The Good vs Bad of SiteRubix Free Site Builder

SiteRubix - Build Stunning Free Websites!.clipularSiteRubix is Wealthy Affiliate’s own unique platform for building and hosting websites. There are both free and paid versions (you can access the paid version with a premium membership to WA) but you can create a free account at and launch up to 2 free WordPress sites.

There are definitely both pros and cons to using SiteRubix’s free site builder which will be addressed below.

What makes SiteRubix unique?

Takes out the technical issues of hosting a site

The SiteRubix site builder is a huge advantage for beginners because it takes almost all of the technical aspects out of hosting and building your website. If you’ve ever hosted and built a website on another hosting platform, especially one using C-Panel access – for example, Godaddy, HostGator, Namecheap, or one of the many others you will immediately understand how incredibly easy it is to build a site without going through a lot of what may seem like complicated steps.

I’ve hosted at a few other companies and it can be very difficult to navigate and figure out how to get a website set up – it even took me extended phone calls or live chats with customer service to get up and running in the beginning!

With SiteRubix, that really isn’t the case at all – they literally have made it so easy that almost anyone can follow the steps to have a site up and running.


I’ve already gone over how to get set up with a website in this article, so read it if you need additional help.

Here’s a site I set up with the free version of SiteRubix:


The site is intended to be an affiliate niche site within the pet cleaning niche. I called the the site Pet Cleaning 911 and was able to create pages, posts, menus, use widgets and add images to create a finished look. I even was able to embed affiliate links from Amazon.

Notice there are no ads or indication it is a free webpage other than having the domain extension.

Uses the WordPress Platform

Not only is it incredibly easy to get set up, but it uses the WordPress platform, meaning you will have a fully functional WordPress website up and running in just a few minutes. Now if you aren’t familiar with WordPress there may be a bit of a learning curve, but you have already won half the battle by having a website up and running.

Good for beginners interested in starting an affiliate niche site

If you’re looking to get started in affiliate marketing, SiteRubix is a great option. Why? Your free websites gives you access to step by step lessons that will not only get you set up and running with your site, but also give you an understanding of how you are going to use your site to make money. You can even incorporate affiliate links and ads within your free site.

It also comes with an easy one click transfer button if you ever decide to upgrade to a paid site – your website will be completely transferred and redirected over to your paid domain name without you doing all the hard work (believe me, that process is extremely technical and difficult for most people).


Ad Free Pages

Their free websites to not feature large banner ads – your site will be ad free unless you specifically put up your own advertisements or links.

What is the downside of using the free version of SiteRubix?

There are a few aspects that make the free version not ideal for everyone.

Can’t install plugins or new themes

Unfortunately you do not have the ability to install plugins (other than the basics they have installed for you) nor can you upload any of your own themes. There are only around 12 themes to choose from when you build your website so the selection is rather limited.

However, with permission you do have the ability to access your site editor, so you can edit the code of your theme if you understand how to do it.

Website will carry the extension

If you are looking for a direct .com, .net, .org you will need to actually pay for your site – the free version will have your site with the at the end.

The free platform is awesome to get started and experiment with creating websites and affiliate marketing, but as a long term solution

Limited access to training and community

One of the huge advantages of working with SiteRubix is you also get access to the entire training program and community at Wealthy Affiliate, so you can learn how to actually create a website that will make money online. If you’re only using the free version, however, you will have selective sets of lessons to learn from, and will only have the ability to communicate within the program for your first 7 days.

Note – with an upgraded account, you will still have the ability to create up to 25 free sites with the Siterubix builder but these will include the premium features for plugins, themes, training etc. 

Who’s the free version really for?

In my opinion, the free version is excellent for those curious to exploring the world of website creation and online marketing but who may be hesitant to putting money down up front. The free websites are good enough that you can create fully functioning sites that look good and rank in search engines. Although you may need to upgrade for the additional features, training and support – you will have a good idea of whether or not it is something you want to truly invest in.

Test it out! Launch your first 100% free WordPress site with SiteRubix here

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Hi wendy 🙂

This is a nice review :).

i have tried with a siterubix site , and you can add plugins to it 🙂

    Wendy says

    Hi Damien,

    It’s true that you can add plugins with Siterubix as long as you are a paying member of WA. If you are using the free membership on a .siterubix extension you will unfortunately not be able to install them.

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