Paydays at Home Review – Another Scam?

paydays at home scamProduct: Paydays at Home
Price: $97
Rank: 0/100 – SCAM!

This program is one of countless similar link posting scams that have been going around for quite some time. While their sales page isn’t over-hyped and misleading like some of the others, it’s still just a classic bait and switch tactic used by these companies. Within this Paydays at Home review you will learn the truth about what this company really is.

Paydays at Home – Secure Cash at Home – Online Home Cash… What is it!?

This program used to be advertised at, which is no longer in use. This version of the program used the cliche single mom makes it rich posting links story. These are usually advertised by some bogus website that looks like a news site, but exists solely for the intention of getting people to join programs like these.

a to z cash system scam

Currently this program is at the domain After filling out the name and email fields, you’re confusingly redirected to a page entitled Online Home Cash, then redirected back to Paydays at Home. Once you’re at the payment page, it’s back to being called Online Home Cash!

Secure Cash at Home, Paydays at Home, Online Home Cash – what is your name? It is very confusing to most people, but it doesn’t matter because it is all one in the same. It doesn’t differ much from any link posting scam ad in the past, they are continually re-branding themselves, using different domains and redirecting people to different sites.

The sales page on this version is a lot more straightforward as to what you’ll be doing to make money, and doesn’t make any crazy promises. Instead of luring you in on the fact you can make hundreds of dollars a day doing very little (and not really explaining how), they talk about how you’ll learn the basics of internet marketing and how to find profitable markets, as well as how to advertise and make money.


This program is selling for $97. They claim you get an automated $100 discount (down from $197) but that is clearly for show. I wasn’t able to find a further discount than the one time $97 fee.

While $97 may seem like a bargain price for learning how to make money online, it doesn’t stop there. You’re going to need a website, hosting, tools, support – all things they are going to try and sell you on for a very high price. In my experience they sell you very low quality services at extremely high costs. You can find much better for much cheaper, so don’t get caught up thinking you have to spend the big bucks to make money – you don’t!

Upsells! Don’t fall for the bait and switch!

In any case, it’s important to note that no matter what the sales page claims, the point of these programs is for bait and switch. They get you in on a one time fee of $97, then try and suck you for all your worth after joining. As you can see, once you provide your phone number to these people they will contact you for “educational opportunities”.

paydays at home calling

Really it’s just a clever way of saying they’re going to try and upsell the crap out of you. It usually begins with them asking how serious you are about this opportunity and how much you’re willing to invest. It isn’t uncommon for these sales people to try and get 1,000’s of dollars, all while providing you very little value.

Conclusion – Paydays at Home isn’t worth it!

This program is just a big front to try and get you to invest tons of money and all the while providing very little value, so I would strongly caution against it. In my opinion, Paydays at Home and other similar companies are scams.

To make money online, you need a proper education. Not only that, but you need the right tools, support and a realistic mindset. The big reason why “opportunities” like Paydays at Home are so horrible is they lead people in thinking they can make big money doing very little work, which already sets them up for failure when they soon realize it isn’t true.

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