Is Inbox Dollars a Scam – Can You Really Get Paid for Reading Emails?

join inbox dollarsIntroduction to Inbox Dollars – is it a scam?

Inbox dollars is one of the most popular GPT (get paid to) websites. They reward you for doing things online such as taking surveys, shopping, completing offers, reading emails, and even referring your friends. If you have ever used Swagbucks, it’s basically the same type of thing. If you’re questioning if Inbox Dollars is a scam, it’s not. You actually can join for completely free and gain points doing all these things (and yes, they actually pay).

It could potentially be a great way to earn rewards and extra cash doing things you’re already doing online.

How do you get paid using Inbox Dollars?

Completing offers-

These are various cost per action (CPA) offers which you’ll be required to do something like fill out a form, apply for a credit card,  or sign up for a free trial. You need to be careful with these though – signing up for tons of trial offers can potentially be a pain in the neck if you don’t keep careful track of what you signed up for and when to cancel as you’re going to need to put down a credit card number for most of them. You wouldn’t want to forget to cancel and have tons of charges on your credit card for services you don’t really want. Furthermore, you’ll be giving out a lot of personal information, so don’t use your real email and I’d avoid any offer that asked for a phone number.

Taking surveys –

You can get paid varying amounts for completing surveys, but they’re usually time consuming (if you even qualify)  and don’t pay very much.

inbox dollars surveys

Personally I hate taking online surveys as they are a huge waste of time and there are a lot simpler ways to earn money using Inbox Dollars.

Searching the web –

This is probably just about the easiest way to earn here.

Get paid for searching the internet

You can receive a maximum of .15 cents per day for searching online. You need to use their search engine though and it uses Bing results (I prefer Google). However if you like Bing/Yahoo search and use it anyway, why not get paid for it?

Redeeming coupons –

There’s lot of available grocery coupons within their system, and you get paid .10 cents for each coupon you print. Cool idea… but ink is extremely expensive… so I don’t know if the .10 cents per coupon is worth the price you’d pay for printing them all.

inbox dollars paid emailPaid emails –

Now these are sort of misleading. They tell you that you’ll receive multiple emails per day that you simply read, click on confirm and you’ll be paid a certain amount for each. The first couple of days they sent me simple emails which I clicked “confirm” and was paid a couple of cents per email. Now they are still sending me several daily emails, but I don’t receive any money for just simply “reading” the email – they started sending emails with offers I have to actually complete in order to get paid. For example, things like “Sign up for this mailing list!” or “Play this facebook game!” or “Take this survey!” All these things take a lot more time than just simply scanning an email!

Online shopping

If you download a special plugin, you’ll be able access their shopping database of 3,000+ stores and earn up to 1-10% cash back with each purchase. These are popular stores you probably already shop at such as Ebay, Target and Walmart. Why not get cash back for something you’re already doing anyway?

Referring your friends

If you tell others about Inbox Dollars, you’ll get at percentage of their earnings.

… and that is not even all the things you can do to get paid!

How do they pay?

Unlike Swagbucks, you’re not rewarded with points that can be redeemed for gift cards. They actually pay you in cash and will send you a check in the mail. Keep in mind the payout threshold is $30, and it may take awhile to reach that.

My final opinion – is it really worth it?

While Inbox Dollars is definitely not a scam, for many people it may not be worth the effort. But if you’re already doing a lot of online shopping and web searching, or don’t mind completing CPA offers – then you could benefit from Inbox Dollars. If not, well … it’s probably not the best way to earn extra money online.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy, you can join Inbox Dollars here.

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kiddu says

Inboxdollar is a SCAM. They asked me to fill in the IRS form with my Social Security Number when i reached a payment for $300. i had withdraw $150 and when i was about to request another $155. They did not allow to me to do so till i don’t provide them with filled IRS form. First of all why would i provide a company which does not even provide a number to call them with my Social Securiy number. when i started writing to people on twitter and Facebook to be careful as they can do the same to others.They blocked me my ID so that i don’t write to people about this scam. To be it seems like they are making a database of SSN number and they would sell it off in few years to someone and scam people. They terminated my inbox dollar account which has $155 (just imagine it would have taken me ages to make that money) . they blocked me from writing on their Facebook and twitter and barred me from letting others know to be careful. GUYS PLEASE DO NOT GET INTO THIS SCAM. They are in a way buying your Social Security from you in $300..

    Wendy says

    Yeah you know, if you aren’t 100% sure or comfortable about a company then definitely don’t give them your social security number. It’s good you are looking out for yourself. That being said, however, any company that pays you money online will need your information for tax purposes, just like any job would ask for. Asking for your SSN doesn’t make it a scam in and of itself, I’ve had to fill out tax information for many companies that pay me online.. however, yeah.. I don’t know if I’d want to give it to inbox dollars.

Holly says

I’ve been using inbox dollars for over a year.. I recieved my first check rather quickly, but I spent a lot of time on there. I’m almost to my second check. I still get paid for all emails. I only spend a few minutes a week on there right now though, I think it’s worth a few minutes a week, or a few times a week. Why not if your already online what’s a few minutes that will eventually lead to cash.. The check cleared in the bank with no problems. I also receive referral bonuses, which is only a few cents here and there but only have one referral as I don’t really advertise it much.

    Wendy says

    Yeah you definitely can earn a few bucks from Inbox Dollars (as well as similar programs) and if that’s something you feel is worth it then yeah, why not. Nothing wrong with that! Just for me, personally, it isn’t worth it. I know I can spend those extra minutes working on something that will earn me dollars, not pennies. 🙂

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