Will Social Post Suite Skyrocket Your Facebook Profits?

social post suite pageProduct: Social Post Suite
Price: $47
Creators: Sam Bakker and Eva-Maria
Rank: 2/10
Website: socialpostsuite.com

My Social Post Suite Review

I first heard about Social Post Suite over on Warrior Forum, and then noticed it was one of the top 10 selling products last month over at jvzoo. Now, I’ve come to realize that most of those products advertised are pretty low quality or scams, but the fact this was just software and not really a “make money online” course caught my attention and I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

The first thing I realized was it’s not just some WordPress plugin (which I had originally thought when I heard the name), and of course that is one positive about the product (no one needs another plugin that will slow down their site load time). But rather, it’s a software package that lets you post to your social networks on Facebook with an email opt-in form within the post. What happens is your post will display as a video link with a “play” button. Then if someone clicks, it’ll pop up with a form that asks for their name and email (this would obviously require you to have an autoresponder service of some type) so that you can collect leads directly via FB. This allows people to sign up to your email list without directing them to a landing page or some other page on your website.

The product sales page actually goes so far to claim it’s so great, you’ll know longer need landing pages or worry about content creation for your website! Hah…

But really, is there any real advantage to collecting leads from Facebook? Let’s take a further look.

Will it actually help marketers profit BIG from Facebook and grow their email lists?

Well, no… I highly doubt it. And here’s why:

First you need to understand how Facebook works:

Facebook doesn’t show everything you post to all of your friends, and if you have a business page, it won’t show things you post to everyone who has liked your page.  In fact, it only initially sends the posts out to a very small percentage of those people, something like 12%. For a page with around 300 likes, that’s only 36 people. If none of those people initially like or comment, the post will disappear from newsfeed and no one will see it again (unless they specifically visit your business page).

If the post does get activity, it’ll get spread around to a larger percentage of people. This is why it’s crucial to post highly engaging content people won’t just scroll through, which is quite hard to do. Let’s face it – people aren’t focused and are highly distracted on Facebook, there’s just too much actvity.

Not all Facebook likes are created equal!

This is the reason why buying Facebook page likes doesn’t work – your bought audience isn’t going to engage with your posts because most likely they’re fake profiles, and even if they are real people they probably have liked 1,000’s of pages and have absolutely no interest in yours. Now, all your efforts will go unnoticed and nobody will ever see what you have to say – unless you pay, of course.

buy fb likes

They purposely make it very hard for your posts to be seen organically in an attempt to make you buy their advertising. If you’ve ever posted anything on Facebook, I’m sure you’ve noticed the “boost post” option, which is trying to entice you to pay to have your post reach more people.

fb boostYou must have an extremely large following(of sincere followers) to get any sort of worthwhile engagement

Think about how many times you actually like or comment on something you see in your newsfeed… I know for me personally it’s quite rare. People are bombarded with 100’s or 1000’s of newsfeed posts on a daily basis, they just don’t have time for everything.

Now, if you’re wondering what all this ranting has to do with the Social Post Suite software, here’s where it fits in…

1.Unless you spend money to boost your posts or have a very engaged FB audience, most people won’t even end up seeing your posts

2. Even those that may see it are going to be highly unlikely to opt-in to your email form directly from Facebook

no more landing pageSo, this software may let you gather email opt ins directly on Facebook, but there’s not much of an advantage to doing that versus sending them to a landing page on your website instead. In fact,  I would love to bet the amount of opt-ins one would obtain from a simple post would be much, much lower than ones gathered from a landing page!

Even then, you need people who are engaged and who trust you to make an email list that is truly profitable. The best way to do this is through partially gaining their trust before they sign up to your list, which is something that isn’t easy to do directly from Facebook.

Most likely those that would end up joining via Facebook would only do so because they were *tricked* (after all, they were just trying to watch a video) and would end up unsubscribing anyway. That won’t end up getting you anywhere!

Eva -Maria – Is this “social media expert” just a fraud?

The co-creator of this software, Eva-Maria, claims to be a social media expert who spends her time helping people boost their social media campaigns. However, further investigation leaves that claim questionable.

Her company,  SocialeMedia, at first glance appears to have an extremely professional website and a thriving fan page, it has nearly 12,500 likes. That is quite a significant amount of likes for a small social marketing company. The company was founded in 2010, so after 4 years of being a popular social media company, especially one that has accumulated that many likes, you’d expect it to have built up some reputation within Google… but according to semrush.com, the website has absolutely zero traffic:

semrush traffic socialemedia

Furthermore, the Facebook page has basically ZERO engagement. With 12,500 likes you’d expect it to have a decent amount of comments and likes, especially considering this company claims to help people with their social media marketing. This is an unnaturally small engagement and indicitive of BOUGHT LIKES. Even my pages have better engagement and I really am not all that into Facebook marketing so my efforts there are pretty small.

fb engagement

I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t want to hire someone for over a $1,000 to boost my social media pages if they can’t even get their own audience to engage. I also wouldn’t want to buy a software package she helped produce, either.

It’s like those SEO companies who want to charge you thousands to put your website on the front page of Google, yet when you Google their company they aren’t even on the first page themselves.


$47, which seems way too much for a piece of software that won’t do anything useful.

social post suite discount

What’s included?

Social Post Suite Software

Social Post Suite training with Eva – Maria

Social Post Suite VIP workshop

This training cannot be worth the prices they claim. I wouldn’t want to learn social media from someone who doesn’t know how to properly do it herself. (Want useful training? Find it here)

My final opinion – would I recommend this?

Don’t spend your hard earned money on gimmicky software that will do nothing but empty your wallet. If you already have a decent Facebook following, you’re going to see better results from sending them to a highly converting page on your own site. If you don’t have much of a Facebook following, this software will not really do anything to help your overall followers (likes) and engagement.

So don’t listen to all that “you no longer will have any need for website content creation or landing pages”… it isn’t true. This software does NOT replace the important of having content on your own website! If you’re interested in Facebook marketing, it really can have huge benefits, but you need to invest a lot of time and energy into making it work. This software certainly won’t perform the miracles it says it will and in fact will probably not really help you at all…

After all, it is put together by a somewhat questionable social media “expert”…

About the Author Wendy

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Dennis says

Hi wendy

Love your post as always 🙂

Buying FB likes or Twitter tweets or any other social commenting is a pure waste of time.
You can compare it with the Facebook profiles that a lot of people have now a days. The number of friends is to show the world how popular they are.

Just recently my neighbour came to me and said: Look I have 400 friends on Facebook……………………I only know 125 of them but whohoo isn’t it awesome? I just shook my head and walked away 😉

Same is for buying FB likes or generating them on autopilot. People are convinced that the number of likes is to show the world how good a website or product is. Well in some way it is but if you are the owner of the product of website, who are you kidding if they are generated on autopilot?

My website is online for a little more then a month and I have 31 FB likes. Do I wish I had more? Offcourse, but I rather receive them in a natural way, by people who are interested in the subject. Then I know I can engage with them and in that way grow my business (or website).

I recommend everyone to take your advice and stay away from automated software, programs.and buying social likes.

Keep it real and natural, in the long run it will pay out.

Greetings from Amsterdam. 🙂

    Wendy says

    Yeah, exactly. I find it funny that within the products sales page, they say, “so you know a thing or two about buying cheap likes, but how are you supposed to turn those into buyers??” and how this is THE solution… They’re actually telling people that they’ll just need to go and buy a bunch of FB likes and then post this on their Facebook pages and boom, instant sales and opt-ins! In reality that will never happen as bought Facebook likes are mostly fake profiles that were created specifically for *likes* which means you’ll get NO ENGAGEMENT from this audience, rendering it completely pointless and in fact, damaging (since disengagement means your posts are less likely to reach your REAL audience).

    Yeah, it’s definitely good to have a large number of FB likes but only if they’re real… growing your FB naturally is the best way to go.

    Thanks Dennis!

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