What is Paid Surveys At Home – A Complete Review

paid surveys at home legit or scamProduct: Paid Surveys At Home
Website: paid-surveys-at-home.com
Price: $68 $34 $17 + upsells (also give you access to a free version if you stick around long enough)
Rank: 0/100 – total scam, the they trick you into buying something that you have no need to pay for, and make it seem like you can make decent money from taking surveys, which is a total lie


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If you’re wondering what is Paid Surveys At Home, it’s a product designed to sell people on the dream of earning a living taking online surveys. They say the program will let you easily earn hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars per month and take up basically none of your time. Get paid $20 for a 20 minute survey, $120 for a phone interview, $150 to take part in a focus group! At least, those are the claims made on the sales page!

But are they true? Let’s find out within this review of the PSAH program.

How does Paid Surveys At Home work?

survey site scamPSAH is just a middleman for surveys. They give you a list of other survey websites to sign up to (which are all entirely free) and provide you with some “training” material to serve as a guide for taking surveys. I put training in quotes because it really isn’t legit training at all.

The reason why this is a scam isn’t because you can’t get paid for taking surveys, but rather, you can join these sites for entirely free. In fact, the website Survey Junkie is 100% free to join and provides you with basically the same service.

In fact, when accessing the free version of Paid Surveys At Home, you’re taken to a page called “Survey Engines” which, if you read the disclaimer states the website is actually owned by Survey Junkie themselves. This is eye opening and tells you these companies are really all one in the same!

It makes me not even trust Survey Junkie anymore, which I had previously thought to be an okay survey site. I am crossing that one off the “ok” list!

So, do companies really pay you for your opinions?

Well yes, you can actually make money taking online surveys – BUT it is not anything like they claim. I am not sure where they get their numbers but the reality you can expect to get paid somewhere in the ballpark of $1 to $4 for an entire hour of your time (and $4 would be on the high end). But that isn’t the entire story either.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Survey opportunities are limited – you won’t get an endless amount of surveys, even if you do sign up for multiple companies. Some companies will send out one per day, others one per week or less.

You won’t qualify for most of them – even when you do get these survey offers, you usually need to answer a bunch of qualifying questions before you can take it, or even worse, sometimes you’ll start taking it and they’ll kick you out right at the end and say you don’t qualify, even if you spent the last half hour answering the questions. This results in TONS of wasted time and effort.

The pay is VERY low – at best you might get a few bucks per hour, and that is per hour you are actually taking surveys, not counting all the time you may spend trying to qualify for them, which can be a long time.

The cash out limits are often too high – these are commonly set at $20, $30 and sometimes even $50. At a few cents per survey, it will take too long to accumulate that much money and the majority of people will abandon their account before they ever reach the threshold.

May get kicked out or your account terminated – sometimes people will get their accounts locked without explanation, never able to get the money they have earned.

Price – tricky downselling tactics

The product is initially offered for $68. If you sit through a bit of the sales video, eventually the screen will pop up with a place to purchase for $68. They do offer you a coupon for 50% off, so you can buy it for $34.

paid surveys at home sales video scam

It seems like anytime you see a cliche’ voiced over sales video with sketches that tells a story, it is a shady product.

However, if you click the back button, they’ll offer you their “friends and family” discount for another 50% off – so now it’s down to $17.

Click the back button once more? It’s suddenly 100% FREE! Well, they offer you access to their lite version, at least. With their paid version you get some included “lessons”, a list of survey website (which you can find for free) and a few upsells.

It is a common trick to mark up the price so high that they can offer you huge discounts so you feel like you’re getting a good deal. In the case of this product, it is worth absolutely nothing anyway. But what is the worst is how they try and trick people into paying more and not even disclosing that you can get access for free.

Some argue this is smart marketing, but there’s a huge difference between smart marketing and completely fooling your customers.

I mean, if they offered it for free up front, and had a legitimate reason to offer a paid service, wouldn’t it be better to make the options abundently clear? If there was value to be offered in the paid service, they wouldn’t need to trick people into purchasing it!

Watch out – they sell your information

This company (as well as Survey Junkie) willingly let you sign up for free because they sell your information to other companies for a profit. This means you get your inbox flooded with spam, and even your phone number too if you provide it.

paid surveys at home sign up box

So they get your information and make a profit, while probably 90% of people who sign up never reach the cashout limit. That is a pretty sweet deal for them, right? They’re taking advantage of you.

You will NEVER earn any real income with surveys an you will end up wasting your time.

Quick Recap:

Company: Paid Surveys At Home
Website: paid-surveys-at-home.com
Price: $68, down to $34, down to $17 +upsells – offer FREE lite version of their service if you stick around
Rank: 0/100 – Paid Surveys at home is a SCAM – press the exit button and don’t look back… that goes for any survey program that tries to get you to pay for a membership. Actually, I would just not recommend taking surveys at all.. there are so many better ways you can spend your time online. Companies like this just want your information to sell, and make it hard to collect earnings.

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