Get Paid To Draw Review – Can You Actually Get Rich as an Amatuer?

get paid to draw reviewProduct: Get Paid to Draw
Price: $77, or $37 with 50% coupon code
Rating: 4/10 – mediocre at best, but grossly exaggerated claims

The basic premise of this product is to teach both amatuers and experts alike how they can make big bucks in the stock photography/vector industry. There’s no doubt this niche is big business – countless websites like Shutterstuck, Istockphoto, Fotolia, and many others are providing a service to people looking to find quality images and vectors for their websites, blogs, or business – and their prices aren’t cheap.

Can a simple product like Get Paid to Draw really provide the necessary traning and means for a complete amatuer to make a full time living (and potentially get rich) or is it just a bunch of hype? Let’s break it down…

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What’s included?

  • Step by step ebook
  • Video tutorials
  • Directory of places to submit your photos and drawings for money

This program will guide you through the process of how to take pictures, draw images and find companies that let you submit your art for royalties. Get Paid to Draw may provide you some useful information on where to submit your art and what kinds of photos/drawings are selling on the market – but don’t expect miracles.

Pros vs Cons


  • Provides information on where to submit artwork for royalties
  • Could serve as a basic guide to getting started for someone with absolutely zero knowledge
  • You really can make some money with stock photography


  • Decieving claims that any amateur can make big bucks – even professionals struggle in stock photograpy
  • Extremely competitive
  • Grossly exaggerated income claims, even for professionals
  • Not going to make money with no talent
  • Information can easily be found online for free

Price – How much will they charge?

The initial product is sold with a pricetag of $77, but you can put in their 50% coupon code to grab it for $37. There’s also upsells offered after the initial sale, which I wouldn’t recommend.

Stock art is very competitive – even professionals struggle

The problem is when you submit your artwork to these huge stock websites, you’re competing with thousands of talented individuals. These people have been well established for many years – they have the most images, the most downloads and will show up well in their search results.

If you’re expecting to have a chance with your photograpy, you better have a professional camera – you aren’t going to get paid royalties on anything you took with your cell phone (despite what the sales page says). And as far as drawing goes, you’re definitely going to need a bit of talent.

Income claims are very exaggerated – don’t expect to quit your day job

You can make some extra money in royalties with stock photography, but don’t expect to make big bucks. The sales page claims makes it seem like you can make $3 – $10 per download, which isn’t realistic. According to forums where people have been doing this for years, the normal is anywhere from 25 cents to 1 dollar per sale.

get paid to draw earning calculator

If you’re inexperienced (or lack talent) – good luck. Obviously it’s possible to learn and grow as an artist and become better, but the stock sites are flooded with images from extremely talented and well established contributors who have been around for years.

If you’re really a total novice, it’s going to be very hard for you to compete with the big guys on these giant stock sites.

One of the major issues I have with Get Paid to Draw is it gives false expectations for people that they can easily learn to draw or take a simple picture with their cell phone, submit them to stock sites and make enough money to quit their job. That isn’t how it works and it lures people in on false hope.

Here are some realistic monetary expectations from people within the stock photography field:

how much money from stock photographyhow much money from stock photography 2

I believe you should always chase your dreams and aim to work your passion, but at the end of the day you can’t expect a $37 product to make you rich online.

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