Online Success Plan – Will it Make You Millions?

I recently came across Online Success Plan while scanning ads on a job post site. The posting read something along the lines of “get paid 379 per day, start immediately!” I realize many people out there are searching for at home jobs or trying different ways to make money from home, and perhaps seeing a program like this linked to a job site might make it seem more realistic. I must warn you, however, that it actually is a very misleading product and definitely not any type of job.

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What is the Online Success Plan program?

What you’re actually doing to make money isn’t known, since they are incredibly vague in their sales video. All they really tell you is that you get your own millionaire website using their proven millionaire system. I personally didn’t sign up because after reviewing these types of programs for years, I can say with confidence this isn’t at all what it claims.

It is currently running on the domain, but has operated under several different ones in the past. (None of which I found to be currently active)

Classic Red Flags

This program has several warning signs that make me question its legitimacy.

There’s absolutely no hint at what this product actually is, or what you’re going to be doing to make all this money. Programs usually do this when they don’t have anything of value to offer you. After you sign up, they will hit you with a lot of upsells and a “one-on-one coach” that will call you to dig a hole in your wallet.

They try and capture you with a sense of urgency – there are ONLY 3 spots left in your area! The truth is there are no spots to fill, it isn’t a job position. This is a program that they are trying to sell to as many people as possible.

The price is reduced from $15,500 to $97 – that’s one heck of a discount!!! I’ve reviewed a lot of programs and I’ve never seen one claim to be worth $15,000+. If this program was worth that much to begin with there is no way they’d give it away for $97. Here’s where the upsells I previously discussed tie in – they lure you in and then tell you that you’ll need to spend thousands more to actually make the real money.

They force you to watch a sales video in order to get any additional information and sign up.

The $500 guarantee? Read the terms of service

The video states that they’ll pay you $500 + your initial $97 payment if you don’t make money with their program within 21 days. But if you read the fine print, you see that you have to follow the program exactly, including purchasing any additional services or products they require (or recommend).

And if you read on within their terms of service section, you’ll see additional purchases are required to start making money:

The products and services provided on this site are for education and entertainment purposes only. No money will be made simply by requesting the information, products or services. This site is not offering a business opportunity of any kind. Additional product purchases are required in order start your own business.

They are stating up front that this $97 purchase you are making is NOT going to make you money. You HAVE to buy additional products and services in order to get started with your online business. Which makes me question the $500 back claim – how many more products and services (websites, hosting, tools, coaching, etc) will you have to purchase before you qualified for this money back guarantee? By the time you would meet their qualifications, I would think you’d be investing more than the $500.

In addition, because they say you have to follow the program exactly it makes it easy for them not to honor it considering there’s no way to really prove you did – it is your word against theirs.

Stay away from Online Success Plan if you want to make money online

In my opinion, Online Success Plan is a type of scam. Their advertising is very misleading and you’re going to have to spend a lot more than $97 to get a business up and running. Especially considering the ongoing investment cost is an unknown variable, I wouldn’t be so willing to put down the initial money to discover I need to invest thousands more.

There’s honestly no easy system to make millions online, and getting access to a “millionaire website” isn’t enough.

It takes hard work to build a business online and their are no easy shortcuts. I actually help teach people how to make money online, so if you want to get started I suggest a quality educational program such as Wealthy Affiliate.

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