Link Posting Jobs – Are They Even Real?

a to z cash system salespageThe extreme desire for most of us to be able to independently work from home keeps many on a constant search to find that one program that actually works. The vast majority of these types of programs will promise you the moon but unfortunately, not deliver.

If you’ve come across any link posting jobs on the internet, you’re probably wondering if it’s a real thing. After all, they seemingly have been featured on major news networks, are endorsed by Google and have endless positive reviews within the sales page. They even all offer an “iron clad satisfaction guarantee” so you can rest assured you’ll love it or get your money back.

Are they really legitimate? Let’s cut the BS and get straight to the facts…

The truth about link posting jobs

The reality is there are endless programs out there that claim you can post links around the internet and get paid for it, but they’re total scams. They all have a pretty much word for word, exact replica sales page. They claim you can work for companies like Google simply posting these links and get paid “up to 379 per day”. I’m not really sure where the $379 came from or why it’s the limit, but they all say it.

Most of them sell the product for $97, but will lower the price to $47 and sometimes even lower if you try to click away. This is where you have to ask yourself why any program or product of decent quality would be so quick to lower the price that drastically. It’s one thing to have a special offer or sale, but if they constantly have to resort to offering their product for $50 or more off you have to wonder about the integrity of it.

Actually, there’s a few reasons why these programs offer that amazing deal, or at least what is to be perceived as amazing. First, what they are actually offering you is not worth the original $97. Second, many of these programs will either try to upsell you on 1,000’s of dollars worth of additional services or secretly have extra hidden monthly charges detailed within the fine print of their terms of service.

money-calculatorSome of these sales pages actually have calculators that tell you by posting a few links a day you’ll get paid upwards of 100K/year. It is pretty ridiculous.

It seems so amazing and easy, why isn’t everybody doing this? Is it because it’s a secret?

So what exactly is link posting referring to?

The truth is, there are special links you can post online that’ll result in a commision for you if somebody clicks and either signs up or buys whatever the link is promoting. This is called affiliate marketing.

  • This could be direct links posted in the paid advertising section of search engines, which pop up when somebody types in a particular term and if clicked, could result in commission. (But using direct affiliate links within paid search is no longer allowed in Google).
  • It could be the obvious spam links you see posted in comment sections of places like Facebook and Youtube or around various online forums. (This is a horrible strategy and wouldn’t make you any money).
  • Or it could be links embedded within particular websites or blogs. These are usually put within relevant product or service reviews and help people become more informed and find things things they are looking for online. (This is the most relevant and best way to do it).makingmoey

You’re not going to get paid massive amounts of money spamming these links around the internet. These days, most websites ban direct affiliate linking because it has been so abused in the past. Even Google banned direct affiliate links in their paid advertising section a few years back.

This is the shred of truth behind the link posting career sites. The reality is that it’s much more complicated and absolutely nothing like they make it seem to be within any of the sales pages.

The bottom line – avoid the “too good to be true” internet success stories

The internet is full of success stories, but they all involve the same basic concept – HARD WORK! Nobody can work for an hour a day with absolutely no experience, post a few links around and then suddenly be earning $100,000 per year… it’s just not possible.

The truth is, these are the oldest scams in the book. Different programs with different names have been floating around the internet, some coming as quickly as they came, always being replaced with a new name but same old story.

Here’s a list of some of the more current link posting scams going around the internet:

… and those are just a handful!

Do you know of any other similar scams, or have you been deceived by one of these horrible programs in the past? Drop a comment down below!

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