Is DS Domination a Scam or Legit Opportunity?

D$ DOMINATIONI’ve been hearing a lot about DS Domination over the past few months within my online business circles, even getting encouraged to join from several people. After looking more into it, I see there’s a pretty broad range of opinons on the program. Some say it’s a total sham, yet others will praise it til the day they die.

The question that probably still remains on all your minds though is if DS Domination is a scam or a legitimate way to earn money online. If you’re unfamiliar with what it is or how it works, let me take the time to give you a breif review and my personal thoughts.

What is DS Domination?

This program was designed by Roger Langille and was developed to teach you how to buy products on Amazon and sell them on Ebay. It doesn’t involve physical handling of anything. When someone buys one of your listed Ebay products, you buy it on Amazon and direct ship it to them.

The DS stands for drop shipping. By definition, drop shipping is when a retailer doesn’t keep actual product in stock, but transfers the customer’s orders to the manufactorer, who then ships the product to the buyer. If you’re a drop shipper, you never actually handle the product. You profit by buying the item at a lower cost than it’s being sold for, and pocketing the difference.

Here’s how it works specifically using DS Domination – you find discounted products on Amazon, then use Ebay to search for the same products to see how much of a price difference exists. You list the items for the Ebay selling price, and when someone purchases it, you buy the same item on Amazon (for the lower cost) and directly ship it to the Ebay buyer. In theory, if you can buy something for $10 on Amazon and turn around and sell it for $15 on Ebay, you just made $5. However there’s a lot more complex factors that go into the equation (price falls, competition, additional fees) and the profit margine may end of being significantly low for each item you sell (possibly may end of losing money).

The program provides you in depth training (video based) on how to do this and actually make money from it. It also provides handy software to make it easier. But… that isn’t the entire story.

D$ DOMINATIONI have 2 main problems with DS Domination:

1. What you’re actually being taught to do is against Amazon’s terms of service.

I’ve taken this DIRECTLY from Amazon’s website. Help- Conditions of Use.clipular

The way it’s operating now is most likely in some “gray area” and that is why people are able get away with it… but makes me wonder if Amazon will find a way to put a stop to this one of these days.

2. The majority of income potential lies in the ability to resell this system to others and start building a downline. This is what they call MLM (multi-level-marketing) and the truth is, while certain people do make tons of money with these programs, most people aren’t very sucessful with it. The ones at the top are getting richer while most new people who join are losing out on money when they purchase all the upsells but end of not even profiting or losing most of their money.

How expensive is it?

The basic program (PRO level) is $19.95 per month, which gives you access to training videos and some software tools… but it doesn’t stop there. You’ll be encouraged to upgrade your account to additional levels…

Elite level: $99 per month

Unleashed training/software: $249.99 (one time fee)

Monopoly training vidoes/software: $499.00 (one time fee)

Affiliate fee: $9.95 (one time fee)

Market Extreme Affiliate Training: $199.00 (one time fee)

Total price (with all upsells) – $1,078! This program has TOO many upsells!!!

D$ DOMINATION.clipular (2)Can you make money using the system?

In theory yes, you can make money using the basic drop shipping methods outlined in the training. But if you start going “all in” you’re going to find yourself immediately $1,078 in the hole plus additional $99 monthly recurring fees… which let’s face it is NOT cheap! In the program’s defense, you are NOT required to upgrade, but the issue is there is pressure to do so and a lot of new people may feel they should if they really want to make money… (you DON’T!)

The method taught in this program does work, but it’s teaching you gray area tactics that are against Amazon’s terms. This program has the potential to get shut down by the FTC at any time, making it an unstable method to earn.

Keep in mind in some cases there will be a delay between when you pay for the product and when you recieve the money from the buyer… meaning you need to have the extra funds on hand to pay the money for some products while waiting for the buyers money to come through.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Don’t need a website (at least with the basic program)
  • Don’t need to write content (again, at least initially)
  • Drop shipping is a method that can earn you extra income


  • It’s really difficult to make A LOT of money from just drop shipping (small profit margins)
  • Program heavily emphasises referring others and building downlines
  • Most people aren’t very successful with MLM
  • The people at the top of the pyramid are the ones getting rich
  • Lots of expensive upsells ($1,000+)
  • Operates against Amazon’s TOS (or at least in a gray area)
  • No free trial and non-refundable

D$ DOMINATION.clipularIs it really worth it?

Honestly there’s just too many upsells and too much focus on reselling the system for me to recommend it to anybody. I don’t think the expensive price tag is worth it.

These types of programs charge too much for what they offer. Most of the money in this program is going to the people at the TOP of the pyramid!

If you’re interested in drop shipping as a way to earn some extra cash, you can definitely do so for much cheaper without invovling yourself with this program. There’s tons of books and videos available on places like Amazon and Ebay that will introduce you how to do this (for very cheap).

There are also alternavite programs for earning income online that have the ability to produce a lot more profit. I realize though that everyone is different, and some may find the drop shipping model more appropriate for their needs. Do whatever works for you… just stay away from DS Domination!

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Gary says


I really appreciate your thorough review on DS Domination! I have tried drop shipping in the past and never made a dime after this fee and that fee was paid. The price points you usually work with are so slim you must be gifted to really see where you can make any serious cash.

Also, with this program rubbing directly against the guidelines of their product source, I do not see a prosperous future ahead for anyone involved.

Great site, keep up your awesome work protecting folks, it is greatly appreciated.


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