Sitebuilder Review – 7 Reasons to Avoid!

sitebuilder reviewSitebuilder is a website building platform, similar to more popular services like Wix or Weebly. It features 1,000’s of templates with an easy, drag and drop interface which allows anyone to create relatively attractive and professional websites.

However, the intent of this Sitebuilder review isn’t going to focus on the features the service provides you, but rather the reasons why you should consider investing elsewhere for a website and hosting.

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t use Sitebuilder

#1 – Company has branded itself with several different websites

  • Sitebuilder
  • Siteblog
  • Websitebuilder
  • Sitlio
  • Sitey

These websites are designed to look like different companies, but a closer look proves them to be one in the same. These company are all hosted on the same platform (checked by whoishostingthis). Although the homepages are slightly redesigned and pricing packages vary, they have identical features, templates and web building platform.

According to a website called “Top 10 Web Builders” all of them take the top spots on the list!

sitebuilder top10 list

Perhaps this website is owned by the company?

I don’t know the decision behind why the company decided to rebrand itself with many different names, perhaps they’re trying to attract a wider audience. Although it seems odd to offer the same service at different prices, depending on which site you choose.

#2 – Shady and misleading advertising

sitebuilder advertorialTheir alias, Siteblog, promotes their services with misleading and scammy tactics.

These advertisements are advertorial web pages full of bullcrap stories about how people are earning thousands per month with the “blogging craze”, and if people sign up for their services they can join in and earn lots of money too.

They don’t mention anything about how exactly the process of making money with a blog works, where to get training or even how much time and effort it takes. In fact, they directly state you will start earning $2,000+ per month within your first month after you sign up with their company.

The question is, how?

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#3 – Claims they offer FREE websites, but makes it difficult

Upon visiting the website, you are prompted to enter a domain name for your website. You’re then directed to their service packages, none of which are free. There’s not even so much as a discreet link to click for the free service, it simply doesn’t appear to exist.

You actually have to click the exit or back button within the browser in order for a pop up message to appear offering you a 50% discount. But still, that’s only 50%. I thought it was free?

If you “stay on the page” and then proceed to back out again, only then are you allowed access to their proudly advertised FREE service.

Now that is downright deceptive. No legitimate company that advertises a free service should operate like this, and this is yet another reason why I’d recommend staying away from them.

#4 – Many issues with billing

Full disclosure – I’ve never personally signed up to any of their service plans so I haven’t had any personal experiences with their billing department. However, there have been so many complaints with this company and multiple aliases on its billing practices I think it’s worth noting.

Complaints range from things like duplicate credit card charges every month, unauthorized charged amounts, or simple refusal to honor refunds and cancel services.

It seems absolutely ridiculous a company could be this horrible with its billing department and still manage to stay in business (which perhaps is why they currently operate under 5 different names)?

#5 – Horrible customer support

There have also been many people dissatisfied with the level of support they received from this company. They claim they never answer the phone, ignore emails and are down right rude.

negative sitebuilder reviews - Copy

A look within their terms of service may explain partly:

Site Builder may, in its sole discretion, provide customer support or service to you. This service may be available only on selected days and during a limited number of hours.

WHAT? That isn’t what they say on their homepage!

Directly from their homepage:
sitebuilder support misleadingWhat type of crap business model are these people running? Run away, now. If not – I have a few more reasons.

#6 – Free service is extremely limited

While it’s understandable a company can’t offer everything for free, their free version is pretty crappy compared to other free web building platforms on the market.

Your free site will have ads for Siteblog, an unattractive domain and very limited features, most will require an upgrade.

#7 – Too many upsells

Not only do they deceptively try and trick their customers into paying for service when they think they’re getting something for free, they also will nickel and dime them to death. They offer professional web building services for several hundreds of dollars ($300 – $700), SEO tools, a social booster for $49/year, an email marketing tool for $10 per month, and much more.

The problem is they’re targeting people who probably don’t know anything about websites, and offering services that probably aren’t necessary or worth it for most people.


There’s many reputable companies that provide free website builders, there’s no reason to use Sitebuilder’s services

Sitebuilder is a highly deceptive and shady company and I advise everyone to avoid them at all costs. While they do provide an actual service I can’t exactly call them a scam company, but there’s too many red flags out there to consider using them.

If you want to build a free website, there are better options. While Wix and Weebly dominate the market for drag and drop website editors, beginners are better off building on a website building platform like WordPress. You have much better control of your website, not to mention countless themes that let you customize your site to look however you want.

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If you have any experience with Sitebuilder (or Siteblog, Sitey, Sitlio, Websitebuilder..) please let me know down below!

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