Lucktastic Review: Will This App Make You Money?


App: Lucktastic
Price: Free
Verdict: Legit, but the odds are against you, so you probably won’t win much. I recommend Swagbucks and Survey Junkie to make extra cash, but you can check out my full list of get paid to sites and apps here.

After receiving an invite to play Lucktastic, a phone app that can supposedly make you money, I was intrigued to say the least. I haven’t been up to speed on the various money making apps on the market, but I have reviewed several reward/survey type websites where you can earn cash, and those are very similar.

Since it was entirely free to download, I figured I’d try it out to see what all the fuss was about and provide everyone with a complete Lucktastic review. The question I intend to answer (for anyone curious) is if this app is actually worth the time spent or if you should look elsewhere for money making opportunities.

Before I go any further, let me just say this app can make you some extra cash but it more than likely won’t be much.

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Overview – What is Lucktastic and how does it work?

Lucktastic is a scratch card and rewards app available for both iPhone and Android users within the United States. It is entirely free to download and play and there aren’t even any in-app purchases either. The catch is, however, you will spend quite a bit of time watching ads (mostly for other apps) before you can play each scratch card. This is how the app creators make their money.

Here is a shot of the basic home page:

lucktastic home screen

You can earn daily rewards, play scratch cards, enter contests, refer friends and earn money tokens by watching more ads or taking surveys.

You get several scratch cards to play each day, which will either reward you with cash or tokens if you win. If you’ve ever played scratch off cards before they use the most standard simple version – match 3 pictures to the picture on top and you win the prize.

lucktastic scratch off card

You will either win tokens or actual cash, but even if your scratch card isn’t a winner (most aren’t, obviously) you will scratch off the “bonus play” section and be able to redeem at least some tokens for each card. These typically range from 4 – 15 tokens, so while relatively insignificant, you aren’t being completely stiffed.

The easiest and fastest way to accumulate tokens is the log in every single day and play at least 1 scratch card. This will let you claim your daily reward tokens, which you can see below:

Lucktastic daily rewards

The first day you play, you earn 150 reward tokens, the second day you’ll get 250, third 350, fourth 500 and 5th is a mystery. The trick is to log in and play each consecutive day or else your daily rewards will reset to day 1. You will still get to keep the previous daily reward points, but you won’t accumulate points nearly as fast.

If you only logged in for a minute or two every day to play 1 scratch card and collect your bonus points, you could earn around 10,000 (give or take) tokens per month with this method.

There’s also tokens rewarded for referring your friends to play as well:

lucktastic referral program

And additionally, you can accumulate points by taking surveys and watching app trailers. You can also enter daily contests.

Cash vs Tokens

Like previously mentioned, you can earn both cash and tokens within the Lucktastic app. As far as I can tell, the only way to get cash is by playing scratch off cards and actually winning. Tokens are far easier to win and collect.

You can claim your cash with Dwolla (instant) or a mailed check. You can also opt for a Visa, AMEX or Walmart gift card.

lucktastic cash out options

Judging from my experience and various reviews online, it seems that most people win $1 from scratch offs very easily and quickly, but after that it’s highly unlikely you will ever win cash again. This is probably to bait you in with high hopes so you’ll continue to play.

You can claim tokens with various gift cards – Amazon, Papa John’s, Panera Bread, Toys R Us, Game Stop, Dominos and several more.

For example, 50,000 tokens will earn you a $15 gift card to Papa John’s. 70,000 tokens can earn you a $25 Chili’s gift card. 130,000 tokens can get you a $50 Amazon gift card.

There are tons of options for redeeming your tokens, and they seem to be limited and continually changing. You will have to check daily to see what rewards are available to redeem.

It would take months of continuously logging in (without skipping a single day) to earn enough for just a small gift card, so you certainly have to be dedicated to say the least. Your chances of winning any type of significant cash (more than a dollar) are extremely small.

What are other people saying about Lucktastic?

The overwhelming majority of reviews seem to be positive – it gets 4.5 stars on the iPhone app store’s review section and 4.2 in the Google Play Store (out of nearly 200,000).

lucktastic star ratings

Most people at least agree the app is fun to play, even though you won’t get much money from it. It is free, after all, so it’s not like you are wasting your money.

Conclusion – Will you make serious money with Lucktastic?

I know everyone wishes they could win the lottery, and I understand the attraction to Lucktastic’s free lottery scratch offs. Who wouldn’t be at least a little tempted to play scratch offs when you don’t even have to pay?

But remember Lucktastic’s creators want to make money, so your odds of winning serious cash are very very small.

Even with their token system you’ll have a hard to accumulating enough to redeem any of the gift card options. However, because it is so easy to access with from your phone, and you can spend a few minutes playing virtually anywhere, it may be a fun thing to do in your spare time or all the moments you spend waiting (at the doctor, waiting for class to start, on break at work).

If you are more serious about earning money…

The advice that I always tell people is if you’re looking to make extra money don’t rely on luck, but work hard to make it happen. It may be fun to waste time playing scratch offs and dream of winning big, but the truth is, you are much better off dedicating time to something that will actually pay off in the end.

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Bethany says

Please be aware this app is a SCAM! I have played since April 2017, it took this long to accrue the required number of tokens for a $50 gift card which they now refuse to honor, it states clearly in their app you only need to redeem tokens to get these cards, yet after a week of run around emails with customer service they notified me that you must download partner apps in some tiered pyramid according to the card value you are attempting to redeem, and must become a VIP player, which of course nothing specified how to get this status nor how many hoops one must jump through before they will honor the guarantee they have in fact already violated by now claiming you need to do additional steps, which contradicts everything stated about token redemption for rewards. Frankly, these disgusting sociopaths have made thousands of dollars off my advertising revenue, yet they cannot hold up their end of the deal after I completed mine. This is shameful and immoral, probably criminal. I am trying to get the word out I will work tirelessly to let others know not to be decieved by their lies. I have proof of everything I say. Please don’t let them make another penny off the suffering of those they cheat. I am not the only person with this exact experience, I have read several comments on other websites and blogs that are similar to mine.

Antwaune Goodman says

I was contact by some people’s say that I was rewarded a Mercedes five hundred thousand in cash an a million on a check they say they work with lucktastic they contact me from Instagram I have two two numbers they was calling me from I was told I needed to pay $500 dollar shipping fee is that real or scammer

    Wendy says

    If I had to guess I would say scam. Sounds sketchy!

Jason says

You’d honestly win more money playing real scratch offs. What people have to remember about these sites that pay for surveys, ads watched or any of these point system websites that allow you to transfer points to cash is that they’re profiting off of what slaves would find insulting for payment. Slave labor isn’t even the correct term for all of these types of websites.

You’d be FAR better off selling your soul to peanut chasers and writing articles for $5 an article (believe me, I’ve been there). I understand the appeal to all these “get paid to” websites and none of them are scams necessarily but people have to understand, the immense amount of work on most of these sites to even reach a minimum payout is ridiculously absurd.

You can make far more money writing articles for cheap and I don’t even recommend doing that. You’d also be disgusted to know what these companies are paying companies to have their ads played and most of these sites use traffic exchange services like “get paid to browse” bogus horse crap that buyers don’t like. They’re essentially sending non-targeted traffic to people who paid real money.

Just my 2c. These sites and apps are fun but almost all of them pay less than minimum wage. I don’t get why people put so much time into them.

    Wendy says

    I agree with you completely Jason! I think people like the idea of getting paid for “having fun” and not doing actual work, even if it is just pennies. It is a cool idea, and if it really is fun to you there is nothing wrong with it, but there are definitely way better ways to spend time online and earn more money than with get paid to sites.

Jeremy says

I’ve actually been a user of lucktastic for about a year and a half now.

So this is my long term use review.

You are unlikely to win money. It just makes sense. with a normal scratch card you have smaller prizes, here you win jackpot or nothing. But, it is free to play, takes me 15-20 minutes a day (While I’m relaxing after work), and you do get rewarded.

I enjoy scratchers so I enjoy playing, and I’m not paying anything to play. Winnings are slim though. Over the past year and a half, I have won $58. But the tokens do accumulate over time if you continue playing. I have cashed out for $50 Amazon cards (130,000 tokens) 3 times, since you can buy ANYTHING on Amazon, these are as good as cash to me. So my total is $208 over the course of 1.5 years, not a cash cow. But it is nice to play something I enjoy while also making a couple bucks. Anyone who tells you, you can’t win money is wrong. Its extremely low odds, (but so is powerball right?) but it possible, with no risk.

That being said, the only other app comparable to lucktastic is called “Perk: Scratch and Win” While that app is ok, the payouts are even lower.

    Dee says

    They have like at the top where it’s like ppl winning money ….10.000..500.00 that must be a they u can keep playing..who lies to play to a game ..Wow..

Roger says

Hey Wendy
I found this app 3 days ago. Since I don’t have a job I figued I would token farm it. Every time you watch a video you get 5 tokens per a video. 30 tokens a set. Takes about 4 mins a set. I been doing 15 to 20 sets a day but I don’t think I am getting my tokens:( can someone confirm this. Its a easy farm half of the vids don’t work. Its that wait 24 hours to get your tokens. I have 6814. On day 4 but i farm close to a extra 1000 a day I think my count is low. I will try to keep track. Ty for the rant have a great day

Dana says

This is a great review of this app. I have never heard of it so I had to check it out. It is something that does not take a lot of time and can be done anywhere so doing it every day does not seem like a big deal. The first time I played I got 100 tokens, no money, but it can be a fun way to earn a little something towards gift cards. I agree it will not make you rich, but its free and you can accumulate tokens towards something. Thanks for the review and the recommendations. Do you use a lot of these types of apps?

    Wendy says

    Nah, not a lot. Lucktastic is fun but I don’t like to waste time with stuff like this.

Leo says

Thanks for sharing about lucktastic, it seems fun to kill some time and try your luck especially for those with a little appetite for gambling. I have also used many websites such as ClIxsense and cashcrate which is about filling of surveys and other tasks to earn some spare cash so this sounds like a good alternative. Is it available to people out of the United States?

    Wendy says

    Hi Leo, unfortunately (at least currently) you do have to be a US resident to play and win prizes with Lucktastic.

Corey says

My only concern is that the internet is so saturated with scams. I would probably try this because I have an addiction to the “gamble” lifestyle xD

I went to Vegas once – will never go again. This actually looks pretty fun though? Have you made a decent amount from this by any chance? This looks really interesting and I know there are reviews that cover this, but what was the most you’ve accrued?

    Wendy says

    Yeah, but Lucktastic is free to download and play so the only thing wasted is time. I actually won about $200 once in Vegas! Woohoo! Lol. With Lucktastic I have made about $2, ha ha.

Peter says

Hello there, I actually have Lucktastic. I played it for a while after I read a previous review on it. You were right when you said you get $1 after playing it for the first time. When I first played, I won $1 and $0.25 as a bonus play. However, when playing the scratch cards for tokens, I usually win those. Anyway, it was interesting to read up on what you think about Lucktastic. Great post!

Liz says

Great review on this app. It seems like it would be something fun to do when you have some spare time with your phone. I agree that this will definitely not make you rich, but who wouldn’t mind $5 extra bucks to use just by logging in for 2 minutes a day? Free is free! Thanks for the review I will give them a try later.

    Wendy says

    Thanks and no problem, have fun with it!

Craig says

This sounds like an easy and fun way to win a small amount of money. I would not trust this as a source of full time income though but I am still interested in trying this out. Is the app available to download for iPads?

Are there any similar apps which can be used to make money? I would love to be able to make enough money to quit my job from methods like this.

    Wendy says

    I downloaded on my Iphone so I assume it would work on an IPad as well? I don’t think you’d ever be able to quit your job from downloading money making apps, but you can make a few dollars here and there. There are reward apps like Ibotta and Receipt Hog for shopping, Qmee and Bing Rewards for searching the web, and Swagbucks for surveys and lots of random task type things. Certainly not an all-inclusive list by any means, but ones I would recommend.

Angie says

oh I totally agree, my luck with lotteries and scratch cards is extremely low haha. I prefer to earn money where I actually can influence my luck in some way. I look forward to more posts like these with awesome tips on how to earn on the side, I’m open for it!

Reinis Inkens says

Wendy, what would you say – are there any apps or these “make small cash quickly” schemes that actually work? Any way to get proper pocket change for not a lot of work, as a side income for ice cream and the like?
I get that these are mostly there to benefit the company that makes these, but perhaps some actually offer a fair deal?

    Wendy says

    Well as you said these things exist to benefit the companies or creators, so I’ve found they are mostly all going to be extremely limited in terms of the money making potential. But for a free app you can download, I guess you can’t actually expect more.

    There are other fun little programs to earn side change like paid surveys (paidviewpoint and swagbucks are two I’d actually recommend) SliceThePIe will pay you to review music, and you can get rewards for searching the internet from things like Qmee and Bing Rewards. There are 100’s of others but those are the ones I have found I’d actually recommend.

    If you are looking for more than ice cream money, check out my recommendation here (either here on the page or sign up for my email course below)

Garrett says

This is really helpful. I’ve heard many people talking about this app and saying they made money off of it. But i knew it was to good to be true, and the creators want to make money just like us. You just saved my time by me not even downloading it, so thank you lol.

    Wendy says

    No problem Garrett! 🙂

IllusiozTan says

Hi Wendy, thanks for your sharing about Lucktastic. It seem like sometime is required to build up enough token to claim for the rewards and it won’t be the best way to make money with it. But I like the concept of playing the scratch card. It gives the sense of surprise and enjoyment, which is a good way to release tension

    Wendy says

    Yeah I totally agree, it can be satisfying to play the scratch offs! I say if someone is looking for something to mess around with on their phone when they’re bored or to waste time, this isn’t a bad little app. If you are seriously trying to earn money, you probably won’t with Lucktastic.

Steve says

A couple of things to be aware of as far as the daily rewards go. It is for consecutive days played so you won’t win 150 tokens on your first day but your second and so on. Also, after your 5th day and 500 bonus points at least half of the daily bonus are contest entries so you don’t get any bonus tokens on those days. It may be better to quit for a day and let the tokens reset but then you are giving up a days worth of tokens (200 maybe) plus 2 days of bonuses until they kick in again. It’s probably a wash.

As far as the gift cards go I was able to redeem a 5.00 Amazon card fairly quickly by downloading apps and getting the bonus tokens. Now the apps never change (you can only get points for downloading them once) and the 5.00 Amazon card is no longer available. I think they put it out there and make it easy to get to get us hooked and then they take it away. Just my opinion.

    Wendy says

    Thank you for adding those points, Steve! It’s possible, it seems to be a similar trend with any of these money making apps and websites. It is typically much easier to earn points and rewards in the beginning, and it gets harder as you go. Definitely not going to make you rich.

    Bethany says

    That is correct. I lost over a year of my life to their scam. I have officially reported them to the play store for violating the deceptive practices policy, and to the BBB. I have found several hundred disgruntled comments about them, so far no one has recieved over $5, and I have not found any recent comments that can even redeem that amount. I have of course contacted the company and got run around and contradictions. I am contacting my state attorney general soon also, everyone who has had these issues need to file the same complaints as I have and it might get something done. This app is a total scam and so irresponsible for all these blogs and websites to promote it without actually knowing what it is about (taking our money not making it) . Makes me discredit everything posted on any of these sites that promote it.

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