Is Success With Anthony a Scam — An Investigative Look Inside

success-with-anthonyProduct: Success With Anthony
Price: Sketchy – initially just $7, but $1,000’s more in upsells
Owner: Anthony Morrison
Rank: 25/100 borderline harrassing marketing tactics are involved with this program, I’d advise you to not get yourself involved if you want to save your money and sanity.

So, is Success With Anthony a scam? Let’s take a look at the program and the tactics involved…

What is Success with Anthony all about?

Success with Anthony is an internet marketing training product developed by Anthony Morrison. If you aren’t familiar with Anthony, he is a self proclaimed internet marketing “guru” who likes to sell people his books, training materials and partnered coaching programs to help people make money online. He travels the country doing seminars, where either him or his partners will try to sell you into expensive training programs for $3,000+.

His product, Success With Anthony, is at best OK, and I wouldn’t call the actual training a scam. However, there is a fine line between good marketing and blatant deception, and that is what Anthony Morrison’s product is.

Let’s take a further look…

What’s included in the Success With Anthony Program?

The basic training is broken down into 3 sections –

  • Email Marketing Profits
  • Social Profits
  • SEO profits

The training is largely video based. While it may contain a lot of good information, many of the strategies he focuses on aren’t the best for a beginner to try and implement.

For example, an entire one of his training modules focuses on email marketing, which isn’t the best for beginners because they have no real reliable or steady customer base to market to. They also probably are going to have a hard time knowing how to market to them, I know people who have been internet marketing for years and still haven’t quite figured out how to monetize an email list! It’s more important to build out a website and gain trust and build relationships with potential customers, because then you can understand them and be able to effectively market with a list.

Aside from that, there is useful information included with the training– and it could serve to benefit some people. There’s a lot of information on basic niche selection, keyword research, making money with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and twitter, for example. Some of the material is dated, but that is true of a lot of similar programs.

However, the product in and of itself isn’t the problem with this program–the main issue a lot of people have is the instant bombardment of upsells upon joining.

Price – the $7 is merely a lure to get you to spend 1,000’s more!

Initially Anthony tries to sell you his product for $67, claiming it’s an amazing offer and you better take it now! If you try clicking the back button on the browser, however, you’ll find another offer on the table:


So for the next 3 minutes you’re able to get it for only $19 dollars! Let’s try clicking the back button one more time…


So now he’s practically giving you the program away at only $7! Just enter your email and you’ll have the golden ticket to success online awaiting on the inside. This is pretty good, I mean, anyone who is seriously interested is most likely going to be willing to shell out $7 at this point, especially if they were expecting it to be $67!

However, the reason he is “giving” you this program for so cheap is because you’re going to be BOMBARDED with upsells immediately upon joining.

There are several “One Time Offers” that you’ll have to shell out an additional $150 – $200 bucks for. There are also “free” websites included with the program, however in order to use them you have to purchase an expensive hosting plan for a few hundred bucks right on the spot!

Not only that, but upon joining you are going to be required to fill out a contact form, which includes your name, phone number and your reason for joining the program. (This information is required, by the way).

Once they have your number, you will receive phone calls from people trying to sell you expensive coaching programs, claiming this is the real secret to success – the program alone won’t make you millions, you need the coaching! These have been reported by many customers as “harassing”, calling several times a week, reluctant to take “no” for an answer.

These sales tactics are very pushy, rude and insulting. Most people DO NOT appreciate being manipulated like that.

Traffic Sniper Program

If you’ve watched Anthony’s sales video (which is VERY long) he talks about his traffic sniper program, where he teaches you to “step in front of traffic” with CPA offers. He shows you his tool which makes it easy to implement these tactics and make tons of money from them.

I have to admit, he is a very good salesman, he makes it look so effortless and simple – I was even halfway convinced myself to try out this program!


Anthony Morrison

However, upon further research I find you need to spend several hundred dollars just to use this tool, not to mention the type of marketing he is doing is called CPV – cost per view – which is quite a competitive market that’s tricky to get into and often requires a hefty investment on your end just to get started with.

For example, in his sales video he talks about stepping in front of traffic with a Youtube video, where you are able to make it so when someone clicks on the Youtube video, your CPA offer would pop up with an opt in form for a free gift card. All they have to do is enter their email address, and every time that happened you’d receive $1.50. He does some basic math and adds it up, saying if 30% of people opted in for the offer, you’d receive a few grand just for that one offer. However he doesn’t mention you’re going to have to pay for each view, too. This is not “free” traffic, you’re paying for people to view your ad!

His video is blatantly misleading as he is not upfront about the costs associated with doing such a thing. (Just one of the MANY costs of the program Anthony is not upfront about). It’s problematic when beginners start out with this type of thing because it can be expensive to implement and it would take experimenting (especially if you’re a beginner) to find a campaign you will actually be able to profit from after all the upfront costs.


Want Real Training? Skip The Hype, Upsells and BS… Just Click Here!


This program was actually removed from Clickbank last year!


In fact, this program was actually removed from Clickbank, which if you are not familiar with is a platform for affiliate marketers to sell their digital products online, and they have A LOT of low quality products on there. Anthony’s program was most likely removed because of either having a high return rate or a high level of complaints, which is proof the program’s up-sells are too much for most people to take.


Let’s quickly review the pros and cons:


  • Contains training modules for internet marketing, with decent information.


  • Misleading marketing tactics
  • Requires your phone number, and you will be contacted with constant up-sells that are borderline harassment
  • Not good information for beginners
  • NO support or community – only support is offered through expensive coaching programs you have to buy for around $3,000 (if not more)
  • Removed from Clickbank
  • Anthony nor his associates will respond to your complaints
  • Most people complained they never got their money back -nor his $100 “guarantee”


The Verdict: Overall this program is not worth it. Save your money and invest elsewhere.cah

I would really try and avoid this program as you’ll be harassed with phone calls and receive only mediocre training. You can find all this information elsewhere on the internet, with less pushy programs, so it isn’t really worth your money.

Are you sick of scams, and people telling you that you need to invest literally thousands in order to achieve any type of success?

I can tell you from personal experience, that simply is NOT true. Does it require an investment to make money online? Well, yes–but not anywhere near the amount Anthony and many other guru’s claim. They just want your money, they aren’t really interested in your success at all.

If you want to get started learning the basics of making money online at a much lower cost of investment, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. It’s an online training community that offers lots of training for free, actually. You don’t even need a credit card to sign up and you get access to their basic training, free websites, and the entire community! These are a thriving bunch of internet marketers of all levels, anywhere from beginners to people who have been marketing online for years and are very successful at what they do.

The great thing is there are always people willing to help you out there, without nonsensical “coaching fees” or constant up-sells. Don’t worry, your phone number is not required either, so if you sign up for free, while you will be encouraged to sign up for premium, it is in no way required and no one will be calling you trying to convince you otherwise!

—> Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate right here

Any further questions, or experiences with Anthony Morrison you’d like to share? Drop a reply down below!



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Jai says

Bar None A JOKE no return phone calls from this office NO Help a complete up sell at the beginning, Looking back Anthony is a LIAR from the beginning of the presentation he said and I quoted there is NO MAGIC BUTTONS and immediately when you take action you get a sorry excuse for message say this will be the last time you can get another product which an additional $97 which was use to show the hour instant success – People wake up do not fall this crap. I am a Education, Mentor, Life Coach and Real Estate Invest Investor I DO NOT CHARGE FOR GET RICH QUICK SCAMS LIKE ANTHONY. I HOPE THIS STAYS UP FOR PEOPLE TO READ THIS.

My name is Jai Thompson and I approve this message

Jai Thompson
The Royal Family
Twitter: @CaashBuyer

rick says

thank you for the info.very very useful.

fred says

Once you get the 100 or 500 mailing list names, what do you do with it?

    Wendy says

    You use your mailing list to keep in touch with your subscribers. You can give them advice, tips and also market to them again in the future.

Gary says

How do I get a refund?!?

    Wendy says

    You’ll have to contact the company or the merchant you bought it through for a refund

Frank says

How can I get my money back from success with anthony. I paid $67.
All got is not useful.

bryan dale says

i spend 67.00 plus 47.00 an at the end i am still waiting an i cant even get trough is email i am 67 yrs old this guy is a dam crook 67 00 for a list of 100. names an 47.00 for vips contact morrison is a dam crook who should be in prison

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