Real Writing Jobs Scam – Stay Away From This Program

Real Writing Jobs Scam Review – Why This Program isn’t Worth It


Product: Real Writing Jobs
Creator: Isaac Klein
Price: $34
Rank: 20/100

The Claim: 

The “online writing jobs” industry is experiencing explosive growth and is in desperate need of new content creators – Real Writing Jobs wants to connect you to the 1,000’s of available online writing gigs so you start making massive amounts of money –  $300+ daily.

These writing jobs include blog posts, reviews, proof reading websites, or any other type of content creation a company may need to outsource. They claim there are so many of these jobs available they have an URGENT need for people to sign up and fill positions. The jobs are so abundant and easy to snatch, you’ll be writing all day and all night and receiving huge payouts –  or at least that’s what they make you think. On the FAQ page the writer claims they earn $10,000 per month doing this type of work.

The Reality

#1. They’re charging you money for something you can easily get for free

Real Writing Jobs does nothing more than gather freelance writing position postings from various websites and simply puts them into their database of jobs. I guess you could say it’s a convenience factor, having to do a little bit less searching on your own.  Nonetheless, you can easily check for writing gigs for free at places such as:

  • Craigslist

Also, keep in mind you’re not guaranteed any type of writing gig just because you’re a member of Real Writing Jobs – you will still have to apply for each job posting.

#2. Most freelance writing jobs don’t pay well – average $5 – $12 per article (400-500 words)

The vast majority of these types of assignments don’t pay well at all (perhaps $5 -$12 for 500 words), and the ones that pay more usually require the writer to have advanced knowledge of a tougher subject (medical or technical issues, for example). The claim that you can earn $30, $50, or $150 per article is the exception, not the rule.

#3. Unless you have an established reputation as a freelance writer, it can be difficult to find consistent work

It’s true there are many freelance writing jobs available online, but companies either want to outsource work for as cheap as possible, or hire someone of known quality. Many freelance writers do so well because they have an established reputation in the industry, and they have several clients they write for on a regular basis. It can take awhile to work up a reputation and build up a solid portfolio, so work may be slow at first. Even so, it’s doubtful even most established freelancer writers earn anywhere near $10,000 per month.

#4. Bogus money-back guarantee


There have been numerous customer complaints of not getting money back upon request. The company used to have a low cost trial offer, and then charge a $77 fee – but there were many people complaining of being charged the $77 with no way to cancel. No one at the support center would even return their phone calls and they had to end up cancelling their credit cards!

They did change the trial offer to a one time flat fee of $34 – but I wouldn’t expect to actually get your money back with this system. Just check out and read the reviews on Real Writing Jobs!


The Verdict:


The truth is, Real Writing Jobs provides nothing of real value. It charges for services that are easily obtained for free elsewhere, and does not hold up to its “money back guarentee”.

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Rick Jantz says

No, I cut loose and ran. Glad I got out, though.

Rick Jantz says

I checked this out a number of months ago, even signed up, but it really is nothing more than a scam. Got out pretty quick.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, I don’t see this product having any point whatsoever. I can find freelance writing jobs for free, lots of places! Did you try asking for your money back when you got out? Their customer service seems to be pretty much non-existent.

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