Online Profit for Dummies Review: Meet the New Instant Payday Network!

Product: Online Profit For Dummies
online profit for dummies Creator: Ryan Maynard
Price: Free to access, then varies based on completed CPA offers + $9.95 monthly for premium membership
Rank: 60/100

Verdict: Legit, but be careful with CPA offers and don’t join Empower Network

An introduction and I heard about OPFD…

If you’re familiar with Instant Payday Network, you may be wondering why there’s an identical system in place called Online Profit for Dummies. Well, being on Jeff Buchanan’s mailing list (creator of Instant Payday Network) I received notice awhile back that there’s been a new system that is meant to basically replace the Instant Payday Network (this system being Online Profit for Dummies).  It was created by Ryan Maynard, who happens to be the son of Brian Maynard, one of the guys in charge of the Instant Payday system.

The explanation behind creating a nearly identical product was that Jeff Buchanan was “making so much money he had no time to keep up with IPDN and update the training or help people out” … (which I find interesting). Therefore, Ryan created a fresh system — basically a rehashed IPDN with a new name slapped on.

Let’s take a look at how it compares to the competition…

In reality, even though Instant Payday has only been around since mid 2012 or so, it has become outdated and it was very hard for newcomers to market the system since it had basically been done to death. I mean, really how many different people were promoting Instant Payday Network on Youtube, Craigslist, and around the internet? Leading everyone to the exact same capture pages? Enticing them with the exact same email follow up messages? It can only be done so much before it dies out – and that is what was happening to the IPDN system. online profit for dummies capture page

I’ve already done a full review on the IPDN program, so feel free to check it out. (If not, just know I don’t exactly have warm and fuzzy feelings about it). The fact they felt the need to copy the system and slap  new name on it should send off some red flags – clearly it is not a very stable or reliable program. A solid program wouldn’t need to rename itself, it would keep up to date with training and if needed delegate others to help out with support.

How does it work?

There are 4 steps to OPFD. First off you will need to create accounts at two different websites – MyCashFreebies and DoubleMyCashFreebies. Theses are websites that allow you to sign up for various Cost Per Action (CPA) offers. You will need to complete enough offers to equal 1 credits at each website to be eligible to earn commissions on referrals.

CPA offers are from companies that want people to try out their products and services, so they’ll offer up things like free trials and such in hopes to gain more customers.

These are things like…

  • Apply for a Discover card (or some other credit card offer)
  • Sign up for a 30 day free trial to Gamefly rentals
  • Make at least a $7.00 purchase from
  • Sign up for a 7 day free trail to
  • Purchase a subscription to a magazine like People, Men’s Health, etc.

Welcome to My Cash Freebies! - $40 One Credit Freebies!.clipular

… and many more. These are just some of the offers that were presented to me.  They’re not static offers and change all the time. Some of them are free trials and others you will be required to pay money up front. The offers all vary in the amount of points they’re worth – some may be worth less than a tenth of a point while others are valued up to a full point (credit). However, the full credit offers are few and far between and require buying a somewhat significant purchase up front.

Most likely you’ll end up needing to complete at least 3 offers per program – so signing up for 6 or more of these offers is a realistic number if you want the full credit from both places. A referral from MCF is $20, and a referral from DMCF is $30. You only get paid if they complete all their offers.

You can access the Online Profit for Dummies training and tools up front without paying for anything. You just will be required to submit a form with your personal information like name, address, phone number, etc. They provide basic training that teaches you how to promote the OPFD system across the internet. You earn commissions after you’ve completed the offers and your referrals complete the offers.

The 4th step is telling you to join Empower Network, which I highly recommend you don’t participate in. It’s a horrible program to involve yourself in if you want to make any real money online. They bully you into spending several 1,000’s of dollars on their training which mostly just trains you to promote their system to others – it’s a giant pyramid scheme in which most people end up losing money in (except the 1% at the top).

Double My Cash Freebies - Only TWO Offers to Green!.clipularBe careful with the CPA offers!

If you’re not signing up for things that you’re genuinely interested in or plan on keeping past the free trial, be careful. I refuse to get involved with them because of past experiences with companies charging my credit card for “free” trail offers  or making it ridiculously hard to cancel.

Another problem with the free trial CPA offers is you must keep a solid record of what you signed up for and when you need to cancel. Because of all the programs that exist to take advantage of this sort of thing – Instant Payday Network, Project Payday, etc –  there were so many people signing up for offers and immediately cancelling that the companies started red flagging that type of behavior.

Therefore, you really need to wait the right amount of time before you cancel an offer in order to make it count. So.. you can’t cancel TOO soon or it’ll seem suspicious, but you can’t cancel too late or you may get charged! Just plan and be careful. - Fast Start Training!.clipularTraining and Tools – What’s included?

There are 2 membership levels – free and premium. You can access the free training and tools without actually completing the CPA offers, but you won’t be eligible to earn commissions or get paid.

Free membership includes:

  • Basic training on Youtube marketing, Craigslist marketing, screencasting and buying a domain name
  • Autoresponder with done for you follow up messages
  • Capture pages
  • Weekly webinars

These are very basic and just consist of a few youtube tutorials. It claims it was created to be more comphrensive and easier for newbies to understand and use than the former Instant Payday Network system, but it isn’t a whole lot better. The tutorials were redone but I wouldn’t say the system “totally revamped” or much more comprehensive than before. It is basically the same type of thing.

Premium account includes:

  • Ability to edit your follow up messages
  • Create your own capture pages
  • Create your own sales pages
  • Become an affiliate to earn commissions on premium sign-ups

Honestly, I don’t see the advantage of the premium membership option. If you want to personalize your email campaign, you should sign up for a paid autoresponder service like Aweber (which they do talk about in the training). You’ll have access to a much more reliable, stable and comprehensive autoresponder platform.

If you want your own unique sales page, you’d be better off purchasing your own domain and not using their pre-made templates. Then you will not only have your very own sales page, but you’ll have the ability to transform your website into an actual business and be able to direct and market to a specific audience. Squeeze page campaigns aren’t very effective anymore. You really need your own unique brand and business to be truly successful in the competitive online marketing world of 2014.

Online Profit For Dummies Mastermind.clipularSupport

The support consists of a contact form, (they also provide you their support email address for direct contact), and a private Facebook group. I am not a member of the FB group so I’m not sure how interactive it is, but there are currently a little over 1,400 members.

Pros and Cons



  • Provide basic training and tools for completely free
  • Training is slightly more comprehensive and up to date than Instant Payday Network


  • Need to complete CPA offers to earn commissions, which requires giving away your credit card number and other personal info to several different companies.
  • Need to be very careful and keep track of CPA offers or it could end up getting charged for “free” trails
  • Very generic cut-in-paste marketing campaign, you are promoting the exact same system the exact same way as everyone else
  • Not going to learn strategies for long term success
  • Entices you to join Empower Network (I would stay away from that program if I were you)


My final opinion – Would I recommend this to others?

With the market so saturated it is hard to compete and make any money using the provided methods, which is why they had to revamp and rename the system. Overall it’s very basic training that involves unoriginal marketing campaigns that will lead to very little success unless used in conjunction with other methods. This is why they tempt you to join Empower Network to make the real money. I would highly suggest that anyone who wants to be successful with online marketing not get involved with Online Profit for Dummies. You’re not going to have long term success with generic marketing campaigns like this.

I’m not saying OPFD is a scam, but I would find it really hard to believe you could earn $15,000+ per month using it (like they claim).

If you want to make real money online, you’re ultimately going to need to learn how to create your own unique business.

If you have any experience with either IPDN or OPFD, please share it down below in the comments.


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Gabby says

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for creating a safe place where inexperienced newbies (like myself) can run to. I currently work a 9-5 job, and honestly; I’m so unhappy. I don’t expect to be a millionaire or make money over night. Honestly I just need some guidance from real, good, honest people (so hard to come across.) I’m so excited because I’m going to by a simple laptop this weekend to start this new journey, I just have NO idea where to start. I would love to break free from this corporate world; where your building the wealth of others and watching your life tick by. Is there any way you can lead me I the right direction for me to start making some income from home online? I have no experience, but I do have a heart and mind ready to learn. Thank you kindly!!

    Wendy says

    Hi Gabby,

    I suggest you take a look at my top recommendation here as a safe place to start and then let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂 You can also sign up for my email course to get started as well (within the right sidebar)

Chris says

Hi Wendy. I think it’s fantastic that you’re looking into OPFD objectively, and I totally agree with you about not joining Empower Network and Premium membership. However I have to differ by stating that i do highly recommend OPFD, especially for newbies.

Yes, completing offers can be a nuisance (or it can be quite fun!) but you only have to do it ONCE and then you can get credited an unlimited number of times. So it is definitely worth any hassle, including going through the cancellation process if necessary. I’ve had no such problems with credit card charges, and if anyone does there is plenty of help available from other OPFD affiliates – the FaceBook group is very active and helpful, and personally, I feel part of a nice little family of members.

It is true to say that as more people join you have to do more to brand yourself, but this is where a newbie can learn skills that will help them achieve long-term success. Then a little marketing per day, and you’ll very quickly be developing a regular source of passive income – with no overheads or running costs!

For me OPFD is not the be all and end all, and I’m currently developing my own product which I expect will generate me much more income. However I will continue to promote OPFD all the while, as I see it as a totally cost-free and risk-free, simple, easy, honest and legitimate business.

    Wendy says

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and share your opinion here, I really appreciate it and respect what you have to say. I think what it boils down to is what your expectations are. If you’re wanting a quick fix to earn a few bucks, it can be the way to go – but if you’re wanting to build a stable online business is won’t teach you methods for longer term success. Like you said, you need to brand yourself and I don’t think OPFD really does a good job of teaching that as it’s more generic promotional methods. One would need to find other sources to branch out if they really want to create stable income.

    Personally I like to see newbies start out with a much more stable, supportive environment… one that has been around since 2005. Instant Payday Network was only launched back in mid 2012, and they’re already replicating it with this new Online Profit for Dummies Program. Makes you wonder how long it will be around before it goes by the wayside…

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