Is CashCrate Legit?

is cashcrate legitCashCrate is just one of many “get paid to” websites that offer money in exchange for completing tasks like online surveys, trial offers or watching videos. Similar websites include Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks, so if you are familiar with those that pretty much sums up this website.

However if you’re left wondering is CashCrate legit, I will elaborate a bit further on the company in this review. You can decide for yourself if it’s a company worth joining or not.

How can you earn money?

CashCrate operates pretty closely to several other “get paid to” websites.

Surveys – each survey completed earns you a certain amount of money, which usually only amounts to less than a dollar. One of the worst parts of doing surveys with Cashcrate is they’re third party, so you’re going to be redirected to complete them on another website. This can get messy when you give out your information to an extremely high number of sites (meaning lots of spam).

Offers – there’s a pretty large variance within their offers, but they can be anything from signing up to receive free samples to entering your credit card info for a service of some sort. These can be things like signing up for a magazine subscription or free trial of Netflix, but they are constantly changing. The more money you get for the offers, the more money you’re probably required to put down.

Videos – watch a particular video or advertisement and get paid a few cents. Only a certain number available per day.

Referrals – CashCrate has a referral program where you get a percentage of the money earned from each person you refer with your unique link (which is provided once you’re a member). In order to earn any money from this, you’d have to have a very large pool of referrals who were very active within CashCrate.

Cash back % shopping at select online retailers – if you click through the links within their website, you can earn cash back from shopping online at shops like Walmart, Petsmart and many others. This is probably one of the better ways to earn money through their system if you are already an active online shopper at any of the affiliated stores.

How does it pay?

For first time payments, the only options are by a mailed check or Dwolla. PayPal is available to members who reach Silver status (which is reached once a member earns their first check).

Unfortunately they have a $20 payment threshold, which is rather high since it takes awhile to earn that much even as a relatively active user of their site.

While a mailed check can be an inconvenience for many, it can be a dealbreaker for international members. Some banks may require processing fees for those in other countries that could end up equaling the entire amount of the check!

The GOOD – what’s OK about Cashcrate

I like that it’s entirely free to join, and some of their options are pretty easy to earn points with. Getting cashback from online shopping is never a bad thing, especially if you are already a heavy online shopper.

Their referral program gives members an additional way to earn revenue by earning commissions from those that sign up for Cashcrate through their link. Although, the members will have to be quite active as well to earn money since you only get commissions if they actually earn enough money to cash out.

The BAD – CashCrate Complaints

cashcrate reviews

Several complaints mention they are known for locking member’s out of their accounts before they can cash out their earnings, not crediting accounts for completed offers, and selling members information (phone number and email) so they’re excessively spammed.

While there could be legitimate reasons why these people were locked out or not getting credited for offers (maybe they’re trying to cheat the system or didn’t follow the correct steps for completion) it’s still a little concerning if you’re seriously trying to earn money from them.

Cashcrate also doesn’t have the best survey offers, as they’re 3rd party and require you to complete them on entirely different websites. This can get annoying after awhile and also require you to give out personal information (phone number, address, email, etc) to countless companies.

Some of their offers require putting down a credit card or buying a service or product. Although it’s worth noting you don’t HAVE to complete any offers that require a credit card if you don’t want to.

Lastly, one of the largest complaints against Cashcrate is they seem to sell information to third parties, leaving members excessively spammed not only through their inbox but cell/home phone as well.

Final opinion – are they worth joining?

While CashCrate appears to be a legitimate company that pays their members, I wouldn’t recommend joining. As with any “get paid to” or online survey website, the invested time isn’t worth the payout in the end. It works out, in most cases, to be half the amount of minimum wage (about $4) per hour spent.

To me, that type of money isn’t worth my time. For certain people, it can be a fun hobby and that’s OK for them, but if you value your time and want to earn real money online you’re never going to do it with websites like CashCrate.

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