What is Nomadic Profits?

what is nomadic profitsProgram: Nomadic Profits
Price: $10, $19.95 premium upgrade (one time fee)
Website: nomadicprofits.com

Rank: 0.5/5 stars

This program advertises itself as an incredibly easy, fast way to make hundreds of dollars online with only a few minutes of work. But having my fair share of experience in the internet marketing niche, I can assure you that any program that makes such claims is lying to you.

So what is Nomadic Profits and how does it really work? I joined the program to take a look inside to give it a thorough review so you can make a better decision of whether or not it’s the type of program you’re looking for before you put down any of your money.

How does it work?

Once you join, you’ll get access to the members area which has your unique referral link for promoting the system. (You’ll need to provide your Paypal address so you can get paid). It comes with a few very generic, copy paste ads for posting in classifieds (like Craigslist) an email campaign letter and the Nomadic Profits Ebook.

nomadic profits members areaThey claim all you have to do is spend a few minutes posting your ad within classifieds and Facebook and you can start to watch the money roll in. But that isn’t going to get you very far…

While the system does work, i.e. you post your link, people join and you get paid directly – it’s not the best method for making money online for the long haul. It’s a very generic, copy and paste marketing campaign that is nothing new or groundbreaking.

The ebook provided with basic membership isn’t anything of quality and doesn’t give any further instructions as to how to really use the system. Additional training materials are either only available as upsells or third party Clickbank products.

When people buy the product through your link, the payment is a little different than the typical affiliate marketing program because the sales you make will actually go straight to your Paypal account within 24 hours. This is a definite positive of the program if you need some fast money.

The downside of this is you’re actually responsible for refunding people’s money when they ask for it back, so you’ll need to set money aside for refunds or risk getting your Paypay account suspended.

Is there anything beneficial offered with the premium membership?

The premium level opens the doors to some actual training sources, as well as “better” ways for you to promote your link and make sales. You’ll also be able to earn commissions on anything your referrals buy from the resources tab within the members area as well as include your own unique link to your referrals when they sign up under you. (This allows experienced marketers to advertise their own products or other affiliate programs).

All that being said, the training materials offered are low quality and there’s too many upsells… you’re better off not wasting your money.

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The major flaws with Nomadic Profits….

Even though they claim to offer step by step training, it is extremely vague and doesn’t tell people how to do much of anything. For example, it’ll tell you to “Grab your link and post on free classified sites and Facebook.” But there’s no explanation other than that. Good luck newbies!

The problem here is it just isn’t teaching anyone anything. People will end up confused and wondering why they can’t make any money when they claimed it was so easy.

nomadic profits scamThe truth is, it’s extremely hard to advertise this type of program and make sustainable sales from it. Both Facebook and Craigslist are pretty horrible routes to try and advertise direct affiliate links (it’s actually against CL terms of service and you’ll probably get flagged) and you’re not going to have much luck with it, especially with absolutely no guidance. While you can advertise other ways, there’s no mention of it within the basic membership training.

Not only that, there’s a lot of upsells and people will end up spending a lot more than $10 trying to make it work. You’re immediately told to upgrade to the premium membership for $19.95, or else you’ll be missing out on all the sales. Oh, and if you want any additional training you’ll need to buy a million different crappy Clickbank products.


  • $10 initially
  • $19.95 premium membership
  • Additional training is all upsells to different Clickbank products, which can cost 100’s more

Pros vs Cons


  • You get paid within 24 hours after you make sales
  • Can work to earn you a few extra bucks


  • No real training provided with initial $10 investment
  • Upsold immediately to the premium membership
  • “Resources” and “training” are all upsells for additional Clickbank products, nothing that is actually included or part of the Nomadic Profits system.
  • Horrible, very confusing system for newbies to follow
  • You’re held personally responsible for money back requests

My final opinion- Is Nomadic Profits worth it?

While you can use this to make a few extra bucks, it isn’t a sustainable business model and is not a very good system for newbies. There’s absolutely no real training or guidance as to how to go about getting leads; anyone new to online marketing purchasing this as a way to make easy cash will be extremely dissappointed.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call Nomadic Profits a scam, but it certainly is deceptive advertising. It may work for people who know a thing or two, it isn’t going to get anyone very far online.

If you want to learn more, you can view the official sales page.

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