Excel Cash Flow Scam – Gosh, Not Another One!

excel cash flow scamExcel Cash Flow was supposedly founded by Cami White, a struggling single mom from Australia. The program claims you’ll finally have the freedom to work from home “posting links”. Not only that, you’ll be able to earn tons of money doing it – up to $30 per link! According to their income calculator if you start out posting 35 links per day, 5 day a week you’d be well on your way to earning nearly 200K/year!

Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? If it was really that easy to earn money online, everybody would be doing it. Truthfully, Excel Cash Flow is a scam that will suck your bank account dry and get you no further ahead in your quest to start a business online.

What is link posting? Is it a real thing?

Link posting is a general term that refers to legitimate approaches people use to make money online. You can refer to my article about link posting, and link posting scams for more information.

The problem is that it’s advertised in a way that couldn’t be further from reality. It isn’t this top secret system people use to become rich overnight. In fact, most people who start out trying to do any type of link posting will fail, especially people who start from programs like Excel Cash Flow.

Link posting, which often times is referring to some type of affiliate marketing, isn’t exactly the limited time offer job they make it out to be. It isn’t really a “job” at all. You’re not getting hired by these companies to post links for them in exchange for a certain amount per link, and there aren’t “limited spots” for positions like they make it seem.

Unfortunately there isn’t an easy way out – in order to have a reliable income working from home, you must first build a real business online. The process of simply posting links randomly around the internet isn’t a real business and won’t earn you any money.

Who is Cami White? Did she really create Excel Cash Flow?

Cami White is a fake identity. These types of scams all have the exact same story of the single working mom, just replaced with a different name and picture. They’re stock photos!

Let’s compare a few of these single working mom stories:

Bobbie Robinson

Work At Home Institute - wahinstitute.net.clipular

Michelle Withrow

Edit Post ‹ Surviving After College — WordPress.clipular

Cami White

cami white scam copycat

Notice how Bobbie Robinson and Michelle Withrow are exactly the same person? While Cami White appears to be a photo of an entirely different woman, notice that it’s along side a nearly identical story. Suspicious? I certainly think so.

Of course, this is just a select few of these stories. There are countless others, all on identical sales pages that have been slapped with a different title and name for the single working mom.

Why do they advertise as having been featured on ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and other real news sources?

To be honest, I don’t know how they get away with it. Excel Cash Flow and all the other link posting type scams have the exact same “as seen on” display within their sales pages, but it’s just not true. They have never been featured, it’s just a deceptive marketing tactic to make people think it’s a real thing.

They also have a news story that has been featured on NBC (supposedly) about this opportunity. It’s not real either.

work at home job news segment fake

It’s a fake news story that was just created for advertising purposes. The NBC symbol in the corner may throw people off, but it isn’t legitimate. Note the generic “work from home” opportunity that they keep saying over and over again in the news story. Nobody once comes out and says Excel Cash Flow in the entire segment. In fact, the exact same news clip is featured within almost all of these link posting scam sale pages.

Price – $97+ upsells galore!

While the program initially costs $97 (or $77, $67, $47… depending on if you get a discount), they will pressure you to spend more money on additional products once you join.

Since you provide your phone number,  a “start up specialist” will get in touch with you to sell you all the things you need to really be successful. This is when you’re asked to sign up with a coaching mentor, or some type of group to help you out.

The additional amount of money they ask for doesn’t seem consistent. It must just depend on the start up specialist that contacts you and your particular situation. I’ve heard stories from them asking for a few hundred dollars, 4,000 dollars all the way up to 10,00o!

They’re completely taking advantage of the fact that the people who sign up for these types of programs have absolutely no idea how much is required to start up an online business or the best way to go about it, so they try to suck as much money from them as they possibly can. What’s even worse is these are the kind of people that generally don’t have the money to spend, or that will drain their bank account trying to find something that works.

Excel Cash Flow is not what it seems

Everything about this product is completely unethical. They lure you in with false advertising, they lack proper training and support and worst of all try to suck 1,000’s of dollars out of people who don’t have the money to spend.

This product is just one of countless identical scams created to fool innocent people. Excel Cash Flow is a total scam and will not help anyone start out making money online.

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Jim says

This whole freester bunch of ripe off.. Went for the free trail run and that was the only time they sent me some weak coupon that none of my family of five could use any of them , and then
My credit card got charged. We canceled the subscription, and then all of a sudden there sending me the add for the trail run again.. I’m gonna write a letter to BBB and report there lam company of being a rip off.

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