Watch Out For The Cash From Home Scam

Created by so called “Cynthia Sprinter”, Cash From Home is another copycat scam that has been cycling around the internet forever. The site currently operates on the domain and promises you’ll make $379 by posting links from home. Not so fast…

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The Cash From Home Scam – What to look for

This type of scam is a disguise for varying products that all use the same or nearly identical sales page to sell you on the dream of getting rich posting links from home. They go by many different names, domains and creators. They can come and go so fast by the time one gets reported a new one pops up to replace it.

They all work the same way – they’ll be advertisements on fake news sites telling a shocking story about how a mom earns $7,000+ per month by simply posting links online and how incredibly easy it is.

I know the term “fake news” has gotten popular and questionable in light of recent events, but these are actual fake news sites. Everything on these sites is completely fake, and at the top will be the term “advertorial” meaning it really is an advertisement in disguise. Even the comments below the article are planted to make it look more genuine.

You will be directed to the Cash From Home site, where you are asked to give you name, phone number and email address in order to see if you qualify for these at home positions. I would highly recommend not giving your real phone number unless you want spam calls. You can put anything in the boxes and it’ll still let you proceed to the next page.

From there, you will be shown a phony sales page with fake claims and testimonials. Within the disclaimer page, you will learn that the income claims they give you are not expected or typical results, even though they state in GIANT BOLD letters it’s guaranteed to earn you up to $379 per day.

The news program from “nbc news” about the work at home moms is also an advertorial and totally staged. It’s featured on a large percentage of these copy cat sales pages.

They also reveal the testimonial and creator names are pen names and stock photos to let everyone maintain their privacy. Hmm.. Cynthia Sprinter is just one of many fake pen names.

Forever changing product names and domains

It seems impossible to keep up with all these programs as they’ve been called so many different names and have operated on so many different domains over the years. Even these types of programs with the same name may change their domain name several times. For example, it may initially be under the name but then suddenly switch to

They will either show up as an unreachable domain (not being hosted anywhere) or as parked and for sale, like in the example below for the domain

If you try chasing after any of these former domains, many of them will now look like this. It’s basically a parked domain up for sale, which is still making money off the ad links.

The reason this happens is because these are not legitimate programs. I would never trust your credit card information with any of these scam artists.

How much does it cost?

Initially $97, but you can get it discounted all the way to $27 if you keep clicking away from the sales page. Even though it may seem tempting for only $27, please don’t give these people your credit card information.

So what is posting links and why is it a scam?

The way the Cash From Home program talks about link posting is highly deceiving. Nobody is posting random links online and earning massive amounts of cash by doing basically nothing. This would be like saying you can post spam links in comment sections or on social media platforms and automatically get rich. It doesn’t work like that.

There are, however, ways to take advantage of links from major companies and earn commissions by referring products or capturing leads. It’s called affiliate marketing.

Giant corporations like Amazon, Walmart, Ebay and countless others have programs you can join and get unique links from to earn commissions from their products.

So yes, they are right that you can partner with major companies and promote their links. But trust me, it works nothing like how they claim. There is no “secret” business where you post links and get rich like these products make it seem.

Conclusion – What do I recommend?

While Cash From Home and similar programs are definitely on my list of not recommended products, there are still options out there if you are looking to make money from home.

If you want to start an at home business venture, it’s critical you have the right mindset and proper training. So many of these programs claim you can start making several hundred per day very quickly, all the while doing very little work. That might be the dream, but it isn’t reality.

Starting a business online is no different than a real one – it takes plenty of time, effort and hard work. If you are prepared for that, I recommend you check out my #1 recommendation. You can even try it out for free (without putting down credit card info) to see if it is a good fit for you.

Have you been deceived by Cash From Home or another program? Feel free to comment and share your experience down below.

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Aaron says

Yes. This is obviously a scam! With all the fake news place on and whatnot, I already knew this was something fishy and sounds way too good to be true. Interest insight!

Kam says

as a recent college graduate, I found your website to be very interesting and helpful. I have never came across that scam personally but it is obviously very beneficial to know what to look for! Thank you for your information as I will definitely implement it in the future when on the search for new opportunities.

Joey says

Wow…thanks for the rip off warning. I hope more people learn about these scams and can avoid them. I think the question everyone should be asking themselves, “is this too good to be true?” and if the answer is yes, stay away. How do these sites keep popping up? Is it just too hard to regulate them?

    Wendy says

    yeah difficult to regulate. People can report them but even if a particular site gets flagged, they can be copied to a new domain and start over. I see a lot of redirects with these types of products to different/new domains for this reason.

Adyns68 says

Hi Wendy
After college we all had high hopes of finding a too job but above all we all need to make money faster after college. That’s why it’s so easy for one to fall into internet scams hoping to get big money and most of the time without doing much.
Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve checked your number one recommendation and decided to give it a try.

    Wendy says

    Awesome, let me know if you need any help 🙂

gregS says

Hi Wendy

Thanks for the warning about Cash From Home. Just another rip off website! I’ve seen so many lately.

There is a website almost identical that is promoting binary options, looks like the same photo! Unfortunately. newbies will pay money for these scams, but they’re just trying to make money online.

    Wendy says

    Yeah, these scam artists thrive off people who have no idea how the internet works or those with very little experience when it comes to making money online. Binary options is another sales point for these type of programs, I’ve seen them as well!

Dana El says

I’ve seen this scam for years now and I’ve always wondered who are the people posting those links on all the big comment boards. I personally would never fall for this scam but, I can imagine people who don’t go online often could easily fall prey to it.

Do you know how the people who take their time posting the links get paid? Is like some random affiliate marketing spam back-linking thing for them?

Seems like a waste of time to me but, maybe people really are making money that way…

    Wendy says

    Sometimes when people are desperate to make fast money they might be tempted to fall for something that promises the moon even though their rational side may know it’s too good to be true.

    Yes when people post spam on comment boards and around the web, a lot of it is them trying to earn more backlinks to game the system. Often times they are generated by software that mass produces these types of spam posts around the web. Or, they also are affiliates of products/programs who go around the web posting their affiliate link in the hopes someone will sign up and they will earn commissions. If people are resorting to these strategies, they are probably not making money.

Pam says

Wow, you have sure put a lot of effort into your researches. Someone like me appreciates honest reviews because it saves us a lot of time weeding through it all ourselves. I’ve wasted a lot of money with scams myself over the last 10 years so thank you for all the heads up on these.

Andy says

Hi, Wendy.

Thanks for alerting people to this scam. I can’t tell you how sick I am of reading about the single mom, who was almost always about to be homeless or have her electricity turned off because she could not pay her bills, being saved by some miracle online business that doesn’t require any work. Of course, they always have some stock photos associated with them showing a woman with her kids.

Unfortunately, these scam products make it harder to share legitimate products because people, understandably, think everything is a scam.

So is this actually an affiliate marketing product, or is it something else?

    Wendy says

    I know it’s so cliche’. Yeah, these types of programs have basic affiliate marketing training when you join, but very little else. Then they always try to upsell you with “one on one expert consultations” and encourage you to spend $1,000’s more after joining. The sales page is so far off base with reality and misleading that I consider these to be scams even if they provide basic training after joining.

Sharon Whyte says

Hi Wendy,
Wow I have seen that same picture on something else and I also saw this other Review that had to do with posting links. So unfair that these people operate like this and you probably have the most legitimate business in the world but people think everything is a scam. Such a shame, when there are good businesses out there. It is great to see the opportunity that you offer – a free sign up with no credit card. Thats how they all should be. Thanks for sharing this scam with us all and one I will steer clear of!
Cheers, Sharon

    Wendy says

    NP Sharon! Yeah there are so many of programs just like this one, it’s crazy. Not every program without a free sign up is a scam, understandably so, but it’s good to know what to watch out for with some of them.

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