Jimmy Sweeney’s Amazing Cover Letter Creator – Is it All Hype?

amazing cover letter creatorProduct: Amazing Cover Letter Creator
Creator: Jimmy Sweeney
Website: amazing-cover-letters.com
Price: 39.95, 19.95 with 51% discount

Rank: 4/10 – mostly overhyped claims, but in the end it could help some people who struggle write better cover letters than they would be able to on their own

Intro – The Importance of the Cover Letter

It’s no question that times are tough. Finding a quality, well paying job can be a grueling process that many these days are finding nearly impossible to do. After I graduated from college I applied to countless jobs, but I just was never able to land anything great. To make a long story short, the whole regular job scene wasn’t for me and I am not happily self-employed. However, I realize for many they may not have or be interested in an alternative, leaving them with the time consuming (and frightening) task of creating cover letters.

It is very true cover letters are important, and I know how much of a pain it can be to write hundreds of cover letters when you’re applying to different jobs. After all, you can’t just copy and paste the same cover letter for every single place you apply, because each one has to have an individualized format according to the particular career and required skill set.

I also know it can be extremely tempting to be in a desperate position and look at a product such as the Amazing Cover Letter Creator and think it’s the miracle solution to your unemployment – and Jimmy Sweeney does a pretty great job grabbing the attention of desperate job seekers.

However, let’s break down the ACLC and see if it’s everything it claims to be.

What’s included in Jimmy Sweeney’s system?

  • Intro book
  • Amazing Cover Letter Creator Software
  • 3 bonus Ebooks – The Top 3 Award Winning Cover Letters, Amazing Job Interview Success, and Big 3 Salary Negotiation Secrets

Jimmy’s software includes the “attention grabbing ingredients” or AGI that he claims get you noticed and hired. You enter your information into their system and the software supposedly generates an “amazing” cover letter that’ll let you stand out in the pool of job applicants. The software can be extensively customized for your skills, information and job level.

You’re also getting a few bonus ebooks (mentioned above) as well as lifetime updates to the program. 

Who’s it for?

This product would be best for people who struggle with writing, have absolutely no idea how to write a cover letter and don’t want to spend any of their own time researching how to do it.

Just keep in mind your cover letter won’t be completely unique, because after all you are using a template that may make it seem formulated and generic. It’s possible employers may start to recognize canned cover letters and consider them junk. 

Pros vs Cons


  • Provides an easy template to create a cover letter for those on the job search, especially people who need a lot of help with writing and have no clue where to start
  • Can end up saving you a bit of time and research


  • Extremely over-hyped sales video, tries to make people believe the software will write them a cover letter to instantly land any job they apply for
  • It’s only going to produce you a generic template, so your cover letter will not be that unique even though it claims to be “amazing”.
  • Large employers may catch on and begin to recognize these generated cover letters
  • A cover letter will not change your personality and your skill set – you still have to be qualified for the job 
  • Anyone can do some simple research with Google and find a template and useful advice to put together a cover letter

amazing cover letter creator discountPrice

This cover letter software initially sells for $39.95, but if you stick around long enough they’ll offer a 51% discount down to $19.95. 

In summary – Is Amazing Cover Letters Worth the Money?

Jimmy Sweeney does a great job of capturing the attention of desperate job seekers. The truth is, however, that there are so many different factors that go into landing a job that a simple cover letter software system isn’t going to exponentially increase your chances of finding one.

Remember, no software program can make you any more qualified for a job than you actually are, and any descrepencies will become obvious once you do land that interview. Anyone can do research online and find tons of free resources on how to write a great cover letter. It is your personality, background and skills that will make you a good fit for a job, and this system will not help you with any of that.

It may be possible this software could help you produce a better cover letter than you would on your own (if you’re a really bad writer) but you still have to face the challenge of getting an interview, and ultimately, wooing the hiring managers with your striking personality. 🙂

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Yas Parr says

I bought this because I was looking for a job. I had a good resume but thought I could do with a little help in getting a dream job. Once I started using these Cover Letters I went from doing well to not only not working for 2 years but not even getting an interview in 2 years. I decided to stop writing them as advised and straight away my life got back on track.

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