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quest mindshareCompany: Quest Mindshare
Price: Free
Rank: 60/100 – While their advertised payouts are higher than the industry average, it’s difficult to qualify for surveys and you are not compensated for screening questions. This results in lots of wasted time and no monetary gain! Check out my #1 recommended program for earning money online

Introduction – What is Quest Mindshare?

I first heard of this particular survey company because it was advertised to me (somewhere, somehow) as a similar survey site to PaidViewPoint. I wanted to write up a complete Quest Mindshare review to compare the two programs, so if you’re curious about how it works I will explain below.

First of all, PaidViewPoint is one of the few survey sites I actually like, so when I saw this company advertising as providing a similar service, I jumped at the chance to sign up.

I’ve been a member of Quest Mindshare for about a month, long enough to give them time to send me surveys and get a feeling for what they’re like.

My experience with Quest Mindshare

After being a member for the past month, I can say I do NOT like this company and they are NOTHING like PaidViewPoint.

There, I said it!

The thing I really like about PaidViewPoint is they send you a constant stream of surveys that only take less than a minute each to complete (some under 30 seconds), so it hardly takes any time at all. I’ve also ALWAYS been compensated for the surveys I take with them.

Quest Mindshare first made me fill out 15 different profile surveys which took forever. Then, while they did manage to send me a few survey opportunities each week, I didn’t qualify for any of them.

In fact, I had to waste time answering a bunch of questions before they told me I didn’t qualify. They’d keep redirecting me to a new survey I could take, but only after answering more questions I found out I didn’t qualify for those either.

That happened every single time, no joke.

In theory, if you did qualify for their surveys it may not be bad. The surveys they offer seem to pay more than other companies, on average. For example, their 30-minute surveys paid out at $3.63. They also sent 3 or 4-minute surveys that paid just under 40 cents. They also sent me an opportunity to take a 2-hour music survey which would pay out at $40!

quest mindshare survey paymentquest mindshare 40 dollar survey

As far as the online survey websites go, those payouts are way higher than most.

But, how much these surveys pay is irrelevant if I don’t qualify to take them. I tried taking about 10 different surveys and I didn’t get to take a single one. Even worse, I wasn’t even given a small compensation for the time I spent trying to qualify.

Now I wasted my precious time and still have $0 sitting in my account balance…

quest mindshare no money

On the upside, if you do qualify to take their surveys you can cash out at $12.50 – which is a very low threshold for the industry. They pay via Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

However, after reading several online reviews I have read complaints they don’t pay out. Although, almost every survey company receives complaints like that. Usually, there’s more to the story or some issue that could get resolved. I can’t speak from personal experience though since I haven’t been able to earn anything with them.

Pros vs Cons of Quest Mindshare


It’s 100% free to join
Surveys are higher paying than the industry average
Pay via Paypal and Amazon gift cards, no points or gift cards to places you’d never use
Focus on surveys only, not a million other time wasters


High chance you won’t qualify to take the surveys
They don’t reward you for the time you spent qualifying
Can be a huge waste of time
Several complaints online the company has poor customer service and doesn’t pay

Final Opinion – Would I recommend Quest Mindshare?

Honestly, I don’t think I can recommend this company considering the high percentage of surveys you will not qualify for, and the fact they don’t even bother to compensate you for the time you spend answering screening questions.

I’ve been a member of several online survey websites throughout the years, and my opinion remains the same. I generally think they are just a waste of time, and there are much better options out there for making money online.

Most people take online surveys because they’re trying to supplement their income, but with all the time you spend on it, you could be working towards a much more lucrative business model that can turn into much more than a part-time gig.

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