Jessica Marshall’s Work At Home Paycheck – Another Scam

work at home paycheck scamProgram: Work at Home Paycheck
Creator: “Jessica Marshall”
Price: $47
Rank: 0/100 – scam

When you’re desperate to make money online, it can be easy to let it cloud your better judgement when it comes to online programs such as Work at Home Paycheck. It was created by “Jessica Marshall” who they actually admit to be a pen name used to hide her true identity (within the disclaimer).

The truth is, however, Work at Home Paycheck is a total scam and isn’t even an original one! There are literally countless others that all operate the same way. The advertising, claims and methods are all the same, and many of the websites are exact replicas of each other. They use stock photos and paid actors for testimonials and they all want you to join for a “one time fee of $97” only usually you can get it discounted down to around $47.

Check out Michelle Withrow or Bobbie Robinson, to name a few other women who claim to also be “the top work at home consultant in America”! 

The reality of Work at Home Paycheck (and similar scams) in a nutshell

These programs are nothing more than elaborate fronts to sell you on a dream, but offer you nothing but endless upsells to “personal coaching” and “tuition fees” that’ll run you thousands of dollars. Literally.

You’d be much better off using your money to invest in a quality education that’ll actually teach you a thing or two about online business.


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Red flag #1 – They’re selling you on the dream, not the product

In order to get through to buy the program, you must first watch the rather lengthy sales video by Jessica Marshall (who is a paid actress). The red flag here is the fact that 95% of the video is talking about how much money you’ll make with this system and how it’s “so easy” … yet what you’ll actually be doing and how you’ll be doing it isn’t explained very well at all.

Yes, they tell you that you’ll be “posting links” and that for each link you post, you’ll get $15 or more. They even give you a peak at their software that provides you with links to post, and apparently all you do is log in, select your links and then post them around the internet to make unlimited amounts of money.

But how? What? They have a 30 minutes sales video that hardly explains what the heck you’ll really be doing but takes all the time in the world to tell you how much money you’ll be making with this program and even provides you bank account “proof”. Which isn’t really proof at all, it’s really easy to Photoshop or alter bank statements.

A real program that has something of substance is going to take the time to explain what it is and what it can offer you, so you’ll actually have some idea of whether it’s something you are interested in or not. Don’t let the rags to riches story and income claims sway you, the best programs out there are the ones that don’t hype on income.

Red Flag #2 – The “one on one coaching” offer

To be perfectly clear, there is no coaching provided to you with your initial purchase. Basically what happens is they’ll have a sales rep call you after you buy the program to talk to you about what type of investments you’re willing to make and the coaching/classes they have to offer you.

They will try to get you to spend anywhere from 2 – 15 thousand dollars, depending on what you say you’re interested in and how much you’re willing to invest. But don’t be fooled – these aren’t legit classes or coaching they are just trying to take your money!

The worst story I’ve heard is a lady said they took 10,000 from her credit card after her phone call with the sales rep, and she was convinced the money would enroll her in a legit “university program” to learn how to create a business online. It was a little too late before she realized the truth….

Making money online takes HARD WORK

I’ve been making an income online for the past 3 years now, and if I learned anything that is it certainly doesn’t come easy. It’s not a “secret” and there’s no miracle product that can make you a millionaire overnight. Programs like WAH Paycheck exist because so many people are desperate and looking for the easy way out, when in reality there isn’t one.

If you’re willing to work hard and invest the time, you can definitely find success online  – just don’t expect to get rich from a product like this.

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Hafiza says

I’m aSingle mom I’m trying for long time find. Good system to make money on line while I m home with my family but I end up loose lot of money can some one help me

    Wendy says

    I’d suggest you take a look at my recommendation here

Chaudhry Bashir Javed says

Please refund my money $97 as l am buying your programme. Thanks.

    Wendy says

    I can’t refund your money as I do not work for this program at all. You will have to contact them directly to ask for a refund.

Noel Palilio says

I want to learn bec. This is good aportunity becouse every month short my paycheck to pay all our bills so i thinkfull i have this in my email thankyou Verry Verry much who send me this God bless you always

gary says

complete and total scam. the company that charged my cc was in Cina and wasn’t even connected to whapaycheck,don’t get bent over,once they got your cc info it’s over, no refund,and can’t prossecute an over seas company in another country

    Wendy says

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Gary. The nerve of these types of “companies” is just sick.

deloria says

this is a scam please don’t do this anyone it would simply a waste of ur time it poped in my email i did my homework on this ppl don’t be fooled by there easy ways to make money stick to ur nine to five job n have a great day!

Gisele says

Do you guys still do link building on the blog?

Lots of people say to avoid that anymore
p.s Don’t take advice from the Warrior Forums 🙂

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