum wage!

I got paid $10 for an entire 5 hours of work, and that only equates to $2 per hour! I could spend 5 hours working a minimum wage job and earn nearly $40!

My final opinion on Get Cash for Surveys –



Stay away from this, it’s a complete scam. They’re merely trying to lure you into charging you for additional products and services that have NOTHING to do with taking surveys online! Oh yeah, then they throw you a database of survey sites – all of which you can get for free elsewhere!? I don’t see anything of value in this program and I definitely do not recommend it.

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About the Author Wendy

Wife, Mother, Entrepreneur. I've been making money online for the past 5 years with online marketing and blogging, and I love helping others learn to do the same. You can read my full story here

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neminem says

On one hand, those numbers are absolutely hilarious (I came here while checking whether some other lesser-known site was a scam or not, and saw this review of one that was definitely a scam – I always enjoy reading about total scams, in a “do people actually fall for this crap?” sort of way.) On the other hand, if you spent hours and all you got was a crap 10 dollar Target gift certificate… either things have changed dramatically in the past couple years, or you were doing it totally wrong. I’ve been doing it for a couple months mainly out of curiousity, and while it’s hard to give an average with a sample size of two (plus some sites that have high minimum payouts), I’m pretty sure I can make $100+ a month on average easy (granted, about half of that is in Amazon cash, which isn’t quite cash, but is still plenty versatile). Not even remotely enough to live on, unless you lived in like Thailand or something (then again, if you live outside the US, you’re probably not going to qualify for many surveys, either), but it’s still decent bonus money.

    Wendy says

    Well if you’re happy with the 100 per month bonus from taking online surveys and it works out well for you, then that’s great. I’ve tried surveys more recently and still have had the same experience. They put me through so much BS and I still could barely qualify for any surveys, and the ones that I did took forever and only earned me 50 cents or something ridiculously low. I just felt like I was wasting so much time and getting nowhere. I don’t know if I’m doing it “wrong” but most people I’ve talked to have had the same experience.

    The truth is it’s not so much that I’m against online surveys in general (well, the legit companies that aren’t scams) it’s just that I like to spend my time in ways that are going to pay out better in the end.

    What I mean is, if someone took all the time and energy they spent in taking online surveys just to earn 100 dollars a month and channeled it towards learning how to build something of substance online that could earn them passive income they are going to be much more successful. Wouldn’t you rather work towards building something that could potentially earn you real money online on the side? Just a thought! 🙂

Mike Gaudreau says

I have to agree that this product is just a money grab. And I also agree that even signing up to free survey sites is no way to earn money. I tried once and abandoned it after a week. There simply is little monetary reward for the time you need to put in filling in survey after survey.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, I know Mike! It’s a really bad way to earn money considering grabbing a minimum wage job for a few hours a week could give you tons more extra cash. I abandoned my survey taking efforts after the first day or two!

    If someone wants to take surveys because they enjoy it there’s nothing wrong with that, just this product is absolutely unnecessary as you can join all the survey sites for free!

Rick Jantz says

Hi. Thank you for validating my concerns with this company. I checked them out at one point but they seemed too good to be true. I never bought a package but that calculator sure makes it hard not to buy in. Glad I didn’t. This review really helped to “see the light”. I’m a fan of your recommended product and I think it’s worth checking out…and it’s free.

    Wendy says

    Yeah those “calculators” they display on such sales pages have absolutely no meaning and are only meant to give people a false impression on what kind of money they’ll be earning – heck if i could make $200,000 grand taking online surveys I would taking them day and night!! But the reality is most people won’t make anything more than a few extra dollars here and there, and while some may argue a few extra dollars is a few extra dollars , it really isn’t worth the invested time if you’re doing it purely for the money.

    If you need the extra money, a few hours a week working at even a minimum wage job would yield A LOT more income…

    Thanks for stopping by Rick.

Kyle says

Paid surveys have always been a scam and will always continue to be scams. The only people making money off of these programs are the people that create low quality products like “get cash for surveys”.

In my 11 years within the online business world, I have yet to hear about one success story that has come out of these programs. I have heard the odd “I got a $5 gift card” but ultimately people buy these programs, they waste a ton of time and energy filling out surveys, and at the end of the day they have nothing to show for it.

There are real, tangible ways to create a successful business online and surveys are ABSOLUTELY NOT one of them.

    Wendy says

    Thanks for dropping a comment Kyle and I can’t agree more. I think it’s funny they promote this program as getting cash for taking surveys, yet all they try to do is upsell people to learn how to make money online in virtually every way that’s NOT taking surveys. It’s like even they realize you can’t make much money with surveys and try to upsell you to the “real” money making opportunities (although their products for teaching making money with a blog, ebay, google, etc, are very crappy and not going to help anybody). What a joke this is!

Jay says

Your post is spot on Wendy. Surveys were one of the first things I tried when I was new to making money online. I really thought I was going to be rich but I was very disappointed.

I’ll never recommend anyone to any of these survey sites that cost money to join. People need to understand that surveys aren’t going to make them a whole lot of money and stop trading their time for less than minimum wage.

    Wendy says

    Thanks for the comment, Jay. Yeah I think surveys are a lot of people’s first route when trying to make money on the internet because it definitely seems like one of the easiest things to do. I didn’t think I would get rich doing it, but I certainly was expecting to make more than I did! All it took was 5 hours of work to realize it wasn’t for me and it wasn’t going to get me anywhere!

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