Is Logix9 Actually Part of the Amazon Program?

logix9 reviewCompany: Logix9
Price: highly variable, up to several thousands of dollars ($2,500 – $8,000+)
Rank: 0/100 – stay away from these scammers! they are NOT part of the Amazon Associates program

If you’ve recently been harassed on your phone by a company called Logix9, you’re not alone. They often times claim to be with the Amazon program, and convince you they’ll provide excellent training on how to start up a website and business online.  But with their high pressure sales calls and exorbitant prices can they really be trusted, or is Logix9 just another scam?

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What is Logix9 all about?

Logix9 says they’ll teach you the 9  steps to developing your website –

  1. Finding a niche
  2. Designing/laying out your website
  3. Find a search engine friendly domain
  4. Learning how to write HTML
  5. Content – writing and using images
  6. SEO
  7. Online marketing
  8. Social media
  9. Repeat customers

They also claim to have highly qualified professional staff, and that they’ll customize the experience just for you. They provide one on one phone calls and personal coaching along the way, although later we will discuss how the claims don’t exactly match up to the reality. Aside from these facts, the company actually provides very little information on what exactly is required and how much it costs.

The reality – excessive costs and blatant lies

Logix9 may appear professional and their services legitimate at first glance, but a closer look brings up questionable tactics. While they may claim to be part of Amazon they are in no way connected. They are running a total sham and flat out lie to their customers.

Let me first start by breaking apart this complaint that was filed with the BBB:

logix9 bbb complaint breakdown

This customer was charged $2,995 for the initial training. The sales guy told him for that price, he’d be able to earn 4% commissions from Amazon.

At a later date, he was sold on another package that would promise him “high profits” from Amazon – 30 – 50% commissions (which would be impossible to earn). He was charged another $5,500. (Total cost – $8,495)

He then goes on to explain he was kicked out of Amazon Associates for not making any sales.

If this is what Logix9 is selling their customers, they are full of crap. If you do any research at all into the Amazon Associates program, you’ll find they don’t offer anywhere near 30 – 50% commissions on any of their products. In fact, most of their products are fixed anywhere from 2 – 10% commissions and their volume based commission categories is capped at 8.5%.

amazon fixed commission table

volume based advertising chart amazon associates

With their volume based commission rates, you’d have to sell a minimum of 3,131 items to reach the 8.5% commission rate, and that resets every month.

And you do have to make sales or they will kick you out of Amazon, so if you are building a business that doesn’t convert (like one built with Logix9) you may have trouble keeping your account. (Although, you can always re-apply)

Here are a few more complaints from customers (taken from

logix9 complaints


logix9 complaints 2

Not only do they charge excessive amounts for their “services”, but they repeatedly run up customers credit cards with unauthorized charges hoping they go unnoticed (this was found on several other complaints as well). Their personalized coaching is nothing more than sales people trying to get you to spend MORE money for their bogus services, and it seems like they don’t even make the effort to try and contact you when you’re available.

Logix9 – Final Review

Logix9 and other similar companies that claim to be part of Amazon may put up a good front and fool many, but they are nothing more than scammers that are selling you on very misleading claims or flat out lies. Not only do they charge you way too much, if you had over your credit card they will rack up unauthorized charges until you complain. If you receive a sales call from them, HANG UP!


Company: Logix9
Price: variable, up to several thousand ($2,500 – $8,500 for training)
Rank: 0/100 – AVOID – they are NOT connected to Amazon and make several false claims.

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That’s such a shame that this company has been scamming people out of large amounts of money! There are much better (and honest) programs out there for a fraction of the cost. Thanks for sharing this review.

    Wendy says

    Yeah exactly Kiersten, it’s crazy. You are totally right…there are MUCH better programs out there!

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