Protypers Review – Are These Jobs Real?

Company: Protypers (also Megatypers)
Price: Free + optional upgrades for booster packs
Rank: 10/100 – stay away… you’re working for pennies and there are too many issues with this program for me to recommend it as a legit way to work online. View my #1 recommended program here

megatypers scamprotypers scam

Protypers/Megatypers – Complete review

Protypers also known as Megatypers) are the exact same operation under two different names.They claim to be data hard to read captchaentry specialists… but the way it works is they pay people to solve Captcha phrases. You know those really annoying security phrases we all hate? The ones where you have to enter the combinations of letters and numbers into a box?

Well, Protypers is one of these online Captcha typing jobs… where they will actually pay you to sit there and decipher the codes. It is extremely low paying, boring, tedious, oh and not to mention sort of illegal.

There are so many operations online that offer this kind of work at a going rate of anywhere from 40 cents to $1.25 per 1,000 solved Captchas. The rates at Protypers and Megatypers are between 40 and 90 cents per 1,000, which varies depending on the time of day.

Do you have to qualify or have a certain skillset?

You have to have access to a computer with a stable internet connection and the ability to type at least 10 WPM.

Other than that no specific skills are required. There is no application, testing or interview process – you literally can just sign up and start typing for them.

Do they really pay you? How much can you get paid?

They advertise as an easy way to earn an extra $200 per month. It may sound appealing, but the reality is much different. This type of work literally pays pennies for countless hours of grueling and horribly boring work.

From what I have gathered, yes, they do actually pay if you can manage to keep your account open. They pay you automatically every time you reach $3, and if you opt to get paid via Bitcoins you can cash out at $1.50. If you have your payment sent up through Western Union, you only get paid once per month.

However it is extremely easy to get banned from either entering too many wrong Captchas, taking too long to enter (you only get 15 seconds) or even for apparently no reason at all.

If you worked for hours and got your account banned, you will never be able to collect your money.

Here’s how it works…

protypers how it works

You get 15 seconds to solve, and if you can’t finish in the time period you are kicked out for inactivity. If you get 10 kickouts in 24 hours, you are banned.

Depending on the time of day, different rates are given per 1000 images typed. I got a rate of 85 cents per 1,000 images solved, but it varies depending on time of day. (ranges from 40 – 90 cents per 1,000 images)

Think about that for a second. 1,000 images is about 17 per minute. That means you have to solve each one in about 3 ½ seconds consistently for an entire hour to earn even the 40, 50, 60 or 90 cents. And that’s for just ONE hour of work.

But, their website is extremely slow at loading these images – it often times took several minutes to load these Captcha boxes on my screen! That means it’d be basically impossible to do anywhere near 1,000 of these per hour no matter how fast I could do it.

At the rate I was going it would have been maybe 100 per hour…


Oh, and here’s the kicker – upon further investigation I find out you can purchase “boostpacks” to speed up the Captchas. They claim that with their boostpacks you can enter up to 13 per minute! (Each boostpack only lasts for 15 minutes)

boostpacks protypersWith 13 per minute, you could still only do 780 per hour. Remember, you’re getting paid anywhere from 40 to 90 cents per 1,000. Plus you had to PAY for the images to load faster!

That works out to literally pennies per hour. To make anywhere near the $200 per month you’d have to work an astonishing amount of hours each week, probably even more than a full time job. Is it really worth it?

Can you ever actually read Captchas? I can’t!

Sure, a lot of them are simple, but often times they make the images look so weird there’s a letter or two you can’t quite figure out. And if you enter anything wrong, they deduct it from your pay. If you take too long to figure it out, they ban your account. Sounds legit!

Megatypers and Protypers are taking advantage of you

The reason this company is paying you to enter in these phrases is so they can crack the codes to hack into accounts and spam people, as well as perform other mischievous and illegal online activities.

Captchas were designed to help prevent spam, but these people have found a way to bypass that. Companies like Megatypers, Protypers and countless others will pay an extremely low amount of money in order for humans to decipher these codes.

Here’s an article from the NY Times that further discusses the topic:

It’s so low paying and so tedious, that most people will give up before they earn enough to cash out. Their system is extremely slow, they give you a very short amount of time to enter each phrase, and they won’t hesitate to ban your account for any reason.

protypers ban

They are basically getting tons of people to solve codes for them without ever having to pay for the bulk of the work that was done. And the ones they do pay? It is such a low amount, they are still making tons of money from it.

Because Captchas are so easy to crack with these types of systems in place, most companies have moved away from the traditional Captcha boxes to more advanced and user friendly security options like clicking a box, confirming an email link or texting a code to your cell phone.

Stay away from these Captcha solving farms!

Programs like these may be much more common in developing countries where it actually may be worthwhile to work for such low wages, but don’t let these companies use you. There are much better and more lucrative opportunities online.

Quick Recap:

Program: Protypers (also Megatypers)
Price: Free + boosterpack upgrades
Rank: 10/100 – not recommended

If you’re willing to spend hundreds of hours doing something so boring, wouldn’t you rather do something you enjoy? You may want to check out my #1 recommended program and learn how to build your own business on the internet.

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Aaron says

Yea Gotcha thanks for that info, But now the question is what should i do now. i got 47 WPM typing speed is there any typing job for me ? I mean is there any site where i can make atleast 10$ a day

kiran says

Is it genuine, If it is genuine please reply me

    Wendy says

    Is what genuine, Kiran? I am not clear exactly what you are asking?

Ryan CLay says

Hello Everyone!
I want to share my experience on this. Protypers and Megatypers are purely scam. They don’t pay you a single penny. As soon as I reached $3 on my account thet permanently banned it without any reason. Its my personal advice to everyone: Not to waste your time on such websites. you will loose hours of hard work and would end up making nothing for yourselves.

    Wendy says

    Thanks for sharing this Ryan. I’m sorry that happened to you! But I would say if it took HOURS of hard work to reach $3 this is very much not worth doing even if they were to pay out. I agree that you shouldn’t waste time with websites like this.

Mohammed Saddam says

Hey Wendy..
Is there any legit way to earn online with a decent payout (must be a part time job)..

    Wendy says

    You can check out my recommendation right here.

Jov says

Im glad that i read article, I was just getting register right now.. But when i read your post, it give no more attraction on the work.. Thanks a lot

jitendra says

thnx budy i also participated in 2capta and can not complete even training work, because it”
s so boaring . than i think to see the reviews of people for this …. and now i understand this is all froad….

Lyn says

I’m about to work with protypers. Com tomorrow ,and have read your article right now. Thanks for this. I’m a college level lady-means undergraduate and trying to earn paychecks too. Thanks a lot for this article,it made me change my mind not to continue with that typing job.

MalluRanga says

Protypers is completely Scam & cheaters!!
let me tell you my own experience a month ago i registered on Protyepers and in the first week i earned around $3.4 type credits but they paid only $1 to me, and banned my account without any reason my accuracy was 98.2% at that point in time i thought it would’t be an issue next time in the second week again i typed i earned around $4.645 and accuracy was 98.4% but the day before the payment again they banned my account and interface permanently without any reason and this time they did not pay me even 1 cent i wasted my entire week by typing these useless captchas so my sincere appeal to all those who wants to work on protypers plz don’t register on protypers they are a big big scammers and they don’t pay you

    Wendy says

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I’m sure it will serve as a warning to others not to get involved.

Zeeshan Jamil Ahmed says

Hi Wendy,

I was just going to start work on and read your article just in time. Your analysis is deep enough and i have no more attraction to these sites. Same as you, i want to earn paychecks through internet. Can you please guide me. Thank you very much.

Zeeshan J, Ahmed

    Wendy says

    Glad you gave it a second thought and did some research. I’d recommend checking out my recommendation here

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