EZ Cash Creator Scam – Is it All Hype?

false promises ez cash creatorProduct: EZ Cash Creator
Creator: Travis Stephenson
Price: $49, $29, $9
Website: myezcashcreator.com
Rank: 10/100 – SCAM!

What is EZ Cash Creator?

This is product is essentially software that allows you to place pop-up ads in front of websites to direct people to your affiliate offers. Every time someones sees your pop up and clicks and buys something, you earn a commission. This is called Cost-Per-View marketing (CPV) and it isn’t a top secret system that nobody knows about (like the sales video claims), people have been doing this online for years. However it doesn’t work just by copying, pasting and clicking a button – it actually takes a bit of knowledge and skill to know exactly what you’re doing. It also is very hard to make any real money online this way.

However this product is all hype and selling dreams, not reality. Sit back and think for a minute why you’re considering purchasing this product. Is it because you’re looking for that miracle that will finally earn you millions with minimal effort? I can tell you that that you’ll end up rather disappointed in the end if you except that much out of a $9 system. I’d like to discuss a few obvious points in regards to this program that set off red flags to me.

Scam alert #1 – Shady sales page and over-hyped product

The sales page is indicative of a classic scam  – one in which features no real information other than a sales video that you are forced to watch all the way til the end (no option to fast forward or rewind) – and it’s VERY LONG! This video must be a good 20-30 minutes… and by the end you really are left no more informed than you were in the beginning.

Whenever a product needs to have a 30 minute sales video showing you pictures of mansions, fancy cars and lavish vacations, throws screenshots of $40,000+ daily earnings and tells you absolutely no solid information about what you’re doing, you should click away and look for something more down to earth. If the program actually was of any quality, they would show you WHAT exactly it was you were buying and not try to convince you it’s some top secret system where you can literally copy and paste your way to riches.

The reality is you can’t earn the kinds of money they claim with this system in your first few days as a complete beginner. It just isn’t going to happen.

Scam alert #2 – Fake testimonials

All the testimonials are actors. They even admit this! It states on the bottom of the page that in some cases, actors have been used. This is so obvious by the terrible acting and it was so obvious that one lady was reading from a script. There’s even this guy who was found on Fiverr offering up his testimonial services:

ez cash creator testimonial guy ez cash creator fiverr guy

The thing that makes it funny is 75% of the sales video is made of up these fake testimonials, and they are horrible. Why would they need to use actors if they had a genuine system? They should have tons of people more than willing to share their positive experiences if the system really worked as they claim it does.

Scam alert #3 – Flat out LIES to you from the start

I heard some pretty ridiculous claims within the sales video. First of all, he tries to claim this is some top secret system that will earn you millions and he’s decided to “do the right thing” and share the secret. Well no, it’s not secret at all. It’s a twist on CPV advertising and it isn’t secret or new. It also probably won’t make people millions, and definitely not a newbie that has no experience outside of the EZ Cash Creator system.

Another claim he ever so confidently states….

I have NEVER seen this system fail!

That is absolutely false. They even state in their earnings disclosure that “this is a new system so there are no typical results, and nothing is guaranteed

He also says that you will be able to download the EZ Cash Creator system for 100% free which is again lying. As far as I can tell you have to pay for it, so I don’t know why he would say this.

ez cash creator discountScam alert #4 – Uses the down-sell marketing tactic

This is a very common marketing ploy with many “make money online” products. It may not be a sure way to spot a scam, but it’s definitely a red flag. If you really think about it, why would a product being sold to you for $49 immediately only be worth $29, then just $9 at the click of a button? Any product that is actually worth something won’t need tricks like this to sell. You’re not really getting a good deal, you’re just getting ripped off if you purchase it at the higher price.

Scam alert #5 – Claims he only wants newbies and everyone else should leave

The sales video says that the product is for absolute newbies, and anyone that has any sort of experience with marketing online should go ahead and just leave because they’re too jaded for it to work. He’s only telling you this because he knows anyone with any type of experience online will be smart enough to spot this as the scam that it is from a mile away… they’re just looking for inexperienced individuals to take advantage of.

ez cash creator over 20,000 per dayScam alert #6 – You’ll make TONS of money doing basically nothing!

If you can copy, paste and push a button you can make MILLIONS!

Any program that makes ridiculous income claims is lying to you. When it comes to making money on the internet, it isn’t easy and there are no guarantees. It is just like many money in the real world – takes hard work, dedication and time! You cannot buy a product for $9 and expect it to hold the “secret” to easily making millions.

While it’s definitely possible to make millions online, no program or product will make it happen for you. You have to invest the energy and resources into making it happen.

Beware of the UPSELLS!!

They’ll try to sell you more stuff that doesn’t really have anything to do with what the EZ Cash Creator system is. I’ve seen this before with so many of these shady products… they sell you on one thing but then upon purchasing it, they immediately hit you with several more options of things to buy. Those with any type of experience marketing online would you’d know the things they’re trying to sell aren’t necessary and they’re totally ripping you off, but a complete online newbie may think they need it and could easily end up spending 100’s or 1,000’s more dollars on unnecessary services and products. And they sure make it as difficult as possible if you try to decline the offers… it almost seems like you have to purchase them!

Final Verdict:


EZ Cash Creator is definitely a scam and I wouldn’t recommend anyone get involved with this system. They sell an over-hyped product with false promises that doesn’t deliver on any of its claims. They offer mediocre software that won’t make you any sort of real money, and then try to upsell the heck out of you once you’re in.

The sad truth is programs like this pop up all the time online, and once they lose popularity or get shut down, a new very similar product will take its place. The marketers know it works so they will continue to milk the system for as long as they can.

If you have any experiences with this product (or a similar one) I’d love it if you could share down below in the comments. Whether it may be positive or negative,  let’s get a discussion going here!

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