SiteBlog Review – Can This Company Be Trusted?

Company: SiteBlog
Price: “Free” + LOTS of upsells (hard to actually find their “free” service)
Rank: 10/100 – Avoid! The company is highly questionable and there are so many better, legitimate free web builder platforms there’s no point in risking signingup with them!

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I first ran across SiteBlog from a random sponsered ad on Facebook. It led to an advertorial site via with the featured article Can Can You Really Make $10,000 a Month Without a Job?

I decided this called for me to write up a complete SiteBlog review to find out what this company was really about.

The article was essentially an advertisement for the website building platform This wasn’t a real news story, it wasn’t featured on CNN – it is merely an ad trying to entice people to sign up with this company on the hope they can start making $10,000 per month. You don’t even have to do anything but create a blog (with SiteBlog of course!)

siteblog scam ad

There’s actually extremely little information on this website that I could find. I signed up for the company myself to see what it was all about. I was genuinely curious why a business that would appear to be a free website building platform would deploy the same advertising tactics used by total scam programs. (The bait and switch)

Are the websites at SiteBlog really free or is it a lie?

The ads for SiteBlog make it clear that you can join entirely free and they’ll provide you with a free website. However, when signing up it is very unclear how it works.

I was first prompted to enter either a new domain name or a domain I already owned, neither of which is free. I thought perhaps I could simply scroll down to an option such as “skip this step and build a free site!”

Nope, I was clearly presented with these two options and nothing else.

Curious, I quickly typed into the box and told them to build it. They said it was available, and took me to their option packages. These were not free – plans ranged from $4.99 – $11.99 per month, and those were only the prices if you prepaid for two years.

Two years is a serious commitment to make to a company that is already turning out to be a bit shady.

fraudulent advertising siteblog

Oh wait. I clicked the “back” button on my browser and got a pop up that read:

Wait! Are you sure you want to go? Stay on the page for a 50% discount!

I clicked stay on page, and then the back button again. Another pop up:

Pop up reads: Wait! Are you sure you want to go? Stay on the page for a 100% discount!

Wow! So technically you offer free websites, but you don’t make it obvious at all. You first lead the customer to a screen of package deals, pressure them to prepay for two years and offer no choice to skip to the free website.

A user has to get frustrated at the lack of free options, click back or exit their browser not just once, but TWICE, and then they’ll be able to access the free version. This is after they came to the site because your advertising lead them to believe it was entirely free. That is borderline fraudulent advertising!

While I’m not going to go into much detail about their website builder, I will say they do have one. It functions, and there’s lots of templates to choose from. While that may be, it is not worth dealing with a company that has to resort into lying and manipulating customers into signing up. That is no way to do business and if they have to market that way, they aren’t a legitimate company in my eyes.

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TONS of upsells and shady “packages”

Once you manage to access the free version, you will most likely find yourself frustrated. Most of the features are upgrade only, and you’ll have a giant banner ad for SiteBlog on your website at all times – not very attractive. Your website will also be something along the lines of which is also a tad unprofessional if you want to create a serious business.

They do have a paid version, and they never miss a chance to sell. While they may lure people in on “free”,  they make it hard for most people to access the free version and then upsell them until their wallets are empty.

Need help building your site? They’ll build it for you for $600!
Need social media marketing? For $49 a year you can instantly get 500 Twitter followers!
Need SEO tools to get ranked in Google? Pay twice as much per month!

SiteBlog may have a few aliases… and is questionably similar to other websites – and Those were just the ones I could find, I am unsure if there are others.

sitebuilder home page

siteblog home page - Copy

The home screens aren’t 100% identical, but they are pretty darn similar. I also went through the entire sign up process and everything was identical, right down to the scammy pop ups and downsell tactics.

According to the BBB there’s an alert on SiteBuilder – as of September 29, 2015 they’re reported to no longer be in business, or at least they’re using a fake address. That is quite interesting considering their website is still up and running, and apparently still taking people’s money.

It’s pretty shady these guys have several different websites providing the exact same services. Are they expanding or running from customer complaints?

Nothing but negative reviews…

Aside from a few obvious promotional pages, I couldn’t find any genuinely positive reviews on any of these companies. In fact, I really couldn’t find anything but negative complaints claiming they were scam artists.

They are notorious for hidden charges, unauthorized charges and horrible customer support. It doesn’t seem like ANY of their customers are happy.

negative sitebuilder reviews - Copy

Don’t trust SiteBlog – start your blog somewhere else!

The collection of negative reviews, borderline fraudulent/deceptive advertising tactics, and their need to manipulate customers into signing up is just way too many red flags for anyone to trust them. They entice people to sign up for free, but hide their free option so well almost no one will find it. They reportedly put sneaky charges on your credit card. They have several aliases all providing the same service. If you were considering SiteBlog for building your next website, just don’t do it.

There are so many website building platforms that are trustworthy it doesn’t make sense to waste your time with a company like SiteBlog. There’s very similar services to SiteBlog/SiteBuilder/WebsiteBuilder at places like Wix and Weebly, and those companies (while I wouldn’t personally recommend them) are actually legit.

What’s the best place to build a blog? Is it true you can earn money?

The truth is, you can earn money online with a blog. It’s very hard to convince people of this because of the countless scams and advertisements (like the $10,000 a month ad from SiteBlog) people are constantly exposed to.

Everyone tries to make it seem like you can earn tons of money doing nothing but pushing buttons or creating a website. That isn’t true – making money through a blog isn’t any different from making money any other way, it takes HARD WORK.

If you know the proper strategy to make money from a website, don’t expect to get rich quick, and are willing to invest the time and effort needed – you can definitely learn how to earn money from a website.

Siteblog Summary

Product: Siteblog
Price: “Free” but difficult to access the free version

Verdict: 10/100 points – This company is incredibly shady and I say AVOID like the plague! They may technically provide “free” websites, but they’re misleading and manipulating their customers into paying for 2 year contracts, notorious for unauthorized credit card charges and running several identical business under different aliases. They customer support is horrendous and service is not very good – when there are much better alternatives for hosting a website and learning how to build a blog, why even bother?

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